The Jellyfish Haircut Is Huge Thanks To TikTok

It’s an ~elevated~ mullet.

I’m never on top of hair trends. It’s just not in my DNA – I’m still in my TikTok-Teenage-Dirtbag-(sped-up)-phase. But even I can’t seem to avoid the latest TikTok hair craze: the jellyfish haircut.

My experiences with jellyfish are limited, aside from visits to the aquarium and that one weird time my parents let me swim in the ocean with them when I was, like, six. I digress. I have become EXTREMELY experienced in the jellyfish haircut, thanks to constant exposure as it continues to grow. 

Haven’t heard of it yet, somehow? Well, I hope that rock is comfy, and welcome to August/September 2022.


How Did The Jellyfish Haircut Start?

Like all good things, and like I mentioned, the jellyfish haircut was born on TikTok. Surprise! (Not really.) It consists of bold layers that resemble that of a jellyfish. Surprise! (Not really, again.) 

@sillyyerba Reply to @bondjonescreations im starting a jellyfish club with jelly themed events for those interested! I’m setting up the Discord for it today! Stay tuned for an offical announcement soon! It’s going to be so cute. If you don’t have the haircut you can be a baby jellyfish. Theyre called ephyrae πŸ₯Ή excuse the mess! We are in the middle of rearranging right now!πŸ’“πŸ’“ if you read this ur a qt #jellyfishhaircut #sorryitsmari #hair360 #hairquestions #jellyfishhair #diyhair ♬ Jellyfish – Declan DP & Kodomoi

In more detail: the jellyfish haircut is similar to the hime haircut, which began trending on TikTok in May. Also known as the β€œprincess cut,” which apparently was birthed during the Heian period in Japan, hime haircuts consist of short, choppy layers in the front, and long layers in the back.

What’s The Difference Between Hime and Jellyfish Haircuts?

@skystelle_ #hairstyle #himecut #haircut #hairstyletutorial ♬ original sound – π’”π’Œπ’šπ’”π’•π’†π’π’π’† – ⚜ π’”π’Œπ’šπ’”π’•π’†π’π’π’† ⚜

While both haircuts feature choppy layers, the jellyfish haircut has layers throughout – aka, those short, chunky pieces continue to the back of the head, too. 

Both haircuts are an update on the mullet, essentially – or, as HighSnobiety calls it, the β€œWeird Girl” aesthetic. I have a lot of feelings about this title – mainly that it’s stupid and judgemental, which, ew – but they do have a point: it is kinda weird. 

But you know what? The weirdness is what makes it so chic. Think about it: the mullet has been around for decades. People hate it, but it’s still here, regularly coming back around (like all trends do). So, it’s no surprise that the hime and jellyfish haircuts are blowing up right now; so much so, that Nicole Kidman sported the look on the cover of Perfect Magazine.

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Are Jellyfish Haircuts Easy To Maintain?

Yes! Jellyfish haircuts are perfect for any curl pattern, any wash cycle, and any length. While you may require a little styling, the cut is generally wash, dry, and go. While the look is bold and requires guts to make the cuts, it’s a universal hairstyle and is flattering on any head.

How To Give Yourself A Jellyfish Haircut

While you should set the shears down and let a pro do this, the jellyfish haircut is one of the easier cuts to give yourself. Simply take a chunk of hair and chop it to jaw- or cheek-length – boom, you’ve started your jellyfish evolution. Just don’t go any higher than that cheekbone, because you risk becoming a mushroom head instead of a jellyfish head. Not cute, you know?

Jellyfish Hair Inspiration

What are your thoughts on the jellyfish and hime haircuts? Are you going to try them out? Tell us in the comments!

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