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Mermaid Marissa: Here Are The Best 3 Ocean-Friendly Soap Brands

In 2018, my partner and I decided to trade our life on land for life afloat, moving aboard our sailboat which we have been preparing to sail the world. Since moving aboard, I have formed a unique bond with the sea we dwell upon and have become more conscious of the products I use that can have an effect on the aquatic life we cohabitate with.

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Just like on land, all drains lead to the sea, but on a boat, it is a bit more streamlined. With that in mind, swapping to eco-friendly products can be a great way to save our seas and your skin! Here are 3 great #MermaidApproved soaps for your consideration.


The Earthling Co.

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The products we use consistently in our routines can be wasteful, harmful, and sometimes inefficient. The Earthling Co. was created to combat our wasteful habits and make “eco-friendly” the easy choice for earthlings by providing a wide collection of products for our everyday lives. The eco-centric brand has over 5 body soap options within their sea of plastic-free body care offerings. If you are looking for an easy way to cut out plastic, consider purchasing their Plastic-Free Starter Kit!

Dr. Bronner’s

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Multi-use products are key to tiny space living, whether on land or at sea, which is why Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap is a staple aboard our boat. Traditionally, the 18-in-1-use castile soap comes in large post-consumer-recycled plastic bottles that you can (and should) dilute with water, but the brand also offers eco-friendly soap bars and body balms for those that are eager to live 100% plastic-free.

We love their peppermint soap that leaves our skin feeling and smelling “minty fresh” and appreciate that our purchase supports the company’s advocacy missions such as: regenerative agriculture, fair trade, animal advocacy, industrial hemp and drug policy reform, and living wages among others.

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One 32-ounce bottle can last us up to 4 months (depending on what we are cleaning and how often) and we like to find unique ways to recycle their bottles. If you are looking to support a company with a great mission and dedication to the environment, check out what Dr. Bronner’s has to bring to the table – or shower!


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Ethique was founded back in 2012 and was a trailblazer for setting a plastic-free standard in the “clean” industry. Since then, the company has grown from the founders’ kitchen to the homes of many across the globe to share their sustainable, cruelty-free, and biodegradable goodness. Because their other ingredients must be renewable, non-petroleum based, and naturally derived with minimal chemical processing, their bars are safe for use in the natural environment! Ethique can be be found online or at certain retailers.

Bonus Option: Farmer’s Market Goat Soap

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No matter where you are in the world, I guarantee there is a local farmers market, and there you will find goat soap. Goat milk is full of antioxidants, vitamins, and acne-fighting acids, making it perfect for sensitive skin types and those searching for a way to support sustainable farms and hygiene habits. Now, you will have to do your research, but soap makers like Basilwood Farm have a plethora of sustainable goat milk soaps that will leave your skin silky soft and the environment unbothered, since their raw ingredients are 100% natural and food-grade! Say baaah-bye to itchy skin and hello to Goat Soap!

Considering 71% of our Earth is made up of our oceans, why wouldn’t we do our best to keep it clean? With so many products readily available, there is no reason why you shouldn’t switch to an eco-friendly soap; it is almost 2022, and we are leaving wasteful hygiene habits in the past!

“Individually we are a drop, but together we can be an ocean of change.” – Unknown

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How are you helping to save our oceans? Any eco-friendly soaps you use? Share with us below!

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