Dear Marissa: Take Iron Gummies For Your Skin Already

Dear Marissa: This is harsh, but buy some damn iron gummies. I’ve gotta give you the tough love, and it’s the only way I’m going to get some good photos from reviews.

Let me explain, readers.

After complaining about “putrid” skin (proof that she said these exact words is in the Smashbox article, I’m not a liar), aka yellow skin aka jaundice, I wasn’t about to let my best friend and co-founder be yellow forever. So we googled what was most likely up, and iron deficiency was one of the common causes.

This woman admitted to me that she’s trying to eat healthier. Great! Was she getting enough iron for her anemic self? Absolutely not. Insert face-palm here. And when I asked for more details, it turns out she gets cracked lips and brittle hair, too.

So, yeah, iron gummies for her beauty woes. If you’re wondering about the benefits of iron for beauty, I’ve got the 411 for you below.


Iron Deficiency & Beauty Bummers

Marissa’s anemic, meaning she lacks a proper amount of red blood cells, making absorption of 17 to 20 mg of iron harder. And inadequate amounts of red blood cells = jaundice.

Iron-deficiency anemia can cause other beauty problems, too: cracked lips, brittle hair, weak nails, and a better chance of contracting skin infections, like boils. While some hypothesize that it can cause acne, too, there hasn’t been any scientific linkage between the two.

So it’s no surprise that iron is quite necessary for your physical health… and in turn, your skin health.

Iron Gummies

This leads me back to my begging: Marissa, please, buy iron gummies (because you always prefer gummies, I know) and other combination supplements that might help! As Editor-in-Chief (and your big sister), it’s my job to look out for you. And if you don’t know where to start or which are right for you, I’ve got your back. (When don’t I?)

Please note: these supplements are not approved by the FDA – no dietary supplements are. I have based them off of scientific data and, as per QUILL’s standards, an average rating. Always check with your doctor before starting a new supplement – I’m certainly not a doctor, and we all know Google isn’t, either.

Are you iron-deficient? Do you take iron supplements? Tell us in the comments!

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