Cream vs. Powder Blush: Which Is Right For You?

Ring around the rosy (cheeks).

Cream vs. powder blush: it seems like a small choice to make. After all, won’t both give you rosy cheeks? Yes… but there are differences you should keep in mind and questions you should ask. For example, is a powder or cream blush better for your skin type? Does a cream blush appear better on your skin tone? If you like applying makeup with a brush, is the only option a powder blush?

The answers to these questions determine whether you go with cream or powder blushes. And while no two are made the same, overall, knowing the differences will determine which is best for you. Here are the deets, plus our recs for the best blushes out there!


Cream vs. Powder Blush for Skin Type

The most important thing to consider when deciding between a cream or powder blush is skin type.

If you have oily skin, the best bet is a powder blush. Cream blushes can run off your cheeks, so the pigment may not hold up. So, if you tend to have sebum-secretion issues, powder is where it’s at.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, dry skin does well with cream blushes. No surprise here, but cream blushes – the right ones, at least! – can have hydrating ingredients in them that are healthy for dry skin. 

Acne-prone skin, you might be assuming that cream blush can clog pores. While this may be true with lower-quality blushes, many come with ingredients that specifically avoid clogging your pores (think jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid – both great for acne-prone skin!). Powder blush may go on lighter, but its ingredients can bug the skin like any other… and you’re less likely to find acne-fighting ingredients in them. So, go for the cream blushes with good ingredients!

Blush for Skin Tone

If you have lighter skin, congrats: both powder and cream will appear on your skin, and it mainly depends on what your skin type is.

For darker skinned bbs, both can work! Cream blushes, however, are more likely to be buildable. If you want to get the ultimate flush? Invest in both, then layer! Plus, you have options when you stock up on a pair in similar shades. Both cream and powder blushes can contain ingredients that give high-pigment and glow (like those with pearlescent finishes and highlighter), but your best bet is cream blush for its versatility.

Applying Cream vs. Powder Blush

Obvs, powder blush is meant to be applied using a brush. You can use your fingers, but let’s be real – how effective is that? Cream blush, on the other hand, can also be applied with a brush, don’t get us wrong! … But you can also use your fingers, or a sponge, or a knife, or whatever you have (don’t use a knife, pls, that’s dangerous) if you’re on-the-go and don’t have options. 

So, Which Is Better?

Ultimately, you’re gonna have a win with a cream blush. Powder blushes are great, and you can totally use them if you prefer! But when it comes to versatility, texture, ingredients, and brightness, you can’t beat creams – just make sure you find ones with the right ingredients.

Looking for a good cream blush? We recommend the following!

When it comes to cream and powder blushes, which do you prefer? Why? Tell us in the comments!

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