Here’s How To Master The Glitter Cut Crease

Are you that human? Or at least, would you like to be? If you don’t have the closet or the occasion for it, that’s totally fine. A glitter cut crease is your one way ticket to the literal glitz and glam that you want to channel, and you will turn heads with how bright this amazing look is.

You can still act the part of being that human by doing this specific makeup look whether you’re just going on a thrifting-brunch date or a night out. You can even be extra and wear it out on your local Target trip. See — you are that human!

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Let’s get straight into it. First: here’s what you need in order to achieve a glitter cut crease:

  • Concealer
  • Your preferred form of glitter (liquid, loose-powder, or even a shimmery eyeshadow)
  • 2-3 shadows: one dark shade, one blending shade, and one lighter shade

Once you’ve got these, you’re all set! Cut crease looks can be quite complicated because of how much precision is involved in getting that perfect line, but don’t worry: that’s what we have concealer for. 

If you prefer to watch videos, we recommend this one. Read along with my instructions for any details you may miss.

The easiest way to do this is to start with your darker shade. Start to shape it out at the top of your crease, winging it out. It doesn’t have to be neat right away; you’re just mapping out the look at this step.

 Next, take your blending shade (which should be a medium shade, to combine your darker shade with your soon-to-be-added lightest shade) and blend up towards your brow, to make those lines less harsh.

You can go in with your lightest shade after that, and put it right above where the dark shade ends. Follow the shape of the wing, and you’re all set for the first half! Touch it up with your blending shade. You should end up with a dark eyeshadow-wing that’s placed above your actual eyelid. 

For this next part, all you have to do is take your concealer and spread it all over your eyelid. I recommend using a flat or angled liner brush to carve out the shape of the top of your lid, where it meets the dark shade you blended earlier. Because you placed concealer here, you’ll have a tacky base that’s perfect for placing any kind of glitter into the cut crease. Don’t be shy here! Cover every inch with glitter, and that’s it! 

You are now photoshoot and glam ready. 

If you want to kick it up a notch and are a little more advanced, stay where you are! Instead of concealer, you want to use a very light shade for your eyelid coverage instead. You can take a liquid glitter liner and outline your crease instead to separate the dark shade from your eyelid. That way, the look is more subtle, but just as glamorous. 

This glittery trend really took off around the Kylie lip-kit era (trust me, I’m still having flashbacks), but it seems to be making its rounds back to our attention! There’s a ton of ways you can change this look. Take Doja Cat for example – she hit up the red carpet with a soft glitter cut crease, and we ate the eyeshadow look up.  The creativity is all yours. Be sure to tag us if you give this look a try!

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Have you mastered the glitter cut crease? Did this help? Share below!

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