Ash By Ashley Benson: The Latest Celebrity Fragrance Line

A new unisex fragrance line? We love!

Pretty Little Liars and Spring Breakers actress Ashley Benson has released her Ash by Ashley Benson fragrance line — yet another celebrity dipping their toes into the beauty world’s waters.

Two years in the making, Ash features two unisex perfumes: East 12th, and The Eighth. 


What Inspired Ash By Ashley Benson?


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While many celebrities are collaborating with well-known brands (hi, Addison Rae) or delving into skincare (what’s up, Brad Pitt and Ciara?), Benson is fond of fragrance because it reminds her of her grandmother. “She wore very distinct scents and I always looked up to her,” says Benson.

After an experience in Morocco, in which she made her own fragrance for the first time, Benson was hooked. Now, she’s hoping others love the two unisex scents she’s put into the world – and, should things go well, perhaps even more in the future. 

What Do Ash by Ashley Benson’s Perfume Names Mean?


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According to her interview with Scent Bird, East 12th comes from her favorite place in New York; “Since moving there I’ve grown up a lot, learned a lot about myself, and become more confident,” she explains, reflecting on her time in the Big Apple (she now lives in LA). 

The Eighth is inspired by Paris, because it’s simply one of her favorite places on the planet, and she “had a lot of firsts in [her] career” there. The city is memorable and nostalgic for the star – especially Hotel Costes, a five-star hotel in the city.

She also put thought into the design behind each bottle, choosing red inspired by Hotel Costes and the “romantic, sexy, and fun” energy to the city for The Eighth; New York, on the other hand “screams black” to Benson. (Black is also her favorite color.)

What Does Ash by Ashley Benson Smell Like?

In East 12th, black cedar has balsamic tones. Mingling with the gentle damask rose and zesty orange, the result is a vivacious, complex scent – not unlike the city it’s inspired by.

The Eighth, on the other hand, is sensual and seductive. Cashmere wood and musk are intoxicating and intimate, while bergamot’s citrus is a zingy reminder of passion. 

While both can be worn on their own, Benson is a large fan of layering her fragrances; therefore, the two are meant to be worn together as well.

We look forward to reviewing both The Eighth and East 12th when they arrive in our mailboxes. Will there be more Ash by Ashley Benson in the future to try out?

As she said to PopSugar, “If [things go well], I’ll make the decision to finish building scents three and four.”

But it doesn’t stop there – she’ll “maybe even surprise everyone with one or two non-fragrance products that show you a few more of [her] rituals and regimens.”

One can only hope! 

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Will you be trying out Ash by Ashley Benson? We can’t wait to review it — check back soon!

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