Never Be Late With These 13 Spray-On Body Oils

Oh, the wonder of body oil sprays. To my acne prone skin, the convenient concept of misting hydration seemed like a tale for star crossed lovers.

My skepticism of its absorption continued as I pondered the seemingly greasy nature of this product. During the nighttime hours, I found myself thinking, “if I go in the sun with oil on, am I… going… to… fry?” I calmed myself down by thinking, if I did, in fact, fry, at least it would be rose scented.

It’s no surprise that the rest of the world is super into body oils, specifically sprays — no one wants that goop all over their hands that they have to wash off or, god forbid, rinse in the ocean or wipe off on a towel.

Still, the appeal is its hydrating nature, designed to give you long-lasting moisture by quickly sinking into your skin to moisturize. A pro? It also adds a glossy sheen to your skin, making you glow wherever you go!

And when it comes to sprays, much to my surprise, there’s no need to hunt for a DIY bottle that inevitably doesn’t mist properly. Here are my 13 fav body oil sprays that go on quickly, without the fuss!

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!

Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist

glossier body hero dry touch body oil mist

This body oil spray absorbs in seconds, so you won’t feel any greasy residue to aggressively rub in. Sunflower seed, grapeseed, and oat oils penetrate the skin, helping to moisturize the tight, dry spots; at the same time, sea fennel extract gives you a glow while evening out your skin tone. The Orange Blossom Neroli scent is the cherry on top.

BUY NOW – $28

Light Hydrating Spray

flamingo light hydrating spray for body

Squalane provides moisture to the skin, helping Flamingo’s body oil last for 24 hours. It works with apple extract to give you a natural radiance, hydrating your skin to the nth degree. For exfoliation, Flamingo threw in white willow bark, which is gentler than salicylic acid but will still slough dead skin.

BUY NOW – $10

sol hair & body oil

colourpop sol body and hair oil

Need an oil for your hair and body? Or your hairy body, perhaps? (It’s winter, and I’m guilty.) ColourPop’s SOL oil locks in moisture and totally hydrates, with ingredients like coconut, argan, and marula oils. If you’re looking for sun in the snow, spray this on – you’ll have a subtle beach-like glow, and the aroma will send you to the ocean.

BUY NOW – $9.60


VILLA floriani olive oil body oil spray

Olive oil is delicious to eat, and delicious to your skin, which is why this entire spray is based on the magical ingredient. It’s nourishing and moisturizing, with its nutrients and minerals. At the same time, carrot, ivy, and chestnut extracts are filled with antioxidants to help with elasticity and fight environmental stressors. Combined: a softening, smoothing oil you’ll love to rub in.

BUY NOW – $32.50

Skin Care Oil

avene skin care body oil

Spritz and go. No need to take minutes to rub in, or a towel to wipe off with, because this dry oil will soak up immediately. Shea oil smoothes, camelina oil protects, and safflower oil restores and revitalizes. The secret ingredient that Avene brings to the table? Their Thermal Spring Water, which helps calm sensitive skin (says their 150 studies of the ingredient).

BUY NOW – $26

Neroli Face & Body Oil

pretty frank all natural body oil

Want an oil that’s… actually an oil? Pretty Frank hears ya, so they delivered their All Natural Body Oil. It’s filled with delicious oils, like jojoba, rosehip, and marula, plus aloe extract for that extra soothing moment we all want from a body oil. Squalane seals moisture in, so you’re hydrated all day.

BUY NOW – $49.99


everyday oil mainstay

Everyday Oil brands this blend as unisex, which is neat, but we must say: why couldn’t the others be labeled that? Semantics aside, the essential oil blend is incredible: Palo Santo, Lavender, Geranium and Clary Sage, giving a complex scent that feels natural. The oils for your skin are coconut, olive, argan, jojoba, and castor, taking care of your skin like it’s a delicacy – which it is, to be fair.

BUY NOW – $22 (2 oz.)

Glow Oil SPF 50

glow oil spf 50 supergoop!

Supergoop! Or Superhero? It seems the world has decided on the latter, and we can see why. 2022 has been all about embracing the radiance of skin; instead of fearing looking “flushed” and “damp,” it is affectionately now dubbed “dewy.” And this Glow Oil? Well, with ​​marigold, meadowfoam and grape seed extracts (all of which are fatty acids that improve the look and feel of skin), let’s just say honey dew will have nothing on you!

BUY NOW – $38


Supernatural Dry Body Oil Spray

hume body oil spray

Set the scene: You’re running late for the Emmys (you’ve won most dramatic human being of the year) and in the midst of your panic you realize your arms are as dry as a bone. It’s hot, and you look hot, but you do not want to look like a snake shedding their skin hot! Hume Supernatural’s Dry Body Oil, rich with 100% plant based oils (prickly pear and apricot kernel, to be precise), has come to your rescue. When sprayed, the oil rapidly absorbs into the skin and leaves you smelling of amber, softwoods, rich vanilla, and a hint of coconut.

BUY NOW – $24.99

Coco Rose Body Oil

COCO body rose oil from herbivore

With a mission QUILL can stand behind, I was thrilled to hear about the Coco Rose Body Oil by Herbivore. Treating skin is an experience, one that is best done mindfully. In a world where we are often taught to hate the body we live in, treating it kindly should be an act of serenity. Herbivore understands this, especially in their Coco Rose Body Oil, which includes vegan oil to ensure moisture, coconut oil to plump that skin, and Moroccan rose for your nose’s pleasure. Let’s make you and your body feel like friends instead of enemies.

BUY NOW – $38

Moringa Nourishing Dry Body Oil

THE BODY SHOP moringa body oil

As an ambitious 8-year-old, I asked my mom to buy me the holiest of moisturizers: body butter from The Body Shop. This was all in preparation for my new hobby, aka becoming the best masseuse to ever massage. While this dream fell through, the memory of the luxuriously lavish body butter stayed fresh in my mind… Which is why, when I stumbled upon their Moringa Nourishing Dry Body Oil, I had to have it. Acting as a natural perfume, light floral notes emanate from the sparkle of your skin after the oil is applied. Nothing synthetic here, as the ingredients include Italian olive oil, and Rwandan Moringa seed oil for max hydration and nourishment. 

BUY NOW – $15


NOTO botanics basil yarrow mist body and hair oil spray

NOTO is queer-owned, and their products are perfect, so how could we not include them here? This oil goes everywhere: face, hair, and body. From head to toe, you are literally covered by this. You can thank softening and balancing ingredients such as rose water and sebum-restorative german chamomile, plus calming ingredients like ylang ylang oil.

BUY NOW – $34

Creme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil

kiehls Creme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil

The Creme de Corps body oil is an actual mist spray, meaning it legit sprays the oil on your body in a mist instead of soaking you with a stream. The formula is hydrating and lightweight, so it leaves your skin soft, smooth, and residue-free. Kiehl’s says they have donated over $17.5 million to LGBTQ+, child well-being, and other causes, so you know your money will ultimately go far.

BUY NOW – $35

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Which body oil spray are you thinking about trying? Let us know in the comments!

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