tess aurore from quill in her letter to the editor

Tess Aurore


I’m Tess, and I’m QUILL’s co-founder and Editor-in-Chief. I come to you with great enthusiasm for the LGBTQ+ community and beauty – separately, yes, but ESPECIALLY together. I look forward to sharing tips, reviews, recs, and stories on incredible beauty icons. We’re in this revolution together!

marissa hushaw neely headshot

Marissa Neely


Hey readers! My name is Marissa and I am QUILL’s Director of Marketing, co-founder, writer, and Resident Mermaid. I write for you from the high seas as I live on my sailboat with my partner Chris, sailing wherever the wind blows. I am passionate about finding eco-friendly and alternative products that look good and feel good for you and the earth!

tara nass for about me page

Tara Nass


Hi! I’m Tara. Words and I have been entangled in a love affair from the time I was 14, when writing had become my outlet from the grossness of puberty (gag). Through cringe-worthy poetry, and millions of journal entries, my true passion evolved— learning how to cope with mental illness by means of artistic expression. As a form of creation, I began to understand myself visually, using the wonders of makeup, namely eyeshadow. This is how I found myself here, at QUILL, a safe space where all my desires for what the world can be collide! I am beyond excited to learn and grow alongside each and every one of you!