8 Biodegradable Body Glitters For An Everyday Sparkle

Body glitter is all the rage right now, but here at QUILL, body glitter isn’t good enough – it has to be eco-friendly, too! (Mermaid Marissa demands it.) 

If you’re looking for some sparkle and shine to cover your body in, you’re not alone – searches for glitter are shooting up as fall comes along (and I’m sure Euphoria has something to do with it).

So, in your quest for body glitter, go with one that’s biodegradable! You’ll be saving the planet – and sparkling like a star while doing it. Here are 8 we can’t get enough of.


Unicorn Snot Biodegradable Body Glitter Gel

unicorn snot biodegradable glitter gel

How dare you doubt unicorns exist when there is Unicorn Snot on Amazon? Biodegradable and in a gel-like formula, Unicorn Snot is made from 100% plant starches, rather than microplastics, so it will degrade over time. Because it’s a gel, you don’t need any extra glues to keep the glitter on – especially useful when the glue is not good for the environment. Slap it on and you’re on your way.

BUY NOW – $14.99

Holographic Face, Body Glitter Gel

holographic face body glitter gel

I am obsessed with holographic makeup, so including a biodegradable glittery product that reflects light in my favorite way? A no brainer for this list. Like Unicorn Snot, this is a gel, but it doesn’t only illuminate your skin – it treats it, too. Aloe is cool and soothing to the epidermis, so any irritation from the glitter is reversed. Essential oils make you smell good, rather than glue-y and chemical-y even without the plastic.

BUY NOW – $14.99

Sapphire Magic Biodegradable Glitter

DAZZLING GEM body and craft glitter

So! Many! Colors! To choose from! And they’re all highly-pigmented and gorgeous, so good luck deciding on just one. This biodegradable glitter is perfect as body glitter for festivals, then glitter for DIY projects, then body glitter for more festivals… you get it. The versatility comes down to the formula: plant cellulose, rather than microplastics. And, yes, it’s legit: it’s been independently tested and approved by ISO and ASTM standards.

BUY NOW – $18.99

bioglitter citrine

tood bioglitter citrine

We spoke with Shari Siadat of TooD, and she wanted to make it clear: you’re allowed to put BODY glitter everywhere, including your toe hair, the nape of your neck, your unibrow, your happy trail… you have hair, the glitter belongs there. The glitter biodegrades within 28 days, and it’s perfect for layering on top of TooD’s Freestyle Color Cream for an ultra-bold, ultra-disco-ball look.

BUY NOW – $26

Princesa Strawberry-Flavored Lipgloss

princesa biodegradable lip gloss glittery

Put some shimmer on your kisser! Lipstick smears super easily; while it’s tempting to rock that red, glittery lip, chances are it won’t last that long. This strawberry-flavored lip gloss goes on sparkling and doesn’t stick thanks to peach oil. Instead, ingredients such as chamomile oil, coconut oil, and glycerin work together to soften and smooth your pout, while vitamin E protects from environmental stressors.

BUY NOW – $3+


biodegradable body glitter from moon shatter

There are SO many options from Moon Shatter, whether you want a blend of colors or a straightforward sparkle. I’m choosing the Tinsel Joy Blend because it’s so goddamn tropical and cheerful. The biodegradable body glitter is made from cellulose film, sustainably derived from six-year-old eucalyptus trees. Don’t worry: the trees are responsibly grown on a plantation in France, so you’re not destroying the earth in order to not destroy the earth.

BUY NOW – $12.50

Eco Festival Face and Body Glitter: I LAVA YOU

face glitter - pure lust set

Many people have dreams of finding spring flings or, even, lasting romance on Coachella’s ferris wheel (this happened to a friend – it’s possible). Sound like you? Wear the aphrodisia-inspired I LAVA YOU glitter set, a combination of white, silver, and bright orange biodegradable body glitter to heat things up. It breaks down in four weeks, and it comes with aloe vera primer to keep skin comfy when grasping onto the glitter.

BUY NOW – $21.37

sugar rush™ lid poppers glitter & adhesive

tarte eyelid glitter poppers

Catching somebody’s eye has never been easier when your own eyes are popping, thanks to these lid poppers. Dermatologist-tested and biodegradable, the glitter sticks to the adhesive for hours on end and won’t irritate even the most sensitive of eyes. Cruelty-free and vegan, as well as ultra-reflective and gentle, we couldn’t exclude glitter made exclusively for the eyes… but we won’t tell anyone if you apply it elsewhere.

BUY NOW – $19

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Which biodegradable face and body glitter are you wearing this fall? Tell us in the comments, and share your looks!

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