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25 Liquid Eyeshadows To Replace Your Powders

While I love a good powder eyeshadow, sometimes liquid eyeshadow is just a #mood. One that glides on, then dries like glue. 

There are MANY out there, because brands are now becoming aware of just how popular liquid eyeshadow is. And they’re working hard to perfect finishes, formulas, and colors. 

With an abundance of options, I decided to include 25 different liquid eyeshadows that go on and stay on. Magic, right?

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Matte Fluid Eye Paint

about-face was over powder eyeshadow that didn’t give you the control you wanted, so they created their Fluid Eye Paint in fun shades to fight back. (Okay, fight is strong, but you get it.) Swipe one layer on, and you have a high-pigment color that dries matte. Smudge with a finger for a casual haze, or use a brush to manipulate into the dream look.

BUY NOW – $24

Skywash – sheer matte lid tint

glossier skywash liquid eyeshadow

I shouldn’t have to say “no fragrance here!” But we all know that certain companies will add in the smell of daisies wherever they can. Glossier does not, however, with their ophthalmologist-, dermatologist-tested liquid eyeshadow. The liquid glides on and then has a powder finish, locking it onto your lids for up to 12 hours.

BUY NOW – $18


haus laboratories glitter liquid eyeshadow

HAUS’ liquid eyeshadow finishes with a subtle but gorgeous shimmery finish – glimpse and you’ll miss it, stare and it’s striking. It’s smear-proof, flake-proof, and transfer-proof, lasting all day; only reapply if you want to build intensity from day to night. I also love the bottle and its shape, something you don’t find with many other liquid eyeshadows.

BUY NOW – $20

lustrous liquid eyeshadow

rem beauty liquid eyeshadow

Of course Ari had to get in on the liquid eyeshadow trend, and honestly? We’re so glad she did. The names are cute – fembot, milky way, nerd, and ufo, to name a few – and the pigments are as out there or neutral as you desire. Just keep in mind that each shade has a hell of a lot of glitter, so even if you go with neutrals, your eyes will still stand out.

BUY NOW – $16

Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint


This eyeshadow is water-based, but it doesn’t run the second you see your ex with somebody else, or that ending of the Titanic hits you, or you’re laughing with your friends during dinner out. Its ingredients are also delicious, with smoothing Horse Chestnut Extract and antioxidant-filled magnolia bark extract, which stops budging and creasing.

BUY NOW – $28


pyt beauty glittering liquid eyeshadow

When you first look at the three colors – gold, rose, and champagne – you most likely think “okay, it’s a good base” or “this could work as a glimmering topper.” But your thoughts will change the second you swipe a coat on and experience a punch of color on your lids. The packaging is also sustainable; once it’s empty, clean it out and throw it in your recycling bin.

BUY NOW – $18

SPARKLE WASH Liquid Glitter

jones road sparkle wash glitter eyeshadow

Here’s the tip you have to scroll to see: once you’ve applied the eyeshadow to your lids, add the final few drops to your cheeks for a full-on face glow. The shining stars are glycerin, to help with hydration; arginine to fight free radicals; and butylene glycol, which seals in moisture while also conditioning. Feel nourished the entire time you wear it.

BUY NOW – $24

Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes


Even those with oily skin can wear this liquid eyeshadow without worries of running, because this eyeshadow claims to be long-wearing for all skin types. With various kinds of pearls and glitters, your eyelids will be the disco balls of your body, while metal-coated liquid also adds a metallic finish. There’s a reason its name is “Mirror Holic.”

BUY NOW – $13.60

Eyelixir – Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow

lbla eyelixir metallic liquid eyeshadow

Give this liquid eyeshadow 60 seconds, and you’re set. You can thank the use of polymers in the formula, which grab onto lids to stop flaking throughout the day. It promises to be more conditioning than others on the market, with Aquaxyl conditioning and locking in moisture. On top of this, it promotes anti-aging benefits – bye, fine lines.

BUY NOW – $19.90

Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

stila shimmer and glow liquid eyeshadow

Stila’s liquid eyeshadow is revered for its beautiful colors, flattering finishes, and stick-it-to-the-man staying power. The translucent base is filled with pearls to give you shimmer, while also brightening pigments, but its finish isn’t thick or tacky; the watery texture helps to keep the formula light on the lids instead.

BUY NOW – $24

Pretty Filter Mattish Liquid Eye Shadow

touch in sol mattish liquid eye shadow

If you want a show-stopping color, use solid lines to create geometric shapes, or cut creases – the pigment is bright. But recommended more than that is buffing out the color to give your lids a slight glow. It also keeps colors from looking odd. For example, green fades into a soft, flattering olive, rather than neon slime-green.

BUY NOW – $16

Rainforest of the Sea™ seaglass eyeshadow

tarte rainforest of the sea liquid eyeshadow

This set of liquid eyeshadows is inspired by seaglass (hence “Rainforest of the Sea Seaglass Eyeshadow”). Rub it on with the brush, shape it or smudge it, then let it dry into a powder finish. And while it contains the usual glittery-makeup-ingredients, tarte also infused the formula with (appropriate) marine extracts, which smooth and soften, reducing the look of fine lines.

BUY NOW – $22


ELF liquid eyeshadow

You can get all eight shades for only $40. Some of these other eyeshadows are about $40 – for one. elf is known for being affordable, but they never skimp out on quality. The gel-based formula is long-lasting, with minimal touch-ups needed, and infused with metallic pearls. The result is an eyeshadow that’s perfect for AM-to-PM.

BUY NOW – $5


nyx glitter goals liquid eyeshadow

It’s literally glitter goals, yep. If you don’t think your lids will be sparkling like no other after applying NYX’s liquid eyeshadow, you’ve got another thing comin’. Swiping it on by itself will give you the glitz you want, but NYX also recommends layering it over powder eyeshadow for an in-your-face impact.

BUY NOW – $8


sample beauty liquid eyeshadow exclusively for beauty bay

Sample Beauty made this liquid eyeshadow exclusively for Beauty Bay, so we had to include it. Mousse-textured and lightweight, the liquid eyeshadow is matte with a slight sheen, giving your eyelids depth. On top of that, Sample says it’s multi-use – after applying to lids as eyeshadow or liner, continue down to cheeks, then to lips, then to… wherever you want, tbh.

BUY NOW – $5.75

Glitter Galaxy Colored Liquid Eyeshadow

zeesea liquid eyeshadow

3D metallic glitter? Pearl pigments? Long-lasting, waterproof, high-pigment? Yeah, we’ll take this one. All 10 shades are gorgeous, and you have options for the finish you want. Dying for that intense glitter? You got it. More of a shimmer, rather than a glitter? You have options. Zeesea came prepared for anyone who wants more than matte.

BUY NOW – $14

10-Second Eye Gel Watercolor Eyeshadow

kosas gel eyeshadow

Kosas lists the key ingredients in each of their products, and it’s those stars of this liquid eyeshadow that make it worth buying. The sheen from the beiges are gorg, yes, but the effects? Chef’s kiss. Shea butter and jojoba oil nourish, orange flower water brightens, and galactoarabinan smooths fine lines, giving the eyeshadow its anti-aging properties. 

BUY NOW – $15

Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eyeshadow

rare beauty stay vulnerable liquid eyeshadow in pinks

Selena Gomez chose to give her liquid eyeshadow the romantic treatment, choosing pink-based beiges for your eyelids. While some may think dark pink can be a little too intense, I promise, it’s not. Going from liquid to powder, the eyeshadow is long-lasting – also beneficial if you rub it into your cheeks and lips for a monochromatic glow.

BUY NOW – $20


giorgio armani eye tint liquid eyeshadow

I love this liquid eyeshadow because it comes in deep, bold colors, rather than your regular neutrals. I especially love their deep purple, which is available now, and their matte green, which you’ll have to wait on. Armani says it’s mistake-proof, so do what you want, mess up, and still be pleased with the results.

BUY NOW – $30


kokie crystal fusion liquid eyeshadow

It’s only $6, but it’s long-lasting and the reviews rave. As they say, it stays in place until you wash it off, the shimmer is noticeable but not overwhelming, it’s not tacky or heavy, and it can also be a base or topper for other eyeshadows. Choose from 22 shades, all of which will look strong and shimmery. 

BUY NOW – $6

Dream Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow


Don’t settle for one shade, says LA Girl: settle for blends and bursts of color. For example, their Meteor Shower blends blue with green with aqua, while Iridescent Dream celebrates lighter colors like pink and lime green. It’s water-based but will stay put all day, paraben-free, and vegan, so you can wear it guilt-free.

BUY NOW – $7

Yeux Paint – Eyes / Liquid Eyeshadow + Liner

violette yeux paint liquid eyeshadow and eyeliner

Whether you choose a matte shade or a twinkling shade, the pigments will be visible. Simply use the flat applicator brush to line the lashes, then blend out with a brush or with your fingers – if you want, of course. The fabulous founder explained that she was sick of disliking every eyeshadow on the market, so she created her own. Hell yeah to that determination.

BUY NOW – $28

Liquid Fairy Lights

pixi liquid fairy sun ray eyeshadow

Wake up, wake up! The Liquid Fairy Lights glitter eyeshadow is bright and will get you bushy-eyed each time you apply it. Just like fairies, the colors and finishes are light and ethereal, and they’re also super nourishing. Chamomile soothes and fights puffiness, while rosehip smoothes, giving you a clean canvas perfect for pigment.

BUY NOW – $15

Black As My Soul Liquid Eye Shadow

black as my soul feral liquid eyeshadow

Feral Cosmetics has many colors for their liquid eyeshadow collection, but I’m spotlighting their black for being as Black as MY Soul. The glitter reflects light, but the color is still black. Channel your inner gothic goddess when wearing this shadow, because it’s certainly not subtle – everyone will notice your statement smokey eye.

BUY NOW – $18

Crystal Glide Liquid Eyeshadow

bodyography crystal glide liquid eyeshadow

This liquid eyeshadow was built for layering, going on subtly in neutral shades, then building up for a glittering gaze – without feeling it weighing down your lids. Infused with Bodyography’s technology of pure color pigments and crystal chrome pearls, the glitter lasts for 24 hours. Don’t sleep in it, but if you’re going to be up all night, this is the right eyeshadow to do the job.

BUY NOW – $20

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What liquid eyeshadow is your favorite to glide on? Have you tried any of the above? Share with us below!

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