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Dead Sea Mud Masks Will Make Your Skin Radiant

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The best feeling: a mud mask that makes it feel like it’s pulling out your impurities as you wash it off – like the excess face oils, blackheads, and overall-grossness are being washed away. I try to avoid thinking about what lurks in my pores, and masks make those spaces a little less scary.

But what exactly counts as a mud mask? Is it charcoal, if there’s some in it? Is it some other ingredient that blends ingredients? Or is it the literal mud, and only the mud? I had to know, so I did the research.


What’s In Mud Masks?

So, it turns out that mud masks are generally considered mud masks when… well, there’s mud in them. Specifically, mud from the Dead Sea. Add minerals from the Dead Sea, then other soothing and purifying ingredients, and you’ve got a mud mask worthy of the name.

The reason why it’s so important to have Dead Sea: this mud specifically pulls out the bad stuff from pores and exfoliates at the same time, helping unclog even the most stubborn blackheads. On top of this, it increases blood flow to the face and keeps the skin moisturized – but not too moisturized. Basically: Dead Sea mud is where it’s at.

Sometimes, mud masks are mixed with activated charcoal. This ups the intensity without destroying your skin; activated charcoal also helps unclog pores and eradicate dead skin cells. Your skin will feel supple to the touch, free of any lumps and bumps.

Clay vs. Mud Masks

Though the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there are major differences between clay and mud masks. Clay masks are great for oily skin prone to break outs, thanks to their ability to dry out skin. On the other hand, mud is water-based, meaning it’ll hydrate and heal more than it will dry. That doesn’t mean clay can’t always be nourishing, but you’re more likely to see mud recommended for stripping impurities without drying out skin.

Best Mud Masks


I’ve compiled a list of my favorite options with Dead Sea mud. My goal with this list is to give you options, so you can find the best one for your skin – whether you’re looking for ultimate hydration, or a little pore-stripping.

BAMBU EARTH’S MUD MASK uses Dead Sea mud, which gives it a cool and tingly sensation while tightening. Lavender oil is an anti-inflammatory; tea tree oil is an antibacterial.

dead sea mud mask

BUY NOW – $10

Okay, so it has 24K gold to help with elasticity, but again: DEAD SEA SALT DETOXES AND EXFOLIATES without irritation. Add in ingredients like papaya to brighten and glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells, and you’ll look radiant.

24k gold face mask

BUY NOW – $34.99

This mask contains Dead Sea mineral mud, organic activated charcoal, organic tea tree oil for inflammation, and shea butter to keep it smooth without plugging pores.


BUY NOW – $12.59

THIS MUD MASK’S FORMULA consists of Dead Sea mud and rose of Jericho extract, with 92% of natural origin. The formula is also vegan, and the ingredients purify without drying.

dead sea mud mask

BUY NOW – $49

Dead sea mud is, of course, the clincher. But THIS MUD MASK also has North Sea seaweed extract for soothing and rejuvenating cells, allowing for a purifying deep dive into your pores.

dead sea mud mask

BUY NOW – $27.30

THE MASK’S black as can be, so you know it means business. Dead Sea mud mixes with tea tree oil, which reduces inflammation, itchiness, clogged pores, and scarring.


BUY NOW – $16.95

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What mud mask works best for your face? Do you have any favorite ingredients? Let us know in the comments!

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