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14 Glitter Eyeliners To Make Your Lash Line Sparkle

Glitter is super important to me, and eyeliner is also super important to me. Like, if I can’t wear anything, I throw on a little sparkle and a heavy cat eye. Glitter eyeliner is fun to rock, especially in everyday circumstances.

No one expects you to show up like you’re going out, and nobody can look away. I wear subtle sparkle on days when I have to present, or when I have Zoom meetings, because it’s just so fun (and I love compliments, sue me).

I was introduced to glitter eyeliner’s glory when reaching out to Fluide. Sure, I’d tried it before. But their Universal Liner changed the game for me, so I’ve decided to write an entire article based around the concept. 

For my fav 14, read on!

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urban decay heavy metal glitter eyeliner

Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal liner is so popular, almost every shade is sold out. But the remaining shades – peach Grind, grey Disco Daydream, forest green Stage Dive, and bronze Starfire – are all gorgeous, too! Use the fine point to draw the precise line, then use the side of the applicator to swipe on a galaxy of sparkle.

BUY NOW – $10.50

ETUDE Tear Eye Liner

etude glitter eyeliner

If you’re going for glitter tears, ETUDE’s liner is the one you want to wear. While they’re strong enough to catch the light on their own, we recommend using these liners on top of pigmented liners, too, for a burst of colorful glam. The sparkles lock in, so not even sweat and water can ruin the faux tears you so carefully created.

BUY NOW – $8

Universal Liner

fluide orange universal liquid liner

Is it really a list without Fluide? No. Our fellow gender-normalizers have created the Universal Liner, a liquid liner that comes in eight fun shades. The black Onyx is matte, making it a perfect base to paint over with other colors, like fiery Retrogayz (can’t get over the name, sorry) and party-gold Pyrite. You want fun? Fluide’s got you.

BUY NOW – $15

Metallist Liquid Glitter Eyeliner

touch in sol metallist glitter eyeliner

Like Urban Decay’s, Touch in Sol’s liquid glitter eyeliner has a fine tip, so you can draw on your line exactly how you want it. Each of the four shades are infused with crystal glazing glitter, so you know you can go throughout your day without any glitter flaking off and landing on your cheeks (which, cute, but not the point). 

BUY NOW – $18


profusion bling it on glitter eyeliner

Why choose one liner when you can have glittery lash lines in nine shades… for only $45? It’s a steal, in our opinion. The glitter here is STRONG, so there will be no questions as to whether or not there’s a sparkle in the formula. One coat is enough for a statement, but if you want to go full-drama, let the first coat dry and swipe on another.

BUY NOW – $5

UCANBE 7 Colors Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner Set

ucanbe 7 color shimmer eyeliner set

It’s called “diamond satin,” but we just see glitter galore. I love this collection because it comes with a black that glitters – something hard to find on the market, surprisingly. The pen is water-based, so it glides easily and won’t accidentally slip across your lid. The formula is sweat-proof and smear-proof, with the infused multi-dimensional pearls lasting up to 12 hours. 

BUY NOW – $18.99

Glitter Liquid Eyeliner

CHI CHI cosmetics glitter liquid eyeliner

I personally love the color options that Chi Chi Cosmetics offers with its Glitter Liquid Eyeliner. Feeling a little blue? Take a page from The Little Mermaid and try out the Mermaid aqua-and-deep-blue. Or, become a space cadet and try out Moon Dust, a grey base with flecks of colored glitter for depth. Basically, you’re in a mood? Grab one of these pens.

BUY NOW – $12.95

Gimme Glitter Liner Smudge-Proof Eyeliner

rude cosmetics hot pink glitter eyeliner

Rude Cosmetics is all about the sass, which we love – have you read the tone of our articles yet? (Especially mine, but that’s beside the point.) This cruelty-free and paraben-free formula comes in eight shades, including the hot pink Devine and scarlet Vogue, so you can get your romance on post-Valentine’s-Day with attitude.

BUY NOW – $5.50

Vixen Glimmer Holographic Liquid Eyeliner

vixen glitter eyeliner liquid holographic

It doesn’t get any cleaner than Pretty Vulgar, which is ironic, and I love that. But I mean it when I say clean: you won’t find gluten, talc, parabens, fragrance, anything even slightly irritating in here. You will find ingredients like elasticity-building peptides and safflower seed oil, which stops clogged pores. After all, there’s nothing worse than a lid zit from your favorite eye makeup.

BUY NOW – $20

Lucoss Glitter Liquid Eyeliner Kit

lucoss glitter eyeliner kit of 10

A pack of 10 mini glitter eyeliners? Uh, yeah, don’t mind if I do. Coming in the lightest accentuating white to an attention-grabbing orange to a deep gold, the almost-neutrals pair beautifully with any other colors you put on your lids. Or, double-line like the photo suggests, placing a thick stripe of liner above a sharp cat eye. Sex appeal = amped up.

BUY NOW – $12.60

Eye Of Horus Goddess Pencil

cloud10 eye of horus jewel amethyst purple pencil eyeliner shimmer

The Eye of Horus represents good health and wellbeing; you probably recognize the symbol because it’s a thickly-lined eye. Cloud10 offers low-key matte and metallic shades, but the eyeliner that calls out to us is the glitter-filled Jewel Amethyst Purple. It’s deep, flattering, and has just the right hint of micro-glitter to shine without disco-ball-ing it.

BUY NOW – $15.13

Wunder2 SUPER-STAY LINER Makeup Pencil

wunder2 super stay liner

Another pencil! Wunder2 creates a super versatile pencil, with an option of matte and glitter shades. Why is this ideal? Because you can double the pigment without doubling the glitter if you want a bold color with only a slight shimmer. I like lining my top lid with glitter and my waterline with matte in a matching color for casual days: glam without overdoing it.

BUY NOW – $9.97+


haus laboratories eye-dentify gel pencil eyeliner

It’s a pencil! But it’s a gel! It’s… Haus Labs killing the game yet again. #ThanksGaga. There are twenty bold shades to choose from, some of which are more subtle, and some of which scream “my eyes are up here!” Personal favorites include metallic marigold and the ever-sparkling Blade, a light silver that catches the slightest hint of light.

BUY NOW – $18

GOLD RUSH Mini Glitter Liquid Eyeliner

Addictive cosmetics gold eyeliner with glitter

Addictive Cosmetics offers plenty of glitter-packed eyeliners, but their gold eyeliner takes the cake. It might as well be gold foil instead of liner, honestly, because it’s SO pigmented and ridiculously shimmery. If you’re trying to go under the radar, absolutely do not wear this eyeliner, because the glitter will give you away immediately.

BUY NOW – $4.99

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Do you wear glitter eyeliner, or are you more subtle? What glitter color is your fav? Sound off below!

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