Halloween Perfumes Any Fragrance-Fiend Will Need

If you’re like me, and want to fully embrace every ounce of extra-ness during this prime time of Fall and spooky season (please let us know your Halloween costume ideas in the comments), listen up.

To be that bitch, every detail counts. I’m sure you’ve got the perfect autumn wardrobe, your budget set up for the perfect costume, and of course, pumpkin patch tickets. But… there may be one thing missing.

What you need, friend, is an impeccable Halloween perfume. It’ll be the perfect cherry on top. Not only will you look irresistible, you’ll also smell irresistible. Is it extra? Hell yes.

QUILL has compiled a list for you, so that you can find your match for the perfect Halloween fragrance. 

And of course, these are all gender-neutral scents, and with the notes in these guys, every one of you can serve at every single Halloween party! Let’s begin.


Moonlit Camomile

moonlit camomile fragrance

The top, middle, and base notes for this cologne are: moonflower, camomile, and white musk. This combination of scents will create the perfect Halloween fragrance for you, and here’s why: it’s not too overwhelming and has an impressive sillage, according to its reviews. Since this scent is light (but still noticeable!), you could also layer it with your other trademark perfumes.

BUY NOW – $155 (3.4 oz.)

le Baiser du Dragon

le Baiser du Dragon perfume from cartier

The 4.9-star-review average immediately caught my eye for this one. According to Cartier, this scent is mysterious and seductive, a perfect combo to wear on everyone’s favorite spooky night. The concept of this parfum is avant-garde, and is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. It smells thick and lightly sweet thanks to the patchouli, vetiver, and bitter almond. This is a great Halloween perfume for anyone going for a badass look. Bring on the heavy makeup for this one!

BUY NOW – $144 (3.3 oz.)

Mojave Ghost

byredo mojave ghost perfume

It wouldn’t be Fall without thinking of the forests. You can bring the forest to you with Mojave Ghost! It’s a woody scent that’s actually inspired by foliage in the desert — how dreary. The ghost flower, the main source of inspiration for this fragrance, is just in theme for Halloween. It’s bewitching – it thrives on its own in the arid desert and draws native bees in using mimicry. Its top notes include ambrette and Jamaican nesberry; the middle includes violet, sandalwood, and magnolia; and lastly, with the base notes, we have chantilly musk, crisp amber, and cedarwood.

BUY NOW – $200+ (1.6 oz.+)

Private Blend Noir de Noir

tom ford noir de noir

This is a dark, genderless fragrance that perfectly encapsulates a true Halloween night. It’s a shadowy clash between feminine and masculine energy, and its notes combine to embody true androgyny. Its scent profile includes the following: black truffle, black rose, vanilla, patchouli, and oud wood. The reviews for this all seem to agree on one thing: if there was one word to describe this scent, it’s “sexy.”

BUY NOW – $285+ (1.7 oz.+)

Velvet – Expressive

commodity's velvet - expressive fragrance

This Halloween perfume is good for those who want something right between intense and subtle. Commodity says that the sillage for this one is pretty expressive, so for those who will be standing body to body at a party, your fellow goers will also experience this heavenly scent. The scent profile for this is warm and spicy, and the notes have roasted almonds, rose, and amber. It’s both mysterious and elegant. 

BUY NOW – $135 (3.4 oz.)

Black Phantom, Memento Mori

Black Phantom, Memento Mori

This perfume is genderless, woody, and earthy. If you’re a gourmand kind of person (like me!) and gravitate towards the smell of warm, dessert-ish scents, then this one’s for you. Its key notes are rum, coffee, and vetiver. The coffee and vetiver specifically go hand in hand; the espresso scent is highlighted by the latter thanks to its “pirate’s water” quality. How spicy!

BUY NOW – $265 (1.7 oz.)

Hinoki Fantome

hinoki fantome from boy smells, a unisex fragrance

Here comes another earthy scent! A plus about this one is that it’s vegan and cruelty-free. Boy Smells says it’s a good mix between savage and soft; they accomplish this vibe by including notes of cypress, hinoki, and oakmoss. So, if you want to allure people with a mysterious charm this Halloween, go for Hinoki Fantôme! Reviews say that this scent is unique and powerful, which is perfect for those who need to stand out from the crowd. 

BUY NOW – $98 (2.2 oz.)


clean reserve rain, a fragrance perfect for this halloween

If you’re tired of all the woody scents, don’t fret! Clean Reserve has a scent that’s still all cozy and suitable for Halloween… the aquatic version, too. The notes of bergamot and vetiver really capture the feel of fresh rain and petrichor, so the Fall vibes are ever present. Clean Reserve also has a pro-environment approach to business; they source sustainable vetiver from Haiti, and even use sustainable wood from Spain.

BUY NOW – $98 (3.4 oz.)

Queens and Monsters

queens and monsters, a perfect halloween fragrance from henry rose

This floral scent is super unique, and good for particular folk who want to be absolutely intoxicating during this Halloween. It’s even in the name!  You’ll be turning heads with its notes of violet leaf, freesia, neroli, vanilla, and coco musk. Beware – reviews for Queens and Monsters say that strangers approach them just because of how good this smells. Some say that it’s so intoxicating that you’d want to put it on everything!

BUY NOW – $120 (1.7 oz.)

Loubiworld Fragrance Loubikiss

Loubiworld Fragrance Loubikiss Eau De Parfum with a skull as decor

Packaging, packaging, packaging. I just absolutely adore prime marketing, and Louboutin does just that with this spooky, Halloween perfume. The calavera skull on the bottle is bewitching and beautiful, just like its scent. There are notes of jasmine, tuberose, and musk, which all create the perfect woody and floral combination. If you want to feel expensive, you’re in luck, because reviewers say that this scent is akin to real jasmine, and has a mature quality that’s hard to find in other perfumes – especially if you’re looking for one for an event as specific as Halloween. 

BUY NOW – $300 (3 oz.)

Dead Sexy

dead sexy, a tokyomilk perfume, perfect inspiration for halloween.

Tokyo Milk claims that this fragrance is exotic and unexpected, which are niche concepts for this time of year. The four main scents in this product are vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid, and ebony. It’s lightly sweet, but also a little bit musky. Its fluffy scent is sure to get you compliments, especially as it wears down on your skin throughout the day. It’s also under $50, which is a huge steal!

BUY NOW – $48 (1 oz.)


02 eau de parfum from dedcool

If there’s anyone who can absolutely body very specific concepts, it’s definitely DedCool. Their company’s fame skyrocketed after receiving reviews full of love from perfume connoisseurs on TikTok, and it’s love well-deserved. The specialty with their perfumes include the idea that their scents are perfect as standalones, but they especially thrive layered with their base scent, Milk. It’s totally genius. Focusing on 02 in particular, this fragrance is full of the Fall / Halloween vibes that we oh-so-love, like sandalwood, juniper, and sheer woods. This is a fun scent that “encourages bad behavior” and would definitely turn heads in any space. 

BUY NOW – $90 (1.7 oz.)


lake by rosie jane perfume

Lake is a very alluring scent for those who want to embody daytime Halloween. The key? It’s citrus! Bergamot and lime, to be specific. The other crisp ingredients include sandalwood and vanilla. Reviewers say it smells like a sugared lemon peel, so if you live in the warmer climates during this Halloween season, then this perfume is perfect for you! It has a lot of depth while keeping its flavor profile simple, which, in my opinion, makes it all the more memorable. 

BUY NOW – $70 (1.7 oz.)

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Are you sold on any of these Halloween perfumes? Let us know down below!

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