Hide A Hangover With These Super Useful Makeup Tips And Products

Welcome! You’ve made it past the holiday weekend. And with that, I’m sure you have a gnarly hangover – and work either today or tomorrow.

Sound like you? I’m here to help. The answer to hiding that headache: hangover makeup. Aka, ways to brighten up your face and make you look… well, alive.

Here are the tips and tricks you need to use makeup to hide your hangover. A preview: put down that foundation and full-coverage concealer.


We all know hangovers and dehydration mess with our usual skin tone, making it harder to match sheer coverage with our skin.

Utilize concealer colors that will battle your exact ailments. Use a green concealer to hide redness and lilacs to get rid of that yellow.

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Now, using a full-coverage foundation sounds tempting, because you want to hide that dry, uneven skin and dark under eye circles. 

Don’t do it!

These full-coverage foundations will only amplify the fact that you’re dehydrated. It’s the complete opposite of what you want! Instead, go for a medium-coverage concealer in spots that are especially rough after applying the colored concealer. 

Next part of the hangover makeup: eyes.

Again, you want to cover your dark circles and puffiness, so you’re reaching for the smokey eye. Nope, wrong move, my love. Neutrals are where it’s at instead, similar to using concealer rather than foundation.

Try to put it on as if you’re looking to make your skin look natural, not like you have natural makeup on. The goal is to neutralize – you don’t want to make it obvious that this makeup is hiding a hangover. (It’ll still be a liiiiitle obvious you have a hangover, but not as bold as walking in makeup-free.)

For mascara, you can go with black, but we recommend brown. Don’t let it clump, and don’t let it look like falsies! You want some lift, but not enough that it looks like you’re still wearing remnants of the holidays’ look. If possible, use a curler lightly before you put on the mascara. And skip the bottom lashes – use a clear mascara instead if you really want something. 

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You hear all about using white liner to open and brighten the eyes, because it mimics the whites of your eyes. This is true, but white makeup can wash out the dehydrated face and bring attention to the red. Instead, go with a flesh-colored eyeliner. It doesn’t bring attention to your eyes – it simply neutralizes. And again, hangover makeup is all about neutralizing.

Finally, add a little life to your face on top of the color-correcting.


A cheek-lip tint is usually a little more subtle than a blush AND a lip stain, but still effective in adding a glow. 

If you go with matte concealing products, add a little bit of faux hydration. Then, seal your hangover’s god-sent makeup look with a setting spray. 

QUILL’s Product Recs

Now that you know the deets on how to hide that hangover, we’re got the products you need. From NOTO Botanics’ lip-cheek stain to NYX’s setting spray to Milk’s Hydro Grip Primer, we’ve got every step covered.

And there you have it: makeup that will hide your mind-blowing hangover! Head to the office in total confidence that no one will tell you haven’t slept all weekend. And keep in mind: everyone else is doing the same. No one will call you out as long as you hide it well enough and get your work done. We all have to let loose every now and then, right?

And welcome to the day after!

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What are your hangover makeup tips? Any products you recommend? Share your secrets in the comments!

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