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These Hair Detangler Products Will Save Your Strands

Get your knots in check.

I have a secret: I didn’t own a hairbrush for two weeks after I moved into my current place. I didn’t even own detangling spray for a few days after the moving truck was returned. Plus, products like my favorite detangling leave-in, shampoo and conditioner, pre-wash and hair oil? None of them in my possession. The concept of a “detangler” was nowhere to be found. Completely MIA.

To reiterate: I couldn’t wash my hair or brush it. Please give me some privacy while I mourn the loss of an inch of hair to split ends and knots. I will never get those precious strands back.

In all seriousness, think about it: how many times have you ripped your hair out while running your fingers through it, or brushing it on day three, or getting your glasses caught in it? (Me two minutes ago, sigh.) 

You lose a lot of hair when you don’t care for it. But it’s not just about buying Tangle Teezer’s brush (important) or investing in a leave-in (please do this) – it’s about combining multiple products together. While detangler spray may be the only thing to come to mind, it’s important to stock up on detangling shampoos and conditioners, too. If you can fit in some detangling leave-ins and a pre-wash, even better.

What I’m wanting to emphasize: you need to coddle every strand of hair throughout the washing process if you want to get to the ~root~ (so sorry) of those knots and split ends.

It may have taken me too many years, but I’ve since put together the perfect combo for hair that doesn’t get caught in everything or become a knot due to the slightest breeze.

These sprays, as well as pre-wash, leave-in, shampoo, and conditioner products are perfect to use alone, but we highly recommend choosing multiple — or, even better, all of them! — to throw together as an anti-losing-hair kit. Never regret Baywatch-ing it again.

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What detanglers do you use? Any products you can’t live without? Tell us in the comments!

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