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11 Eyebrow Shaping Kits To Give Your Eyebrow Game An Upgrade

I didn’t do my brows until I was 19. (To be fair, brows were still in their skinny phase.) Plus, I don’t want to brag, but someone told me in eighth grade that I had perfect eyebrows. Why mess with them?

Oh, Tess, you naive little thing. Little did you know you’d own one of the greatest makeup inventions in five years: an eyebrow shaping kit, filled with products like hair-sized pencils and color-locking gels. Perfect eyebrows? Suddenly achievable.

Eyebrow kits are perfect when you need to shape and don’t want to collect them all. (This ain’t Pokemon, c’mon.) Since shaping is super important, I highly recommend skipping those hours in the makeup aisle, doing your research, and landing on an eyebrow kit with everything you need.

Still a little wary, grasping on to your five products from different brands, with colors that don’t quite match? Understandable. That’s why I’m here, as your Editor-in-Chief, to introduce you to 11 shaping kits for killer eyebrows.

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The Brow Trio®

the brow trio kit

This eyebrow kit includes 12 stencils that give you the arch and length you want – no guessing involved. Then, take the pomade (there are nine color options, so you can look natural or dramatic), which is smudge-proof and waterproof for up to 36 hours, fill in, diffuse with the included spoolie, and BAM. Flawless brows in under one minute? Yes, please.

BUY NOW – $38


wunderbrow eyebrow bundle

This is basically everything-free, vegan, lightweight, transfer-proof, and long-lasting, aka all you could ask for in a eyebrow kit. Use the angled edge of the precision brush to fill in sparse areas, then give your brows their shape. Next, use the spoolie end to diffuse and add volume. You can then continue building until you have the intensity you want. Need to start over? Use an oil-based cleanser, and it’ll come right off.

BUY NOW – $40

Boy Brow + Brow Flick Duo

glossier boy brow and brow flick shaping kit

Glossier, pls sponsor me, because I love you. Alright, begging over. This duo will give you the precise lines you desire, with a detailing brush that allows for defined lines – perfect for shaping and for adding faux brow hairs. You can then use the spoolie to feather out the color, giving you volume. The eyebrow kit is perfect for when you want defined brows one day, and fluffy the next.

BUY NOW – $30

Brow Pencil + Gel

trestique BROW PENCIL AND gel shaping kit

This would not be a list without trestique. The cool part: this three-piece kit comes in two physical pieces, because they’re all about zero-waste and efficiency. First, use the precision pencil to define, then use the chubby pencil to give an overall fill. Flip the pencil over, and surprise! You have brow gel! Use the spoolie to deepen and lock in the color, then go about your day without bleeding.

BUY NOW – $25

Brow Minimalist Kit

CHELLA brow minimalist kit

If you’re more of a natural person, or you’re going for a low-key look, the Brow Minimalist Kit from Chella should be your go-to. The pencil is light, so you add definition without adding a punch of color; follow it up with the clear brow gel to lock in your shaping. It’s gluten-, cruelty-, and paraben-free, and it’s totally waterproof, too.

BUY NOW – $34


Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Brow Kit

Don’t want to go in for a brow lift, but still want to get those model-like brows? Try an eyebrow kit that literally has “Supermodel” in the name. Ms. Charlotte includes a sculpting gel, tinted gel – you can choose between her Brow Lift or Brow Cheat – and clear gel in this kit. The result: shaping, shading, and sealing. So yeah, your brows will look like you’re about to hit the runway for your catwalk moment.

BUY NOW – $71


honest eyebrow shaping kit

There’s something nice about a pencil that needs to be sharpened – if it ever feels even slightly dull, you don’t have to settle with a curved top that makes fine lines impossible. Define and build with the pencil, use the spoolie for a little airbrush, then swipe the jojoba-oil-red-clover-mung-bean gel on top to finish the job. You’ll have clean, full, conditioned, and strengthened brows as a result.

BUY NOW – $22.49

The Great Brow Basics

BENEFIT the great brow basics

Everyone will ~benefit~ from this Brow Basics kit. (Sorry, it was a low-hanging fruit.) This eyebrow kit comes with two pencils, but they do different things, promise! The Goof Proof pencil fills in brows, while the Precisely pencil is perfect for natural-looking brush strokes. Use their Gimme Brow+ gel brush to give your brows that final, pumped up, oomph look.

BUY NOW – $36

Kit Sourcils Pro Perfect Eyes & Brows Palette

clarins perfect eyes and brows palette

We love a good compact palette that doesn’t require three tubes, and we especially love when there’s a mirror included. So, Clarin? Nice one. Tweezers come in the compact, helping to clean up any stray brows prior to the powder application, which can also double as eyeshadow. The double applicator and brow brush give you your ideal shape and diffusion.

BUY NOW – $43


MIRENESSE eyebrow pencil and shaping mascara

“Why You’ll Love It” they say, with a drop-down arrow. But just by glancing at it, I already know this application will be *chef’s kiss.* A double-sided pencil consists of a microfine-tipped pencil on one side, which defines with ease, as well as a highlighter on the opposite side to shine a spotlight on those perfect brows. Finally, use their “mascara” to lift with color, effectively adding definition that will stay in place.

BUY NOW – $19

Brow Addictions Tinting Kits

801 cosmetics eyebrow tinting kit

This eyebrow kit is not what you think it is – it’s an at-home tinting kit, not a pencil-spoolie combo. So, you get your eyebrows shaped, and then you use this. I PROMISE, it’s easy to use, and it lasts for up to three weeks! The first step will open your cuticles, while the second adds color… and those are the two steps. Obvs, be careful and read the instructions, but know that only two reviews are less than five stars, aka 96% of users gave it rave, five-out-of-five reviews. And yep, even those with sensitive skin and allergies can use it!

BUY NOW – $48.95

bow and arrow

What is your favorite eyebrow shaping kit? How do you do your brows? Tell us below!

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