“A Face Of Fluide” – Tess’ Full-On Fluide Review

Laura Kraber of Fluide agreed to sit down to have a conversation with me, and I am so excited to be releasing this profile on Laura and Fluide. But first: I decided to do a general Fluide review.

“A Face of Fluide,” as I’m calling it.

With a rainbow of their Universal Liners, Universal Balm, Big Bang Mascara, Browzey, Universal Gloss, SuperNeutrals Liquid Lipstick, and Otherworldly Palette, I’ll put together an entire ~look~ with Fluide products and review each one as I go along.

And wiiiiiith that – it’s (literally) on!


Hello, it’s Tess, QUILL’s scatter-brained Editor-in-Chief, and I didn’t wear foundation – bite me!

tess smiling at camera without makeup with glasses on

Fluide Review: The Look

ALIEN. And these are the products to make it happen.

fluide's otherworldly palette, browzey, big bang mascara, universal liners, universal gloss, and lip gloss

No, really.

If I’m going to be using a celestial eyeshadow palette and adding glitter everywhere, I’m going full on ET. But, like, a pretty one. My reference photo is below. I can guarantee that my makeup will not look like it, but we all have goals.

#1: Otherworldly Eyeshadow Palette

open picture of fluide's otherworldly palette for review

The Otherworldly Palette says “Express Your Otherworldly Self. Make Up The Rules.” Perfect, because that’s what I’m going to do!

There are four matte neutrals, and one neon orange matte called “Blood Moon.” But don’t be fooled – just because they’re matte neutrals doesn’t mean they received boring names. Let’s just talk about dark brown “Queersar,” okay?

Quarkle is glitter. Pure, purple-based glitter. I could have let it sit gently on my lids as a topper.


But the foundation first. I went with the coffee Astral Halo as my base and placed the dark brown Queersar (I had to use it, c’mon) on the outer edges. HOLY. PIGMENT. It went on bright in one swipe.

base colors from fluide's otherworldly palette

I was then planning on using the sparkling gold Andromedaze to highlight the brow bone. 

But I have bipolar, so I “accidentally”-totally-on-purpose slid Andromedaze up to my brow. Sparkling gold on my brow bone, not highlighted by it? Eff it – after all, the palette says to “Make Up The Rules.” So you’re damn right that’s what I’m going to do.

It looked disjointed AF, and I panicked for a brief moment. What if it didn’t come together? Then what? But I’m Editor-in-Chief of a beauty site. I COULD DO THIS. And do it I did. Using the matte yellow-gold Stellactic, I blended everything together. Success!

blended shadows from fluide otherworldly palette for review

Finally, Quarkle, the finishing touch. I used my ring finger to pick it up, and it didn’t feel like sand, coarse and bound to be uncomfortable. It was soft, almost difficult to pick up. So, I dampened my finger and swiped it through the shadow.

Now, I promise, I was going to be subtle with it. After all, the colors didn’t really go together, and I just wanted a little sparkle. I promise!

… Oops. And then, there was purple glitter all over the top of my lid.

It did not look cohesive. My logical self was right. So I took my other ring finger and was ready to wipe off all pigment.

Nope! The eyeshadow diffused, but the core colors remained vibrant. It was soft to the touch, not messy and over-powdery. I didn’t see puffs of eyeshadow remnants come off when I flicked my ring finger out of curiosity. Impressive.

And voila: my eyeshadow was done.

tess with finished blended eyeshadow from fluide otherworldly palette being reviewed

#2: Universal Gloss

Here, I decided to go full-blown rave-Alien. Out came the Universal Gloss, which was in Roxy. Smell-wise, it was sweet, and I was excited to see how it felt on my cheeks (and how much color it added).

I did not sleep last night. This will be extremely noticeable later on. So, my skin is ridiculously dull (this is where I began wishing I had worn foundation, before getting mad at myself for trying to “follow the rules” – get over it, Tess). Roxy gave me a nice color – subtle enough to look natural, but bright enough to give me life. #bless

And of course, I couldn’t help myself, so some Quarkle went on too.

quarkle and universal gloss from fluide on tess' cheek

#3: Universal Liner

Laura sent me five billion colors of Fluide’s glittery Universal Liner, so I’ve decided to review the vast majority of them, aka the ones that would make me look weirdest and most out-there.

I started with the orange Retrogayz, because same. It didn’t show up much, so I continued on with the green liner, Area 51. Oh my god. BRIGHT. And glittery! And super precise – the brush glides along and follows you, rather than a pen that leads the way with mistakes. The brush is super fine, perfect for precision.

My one critique: you get about half an eye before the brush runs out of juice and requires re-dipping, maybe a full line if you go super lightly. Unfortunately, my tardive dyskinesia requires full force in order to keep my hand steady, so I got half the lid. Something to think about, other companies! (And Fluide, if you ever decide to revamp.)

And there was GREEN.

#4: Browzey & Big Bang Mascara

But I wasn’t done.

I used Browzey to get my brows into place, and then I put in some red liner, Magma, to give my brows extra color and glitter. I used to be a redhead, so it felt normal to do this. The glitter was new, and I wish I had gone a-la Halsey when I was 16.

I used Big Bang Mascara to give my lashes some oomph. While the brush was hourglass shaped, I had to use the pointed end to get the most product out of it, and not as much the full brush.

Alien Tess was allllllmost done!

#4: Liquid Lipstick & Universal Balm

My lips are one of my favorite features of mine. I think they’re the perfect shape, not too big or small, and they take lip products well. So to finish off the look with three lip products was very exciting for me.

I decided to use Magma as a lip liner, something Laura had said the community does. I also applied a SuperNeutrals lip shade, Therapy (my favorite – read my review of all three, though!), and then topped it off with Fluide’s Universal Balm.

I’m a diehard eyeliner fan, so I used the mascara as a liner.

The Final Product

I am a frickin’ alien.

I’m obsessed. I cannot get enough. I am glittering like no other. 

Before I get into my review, I need to state that Laura is a queen and Fluide is my fav. Moving on.

Fluide Review: The Summary

My favorite product was the Otherworldly Palette. The colors and names are (inter)stellar, the intensity of its pigments is insane, and the consistency and blendable quality takes it to the top.

I also love the Universal Balm. No goop, no stickiness, and it doesn’t taste gross – thank goodness, because we all know you eventually taste your glossy balm. The Universal Gloss was ALSO fantastic, bringing me to life and holding the glitter on my cheeks with ease. There was no residual grease after I rinsed it off.

Then, the Universal Liners. The colors are fun and they go everywhere! Area 51 is gorgeous, practically glowing, and I’ll definitely be rocking it more often. And Magma as a lip liner? Thank you for the tip, Laura, because I’m never buying a pencil again.

Browzey gave me the brows I wanted, and they held them up while I added in Magma liner. However, I don’t really shape my brows in the first place, so I’d recommend it to those who LOVE gel, and say pass if you don’t need it.

I did get picky with the Big Bang Mascara. Don’t get me wrong – the parts that worked worked, and it’s possible I just got a dry option. It was by NO means disappointing, just not a perfect mascara. But again, could just be my batch.

Anyway, excuse me as I go add even more to cart. And yeah, you can bet I’ll be pairing this with the Be Bold Polish Trio for the most wild look I’ve ever created. Thank you, Laura, for giving me the gift of being ET!

Did my review of Fluide products help? Which Fluide products are your favs? Tell us below!


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