Gender Neutral Cottagecore Outfits Are Adorable

With the current state of our world’s environment, I think it’s safe to say that all of us have had at least one fantasy where we’ve wanted to relocate to the woods and live in our own discreet little cottage. I can’t speak for every single one of you, but I personally have entertained this thought. And the look? Gender neutral cottagecore, of course.

Come on — committing to the risk and actually dropping everything to live in the forest sounds ideal, but doesn’t it also sound hard? QUILL’s here to give you an alternative: the key to achieving nonbinary cottagecore fashion! You may not be able to afford to buy your own house in the alps, but at this point, you might as well look the part. 

We’ll start off with some basic, main pieces to achieve your cottagecore look; all androgynous, so you can spin it any way you want.


Loose Overalls

The main appeal with the soft, cottagecore aesthetic is that not only the clothes look comfy, they simply are. That’s why we’re including some flowy and loose-fitting overalls in our list. They’re wide, soft, and light; all optimal for you to jump and frolic in the fields with.

Chunky Sweaters & Cardigans

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of a chunky sweater. They always seem to come back onto the most loved fall staple pieces, and for good reason. They look good on everyone, and they offer a sturdy silhouette that’d look great with any kind of bottom.  

Button-Up Shirts

With all the sweaters and cardigans, you’d of course need a layering piece. This is where our collared button-ups come in. To check all the boxes for these gender neutral cottagecore outfits, it’s best to go with something that’s neutral in color. If you’re more into patterns, then some soft, dainty florals should also do the trick. You can even do plaid; you can’t really go wrong with it. 

Pleated or Wool Trousers

Another main essential to achieving a gender neutral cottagecore outfit: trousers! Details do matter, so I recommend you look into a wool blend or something that’s pleated. The straight legged fit of these types of bottoms typically go nicely with the different flowy aspects of either your accessories or your tops. It’s definitely a more versatile item; and it can go with either a soft or dark cottagecore aesthetic.

Linen Shorts

If it’s too warm out to be piling on the wool, you can still remain frolicky and comfy in some linen shorts. Any length works, but we recommend something light in color: any whites, beiges, tans, greens, or even yellows will work with just about anything. 

Now that we’ve got the basics down, here are our gender neutral, accessory-based recommendations to really bring together the cottagecore outfit basics. 

Lace or Wool Hats

If you’re like me, and you’re a little adventurous with your outfits, an elevated hat will do just the trick. A more unique fabric like lace will be sure to stand out and highlight whatever it is you’re wearing. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something just a tad more diluted (but still effective, of course) then anything wool or knit is perfect. 


An outfit is not complete without its shoes. In order to perfect your cottagecore outfit, we have a quick mini-list of gender neutral shoes that will tie everything together. First up, any leather loafer will pair perfectly with any trouser. For the sunnier days, leather sandals are just as good. Mary-Janes (either heeled or not) and combat boots are also good options. The more timeless they look, the better. If you’re looking for something more colorful, then any of these variations in earthy or pastel tones will level your outfit up. 


Of course, you’d need something to carry all of your forages and knick-knacks in. Our recommendations on bags will ensure that you can carry all of it in style. First up, any kind of brown backpack, whether suede or leather, will make your outfit appear more vintage and gentle, which is the goal for any gender neutral cottagecore outfit. Another good option (especially for students) includes any loose canvas bag, which will make you appear artsy and put-together.

If you’re a fan of textures, wicker bags and fruit totes are just the thing you need. 

What do you think? If you’re a fan of this essential guide to our gender neutral cottagecore outfit picks, let us know in the comments below!

If you have any more tips for us, please feel free to share those as well. See you guys in the next style guide! 

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