Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade Is My Go-To

Eyebrow game be strong, here.

When I was in seventh grade, I was told I had perfect eyebrows.

This person was a liar. Yes, they were fairly symmetrical, but they were sparse. 

Unluckily, it would take me seven years to discover the power of filling your eyebrows. I still remember it: an acquaintance did my makeup in our mutual friend’s apartment, and I was sold on filling in my eyebrows. My #1 will always be eyeliner, but my #2 will always be eyebrow fillers, now.

And when it comes to eyebrow filling, I only have one go-to product now: Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade. Seriously, my brows have never looked better. Here’s the sitch.


I’d used eyebrow pencils for as long as I could remember. Then I switched to Guide’s brow gel, which was amazing… until I left it at an ex’s place, and we broke up before I could get it back. (Miss you, Guide brow gel, you were the real MVP.) 

Desperate to fill in my brows, I ran to Target. I decided there and then that I wanted something else. Not a pencil, not a gel – something else. 

I ended up with a pomade in a pot, with a double-sided applicator (a brush and a spoolie). Aka, Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio.

maybelline tattoo studio brow pomade on model

I was smitten with the idea of a pomade, and I rushed home to see if it would recreate my amazing brows a la Guide.

Sorry, Guide, you might want to stop reading… because I’ve found a new fav.

First, the pomade is hard. It’s not soft and certainly not goopy, nope – totally solid. But run the brush through it and along your brows, and it’s creamy, gliding right on like butter. It’s easy to wipe off due to its consistency, but it also stays put like no other, gripping onto each hair and giving me perfect eyebrows even after I’ve taken a nap and left the makeup on.tess staring at the camera, with leftover maybelline tattoo studio brow pomade on post-nap. she looks tired.

Me, post-nap, unhappy but with amazing brows

In terms of technical deets: it’s water-resistant and smudge-proof, so no sweat or rain will get in the way of perfect brows. Candelilla wax is present to give glide, while ceresin provides moisture to the skin underneath. I’m used to brow gels making it feel like my skin is tightening underneath my brows – never the case here, thank god.

I can’t recommend this product enough. I bought it when I had dark brunette hair, and though I’m red now, I still rock Deep Brown. (It’s striking, but not clown-ish.) If you’re sick of gels and pencils, go with a pomade; more specifically, go with Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade. You’ll love it.

tess with red hair. her eyebrows are filled and have glitter on top. she's smiling mischievously at the camera

featuring FLUIDE’S UNIVERSAL LINER to top it off!

bow and arrow

Have you tried Maybelline’s Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade? Are you a fan? Sound off in the comments!

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