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5 Stylish Makeup Bag Trends You’ll Want ASAP

Need to carry your makeup? Be on trend.

Makeup bags are an essential part of life when you own five billion makeup products. (Just me?) And of course, if you have a makeup bag, you want it to be fashionable. Currently in: clear makeup bags.

With clear makeup bags, you can see everything you have, show off your products, and locate everything easily (super important when you’re carrying a bunch of products).

But other patterns are popular, too! My next makeup bags are for sure going to be holographics and rainbows; however, plaid is also hot right now.

If you’re like me, you’ll just collect them all. Looking for the makeup bag? The One, you could say? One of these will be made for you, then. Promise.

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Clear makeup bags are the latest trend, as I said, for all of their amazing reasons. However, not all are the same! Check out the Pro Makeup Artist Bag, with its many pockets, or the colorful 5-piece option from Amazon – perfect if you’re the designated bag carrier on trips. You don’t just have to carry a clear square (though if that’s your aesthetic, hell yeah) – get creative.


Plaid says “I’m low-key and sophisticated.” It’s chill, but still more of a statement than a standard muted, neutral bag. You can choose a designer plaid bag from the amazing Vera Bradley, or light up the room with a nylon, pastel rainbow makeup bag. I also love the high-end look of the beige plaid – can you believe it’s from Amazon? Same.


Bright! Bold! Pay attention to me! That’s what a neon makeup bag says. Unless you don’t want to be the center of attention in the powder room, grab a bag that’s as big as your personality. The shine from Caboodle’s foldable box on top of the hot pink is so cute, while the neon lettering with palm leaves is a fun, night-life-inspired take.


Hello, futuristic bb. Holograms were super cool in 2020, and their excitement hasn’t faded since then. If you’re not into incorporating this look into your makeup, you can at least show it off on your makeup bag. about-face is on the cutting edge of makeup products, and we love their mini transparent makeup bag.


Rainbows, aka the joy that comes post-storms… okay, enough poeticism. How can you not smile when you see little rainbows? Answer: you can’t. You will always smile. I’m especially fond of the “Have a Nice Day” retro rainbow bag – it’s a nice, uplifting take with a groovy feel to it. Have a nice day, indeed.

bow and arrow

Which makeup bags are your favorites? Are you more of a clear makeup bag human, or a classic, neon makeup-bag lover? Let us know in the comments!

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