6 Makeup Products Every College Student Needs

Cover-up for classes, wake up and wipe off… you get it.

Happy August! Whether it’s your first year as a college student or your 50th, it’s important to stock your makeup bag with fresh products. After all, the parties, the club events, the presentations, the everyday looks – you want to look glam for all of it! 


But not all makeup is made the same – not when you’re a college student pulling all-nighters, or rushing from a late-night kickback to an 8 am, or quickly applying eyeliner in the back of an Uber from class to the bars. We at QUILL know this, and we’ve put together a list of necessary products that will take care of your woes!


Makeup Wipes

First and foremost: makeup wipes. Yes, you should have a skincare routine, but I did not have one for my six years in college, and I’d say my skin turned out pretty alright. My move: get home, wipe off makeup, sleep, wake up, wipe off makeup, repeat.

If you’re going to be lazy like me (totally fair), pick wipes that will get off even the most stubborn mascara in one go. And be eco-friendly! Even if they aren’t reusable, you can still choose makeup wipes that are good for the environment.

Tinted Spot Treatment

Treat that zit with a dose of tint and a side of skincare! There are plenty of spot treatments out there that pull double duty and will cover up that blemish while also treating it at its source. Obvs, it’s not going to be as great as using skincare on it every night, so def pull out some actual cleanser, too. But during the day/night, when you can’t apply every product known to man? Tinted spot treatments. I’m telling you.

Cheek, Lip, and Eye Tints

Cheek-lip tints are life-savers, but more of a lifesaver? Tints that can also go on your eyes, giving you a nice, full flush of color. (Pink doesn’t have to look like pink eye, promise!) The trick: finding one that’s subtle enough to give a slight pop, or bold enough to be blunt and say “I’m here, and I’m making a statement.” Try going with an orange-leaning tint instead, or a burst of berry.

Clear Mascara-Brow Duo

Don’t waste time picking whether to bring your mascara or eyebrow brush – use a duo instead. There are plenty of clear options out there, so while you won’t get the jet-black lashes you want if you’re a blonde, casual days will get a lift. It’s makeup for the everyday college student that can quickly be transformed into a glam date-night look.

Eyeshadow Stick

Need eyeliner and eyeshadow? Choose an eyeshadow stick and experience the best of both worlds. We highly recommend chubby pencils that can be sharpened – they cover plenty of surface area, (usually) blend effortlessly, and also provide enough of a point to give you a slick line. The result: a smokey eye in one product and some finger smudging.

SPF Foundation

Finally, if you’re going to wear a full face of makeup, pleeeease make sure there’s some SPF in there! It can be easy to skip out on sunscreen when wearing other makeup – what if it melts off? What if the ingredients don’t work together? – and while you should always wear actual sunscreen, sometimes you slip. (Guilty!) So, pick a foundation that has some sun protection. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

What makeup products are essential for college students? Tell us below!

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