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10 Disney Eyeshadow Palettes To Wear Like Movie Royalty

I was struggling with my eyeshadow one day, wanting to channel my inner Aurora (Aurora, Aurore, get it?) but not quite capable of #NailingIt. I had a thought: there must be a Disney eyeshadow palette or two that could make me feel like a princess.

And yep, I was right – very right. 

Want to feel like a Disney star yourself, or just a fan of Disney makeup in general? Check out these 12 gorgeous palettes to liven up your makeup routine.


Disney Fairytale Palette Sleeping Beauty

revolution disney fairytale eyeshadow palette

Aurora was gorgeous, no doubt about it, and I’m a little excited every time I think about how my name is Aurore. Coming with 18 eyeshadows – in a mix of finishes, such as buttery matte and shimmer – three matte blushes, and three highlighters, you’ll look like you got those eight hours of rest after an application from Sleeping Beauty’s own palette.

BUY NOW – $20


cruella disney makeup eyeshadow palette

Cruella was never cooler than when Emma Stone played her, and the makeup only emphasized the evil. If you want to look as kickass as that, invest in MAC’s eyeshadow palette, a magnetic two-piece that includes eight shades. Duh, there’s red, black, and white – how else do you make it known whose palette it is, hm?

BUY NOW – $45


beauty bay cheshire cat from disney alice in wonderland eyeshadow makeup palette

Alice in Wonderland was bursting with colors. And the combinations of colors within Disney’s cartoon to create bold settings and characters? Love it. Beauty Bay’s palette is inspired by every color of the Cheshire Cat. Peep his body’s purple and hot pink, then pop on a deep   blue referencing his tree. All six shades are vegan and cruelty-free – grab this collectible before it’s gone!

BUY NOW – $5.50

Shades of Wonderland Blush and Eyeshadow Palette

alice in wonderland eyeshadow palette

Ready To Shine’s palette also references Alice in Wonderland, though the brand went for a more subtle take on the Disney world. Including three shimmer eyeshadows, two matte shadows, and one blush, the pressed pigments are vegan and gluten-, phthalate-, paraben-, and lactose-free.

BUY NOW – $21


sigma disney cinderella eyeshadow palette

Bippity boppity boo, who could deny this gorgeous palette? Not you! Fourteen gorgeous shades come in this cute little Disney eyeshadow palette, including matte (finish #1) brick red, satin (finish #2) gold, and shimmery (finish #3) purple. Find imprints referencing the fairytale in seven of the shadows, like the prince’s outline and the famous glass slipper.

BUY NOW – $49

colourpop midnight masquerade eyeshadow palette

Yep, it’s an eyeshadow palette that references multiple Disney princesses all at once! Just look at glittering green Frog & Wife, or matte pink Damsel. If you have a favorite princess, you’ll find a shadow referencing them – perfect on days you feel like channeling your inner Disney dame (enbys and men, you can feel like Cinderella or Tiana, too!). Choose from 15 shadows and three finishes: matte, metallic, and pressed glitter.

BUY NOW – $24


dose of colors donald and daisy face palette

How often do Donald Duck and Daisy have the spotlight on them? Not often enough, in my opinion. This Disney eyeshadow palette is limited edition, and it’s so popular that you’re only allowed to buy two palettes per person. The palette comes with three matte shadows and four glittery – all of which are cruelty-free – plus a vegan bronzer.

BUY NOW – $39

Toy Story & Finding Nemo Eye Shadow Palettes

disney makeup eyeshadow palette you've got a friend in me

fish are friends not food eyeshadow palette

ULTA has their own brand, and they regularly have collections referencing pop culture. Most recently, they’ve released two lines: a Finding Nemo line, and a Toy Story line. We love their palettes most: a palette of neutrals called “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” and a bright, colorful palette named “Fish Are Friends Not Food.

BUY NOW – $9.99

The British Museum Alice Series Eyeshadow Palette

zeesea alice in wonderland eyeshdow paletteOh, Alice, the lost little soul and her adorable baby blue! Unlike the other Alice in Wonderland palettes, this one is inspired by the Disney icon herself, which is why I included it. Find eight solid eyeshadows, including a glittery blue, plus two shadows combining blue and white for a unique and airy look.

BUY NOW – $35.99

Colourpop mandalorian eyeshadow kit

Look, I couldn’t choose just one palette inspired by The Mandalorian. Do I run with our favorite lil bb, Yoda? Or do I choose the one inspired by the environment? Answer: go with the set. With 18 options in a variety of colors and finishes – like matte coral and shimmery grey – create an infinite amount of designs.

BUY NOW – $32

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Which Disney eyeshadow palette is your favorite? Tell us below!

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