Dry Patches Of Skin On Your Penis? Here’s Why

So, you have some dry patches of skin on your penis, your member, your D, your… whatever you want to call it, it’s dry. Ouch.


There are many, many reasons why you may have some dry skin down there, and we’re here to give you the good news: your penis has nothing to fret! With some solid changes and a lil skincare, your thang will be good as new – if not better and more hydrated.

Yes, the world of skincare extends down to your nether regions – what, you thought you could just get away with letting your genitals chafe and suffocate? Nope! Not on QUILL’s watch, at least. Read on for reasons why your penis’ skin might have a few dry patches and ways to heal and prevent them in the future.


Problem: Dry Sex/Masturbation


Don’t! Settle! For dry! Sex! There’s a reason lube exists, and no, it’s not just for fun (though obvs that’s partially why it exists).

Dry sex – both with yourself and with a partner – will cause tugging at the penis skin and chafing, and eventually give you that red, dry patch that won’t stop stinging or itching or… well, bugging you. 

Solution: Use Lube


There are many types of lube, but we recommend going with water-based lube for its ability to work with silicone sex toys AND condoms, as well as its super slippery properties and easy clean-up. Use it in the palm of your and/or your partner’s hands, glide it along your shaft prior to entering your partner, or rub it on your sex toy prior to use.

You can use spit, BUT it’s not always the most effective lubricant. Don’t have lube around, but not into spitting on your d*ck? Totally fair. Dig into your cabinets for some coconut oil, then get rubbing. Just don’t use coconut oil during partnered sex, because you could cause a yeast infection – especially when your partner has a vagina.

We recommend these lubes!

Problem: Irritation From Fabric


Yes, I am a sucker for people who wear skinny jeans, because I am a 2016 Tumblr girl. No shame. But, no, I am not a fan of dry patches of penis skin going anywhere near my vagina – it’s common courtesy both ways, you know?

I say this because tight pants and underwear can cause irritation – especially when you think about the zipper seam rubbing up against your junk. No wonder you have dry skin – that roughness is not exactly lovin’ up on your crotch. 

Solution: Let It Breathe


If your thing is skinny jeans – thank you for your service. Second of all: let it breathe when you can. Don’t wear skinny jeans or tight-fitting pants/underwear for longer than you have to; lessening the amount of rubbing will help lessen the amount of dry patches, too, and your penis will thank you.

Problem: Yeast Infection


Yep, even penis-owners can get yeast infections, despite the idea that it’s a vagina-haver’s issue only. That’s because the causes are the same: you can get it from your partner, you’ve been taking antibiotics, you have diabetes, you have troubles keeping clean… yep, lots of reasons why you’d suddenly get the goodness.

Symptoms of a yeast infection in penis-havers include: burning and itching on the shaft and head of the penis; cottage-cheese-like discharge, which can smell ick; sores and blisters; and those dry patches we talked about earlier.

Yeah, it’s unpleasant af. But there are antibiotics to take that will clear ‘em up in no time!

Solution: Keep Your Health Under Control


Obviously, yeast infections are harder to manage than tight pants. But managing your blood sugars, keeping it clean, and keeping your immune system clear to avoid steroids and antibiotics can all help. And worst case, jump on those antibiotics ASAP.

Problem: Allergies & Skin Conditions


Surprise! Your penis may be having a reaction to something around you, causing those dry patches of skin. It could be as simple as the soap you’re using or the fabric softener you throw in at the last minute. It’s also possible that you’re just a little sensitive, and products – like those that are fragranced, such as your body wash – are causing irritation and dryness, like an allergic reaction.

And then there are legit skin conditions which can appear on your penis, causing those dry patches. Yes, I’m talking about conditions like eczema and psoriasis, which can cause dry, flaky penis skin that itches – much like an allergy. It can also appear as a rash.

Solution: Say Hello To Scentless

First: stop with the fragrance, please. Lavender may smell good and make you feel so fresh and so clean clean, but in the end, why smell good when you can have a comfortable c*ck? 

Next, it might be worth it to do an allergen test – especially if it’s not just dry d*ck you’re struggling with. Why wouldn’t you want to know that grapes are causing serious intestinal issues while also learning that the scent you’re using is one you’re actually extremely sensitive to?

As for skin conditions on your penis, going to a dermatologist is your best bet – they can give you meds that clear up those dry patches, rashes, and other uncomfortable symptoms. You might end up taking an oral anti-itch/allergy medication, or you may be given topical products. Either way, schedule that appointment already!

Penis-Specific Skincare Products

Whether you just want to touch up those spots or take care of your penis for good (we recommend the latter), these products are made specifically with packages in mind. Rub them on as directed and feel the burn fade away!

How do you take care of dry patches of skin on your penis? Any ~tips~? (Sorry, I had to.) Comment below!

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