Chinese Face Mapping: Real Or Rumor?

Chinese face mapping has been around for, like, ever. Not kidding – it’s a 3,000-year-old practice. The idea: your skin – the body’s largest organ – can tell you about your inner health as well. This is especially true with acne breakouts and fine lines.

Chinese face mapping comes more from the idea of qi (a summary: energy) flowing throughout the body, spotlighting areas that need to be nurtured by appearing as blemishes. The ancient Chinese practice is so well-renowned, there are Traditional Chinese Practitioners who devotedly refer to the skin and qi when investigating potential health issues.

Interested in learning more about what Chinese face mapping can tell you? Here are the deets on what your T-zone wants you to know.


Chinese Face Mapping Areas

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Upper Face

Let’s start at the top. Say you begin to break out on your forehead; this is said to indicate upset in the digestive system. Temples can suggest kidney and bladder problems, while blemishes on your eyebrows could mean liver issues. Moving down to your eyes, I’m sure you’ve noticed dark circles and puffiness before. Surprise: it’s linked to sleep and dehydration! 


Your nose is separated into two sections: the left side of your heart, and the right side. Different types of blemishes mean different types of problems. For example, any blockages in the heart will show up as red spots or blackheads, while blood pressure and cholesterol problems appear in the form of oiliness or a total breakout.


Are you in a new space and sneezing all the time? Or maybe you feel a lil extra sniffle every now and then? Pay attention to breakouts on your cheeks, which are said to refer to three separate body parts: the stomach, the respiratory system, and the spleen. While it may seem slightly annoying at first, you’ll probably know which part is being affected as symptoms progress throughout the breakout. (Chinese face mapping doesn’t need to exist to tell you it’s spring and that pollen is everywhere, after all.)

Chin and Mouth

And finally, the bottom of your face. The mouth is where many ulcers appear, meaning your stomach needs TLC in some way. Perhaps you’re eating extra cold food? Or maybe, on a more serious level, you have a stomach ulcer? Either way, get checked out. Beneath the mouth, chin breakouts are hormonal and tied to the reproductive system. Stress and period symptoms appear here, according to Chinese face mapping.

More Recent Face Mapping

While many researchers have denounced the idea of Chinese face mapping, there have been other “mappings” created. The most popular next to the Chinese version is Dermalogica face mapping. Here, the face is divided into 14 zones, many of which are more complex than Chinese face mapping; the forehead is two zones, as are the jawline and ears, while the upper lip is its own zone, like the neck.

Acne mapping branches off from Chinese face mapping, and is more similar in terms of areas. However, certain areas are grouped together – like the forehead and nose, with the nose also being counted as one area (rather than left and right).

Is Chinese Face Mapping Legit?

While many researchers denounce Chinese face mapping entirely, some studies suggest that face mapping can be good indicators of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Some believe that qi is real, and that you can observe it flowing throughout the body. Overall, though, it seems to be a 3,000-year-old tradition passed along from generation to generation that became mainstream. However, there’s no harm in paying attention to links – coincidental or not, you’ll be checking your body more often, and that’s important!

Gua Shas In Face Mapping

In face mapping, gua shas are commonly used. Not only do they work as face massagers, they also help to move qi and unblock any hinderances that are stopping qi from moving through the body. A less-than-radiant face indicates something is up, especially if it’s dull even after a massage.

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