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7 Butters To Give You The Softest Facial Hair

I do not grow facial hair, so I’d never had a need for beard butter — until my brother needed a Christmas gift, and I was struggling.

My brother takes great pride in his beard, and, yes, he looks like a full-blown adult when he has one. (Don’t tell him I said that, he’s already 23.) But my mother recommended I buy something for his beard as a gift.

After much googling, I decided on beard butters. The benefits were great – his girlfriend would love the lack of scratches on her cheek post-kiss, while he’d love the fact that his beard was thicker and growing faster. But with so many on the market, I had to do in-depth research to find the right ones.

And with that, I bought my Christmas gifts.

Of course, not every person who grows a beard is a man, despite what the stereotypes say. Beard butters are for everyone out there with facial hair – even if it’s not Santa’s huge beard! 

I read about many, eventually deciding on a few. But all of these were contenders, so I’m recommending the seven that caught my eye – for everyone.


Let It Grow

let it grow beard butter

If your beard looks a little sparse and you want to fill it out, choose a butter that promotes hair growth. Let It Grow has plant-based ingredients including mango butter, which is filled with vitamins A and E for moisturizing and encouraging growth.

BUY NOW – $26.55

Live Bearded Beard Butter

live bearded beard butter

The blend of oils in this butter is impressive. Think: coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil, and grape-seed oil, all of which help thicken, deeply condition, and increase growth. Wanting thicker and softer facial hair? Grab it quick.

BUY NOW – $19.99

Beard Butter

every man jack beard butter

None of those harmful ingredients in this; after all, you wouldn’t put parabens and phthalates on your scalp. Instead, rub in some cocoa butter to nourish and wheat proteins to fix damaged follicles. It’s also a vegan and cruelty-free formula, which we love.

BUY NOW – $8.97

Original (Beard Butter) by Oak City Beard Company

Original (Beard Butter) by Oak City Beard Company

There are 14 scents to choose from, including the Original, which has no scent whatsoever. The safflower oil is the standout ingredient here, thanks to its ability to protect from environmental stressors, like UV. It’s also filled with vitamin E to take care of your skin.

BUY NOW – $12.99


jotunns brew beard butter

It’s a brew of the good stuff. On top of its conditioning, softening properties, you’re encouraged to use it regularly thanks to other magical abilities, like fighting acne, dry skin, and dandruff. Super creamy but never greasy, your whole face will be happy.

BUY NOW – $19.99

Magic® Magic Grooming Moisturizing Beard Butter

SOFTSHEEN beard butter

Specifically created for black people (not just men, remember? ANYONE can have facial hair), this butter moisturizes textured hair in ways many others do not. Ingredients include cocoa butter and cedarwood oil, which prevents hair loss.

BUY NOW – $7.99


tavern beard butter

Soooo many organic ingredients here! And even those that aren’t? Still amazing. Some of the organics include mango butter, shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil. Add in (non-organic) arrowroot powder to absorb all the excess oil you produce, and your facial hair will look and feel great.

BUY NOW – $27.99 (4 oz.)

bow and arrow

Which facial hair butters do you use? Any tricks to smoothing facial hair? Tell us in the comments!

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