Hooded Eyes And Monolids: You Can Wear Eyeliner Too!

Eyeliner is a critical part of a makeup routine, whether you put it solely on your upper lid, along your lower waterline, or smudge and go with the punk-rocker, thick-as-hell raccoon-eye look. There’s a common complaint from those with hooded eyes and monolids – that eyeliner smudges and transfers more easily to the top lid due to the deep creasing.

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But there are eyeliners out there that will keep your eyeliner in place, no matter your hooded eyes or monolids, and not all of them are liquid! As long as you know how to properly apply (think: primer and a precise hand), you’re golden to use whichever pens, brushes, and pencils you want. Continue reading on for our tips, plus our favorite products!



This is necessary for everybody out there (yep, even those with light creases: use primer!) but even more so for those who experience transferring. Simply take your fingers, apply an eye-safe primer to your lids, and let it absorb into the skin prior to application. This will keep eyeliner from moving up your hooded eyes and monolids and smearing, so your sharp lines last longer.

Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner was where I started, and it’s still my favorite to use (so Guide Beauty’s eyeliner is a fantastic compromise for my shaky hands). It’s a great beginner’s tool, but it’s also the easiest to smudge throughout the day. 

If you have hooded eyes or monolids, ideal pencil eyeliners should be advertised as transfer-proof and long-lasting. Keep the lines sharp and thin, not drawing above where the bottom of your lid meets your deep crease. If need be, create dashes first – you can follow along the marks when creating a smooth line.

Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner is the step up, in my opinion, because it’s still easy to control when using a standard brush. Simply don’t oversaturate your brush OR get it wet, then use the tip of the brush to keep the line precise (older brushes can fan out and therefore spread the pigment as you apply). If you feel uncomfortable with a brush, there are also gel pencils.

Liquid Liner

It’s easiest to find liquid eyeliners that don’t smudge on hooded eyes and monolids – obviously, unlike pencils and (most) gels, they actually dry onto the lid. Waterproof formulas are impossible to miss, and most are transfer-proof as well. Another important aspect to look for with liquid liners: flaking! The goal is to apply once. 

You can also combine pencil eyeliner dashes with liquid liner on your hooded eyes and monolids – simply draw your dashes to follow, then run over with the precision of the liquid liner.


There are a few more things you might need: cotton swabs to fix any errors, makeup remover, tape for perfect wings, and concealer to cover up any lingering eyeliner. We recommend these!

We hope these eyeliner tips help you if you have hooded eyes or monolids! Which products do you recommend to stop transferring? Share below!

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