7 Boy Brow Dupes For Your Best Brows Yet

I’m obsessed with my brows, and Glossier has been my go-to for years. But as the Editor-in-Chief of a beauty publication, it’s important to cover other products, so… welcome to our Boy Brow dupe article!

While looking for a magical Boy Brow dupe, I had to keep three things in mind: the dupe had to fluff up, shape, and provide hold. But there was one more thing I had to look for: a gel that also moisturized. Aka, find a gel that wasn’t crunchy.

So, with my Googling knowledge, dedication to finding the truth, and curiosity that has definitely killed the cat many times, I bring to you 7 Boy Brow dupes to give you the arches you’ve always wanted.

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Browzey Brow Gel

fluide browzey boy brow dupe

Fluide’s Browzey was initially clear, but they just released tinted versions, too – yay! (And black is included, not just dark brunette – but you’ll see why we’re not surprised soon.) The brow tames, defines, and shapes each hair into your desired look, be it smooth or soapy, for all-day styling. The secret ingredient here: vitamin E, which helps to condition and nourish brows while locking them down. No crusties here, thanks.

BUY NOW – $12


rose inc brow renew clear brow gel - boy brow dupe

ROSE INC leaves out 2,000 ingredients to keep their formulas as clean as possible, so you can trust that your brows will remain healthy no matter how often you tame them using their gel. The pomade is also a serum, infused with conditioning vitamin E, moisturizing vitamin B5, nutrient-filled pea sprout, and anti-breakage squalene. Smudge- and flake-proof, your brows will look fuller than ever.

BUY NOW – $26

Easy Breezy Volumizing Brow Gel

covergirl easy breezy eyebrow gel

Covergirl’s brow gel is super affordable – like, less than $5 – but it’s not cheap quality. Instead, the brand filled this gel with ingredients including argan oil, which moisturizes and stops everyday damage in its tracks, and biotin, which has been suggested to stimulate growth. Don’t worry about transferring, fading, or water sparking a Lauren-Conrad-but-from-the-brows moment – Covergirl has got your back and will keep that gel in place with its precision brush.

BUY NOW – $4.79


one size browkiki boy brow gel dupe

Wake up, apply this clear brow gel, go to work, go to happy hour, and go to dinner… all without needing a second application. Lasting 12 hours, BROWKIKI holds your hairs in place as you go through your day without smudging. There’s no crunch, no tightening, no drooping, no melting, nothing that would threaten your fierce. On top of this, it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry when you’re caught in the rain.

BUY NOW – $21

Expressionist Brow Gel

W3LL PEOPLE expressionist brow gel

W3LL PEOPLE created an eyebrow gel that conditions more than anything, which you’ve gotta love. However, it also thickens and tames, so you can add fluff to your normal arches. Plant-based wax gives shape without stick, while cocoa butter nourishes and hydrates with nutrient-filled vitamin E. The brush is small and perfect for precision, giving you brows you can actually control.

BUY NOW – $17

Air Brow – Tinted

kosas tinted air brow boy brow dupe

Kosas offers a clear brow gel and a tinted brow gel, so we’re spotlighting the tinted thanks to its offering of 10 – count ‘em, 10 – shades. Yes, even you redheads will be able to rock this, thanks to “True Auburn.” Have grey hair? You’re covered, too. Biodegradable microfibers give your brows fullness, castor oil lifts each hair for maximum volume, vitamin B5 revitalizes from the roots, and Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 is a boost of health.

BUY NOW – $22

Organic Wear Brow Shaping Gel

physicians formula organic brow gel  boy brow dupe

Perfect for the person who is on-the-go, Physicians Formula’s clear brow shaping gel has the goodies that will keep your brows in place, no matter how fast you’re power-walking through the airport or running to catch the last train. Organic jojoba oil and organic coconut oil work together with organic aloe vera to soothe and hydrate both skin and hair, while the botanical cactus flower adds shine and volume to dull spots.

BUY NOW – $12.97

bow and arrow

Which Boy Brow dupe do you use? Any we missed? Sound off in the comments!

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