Nordstrom Rack’s MAC Makeup Is On Sale For Up To 25% Off

MAC makeup? On sale? Yes, please.

I love Nordstrom Rack, and I especially love this insane sale: MAC products ranging from lipstick to highlighter to primer to mascara for an extra 25% off! It started today and goes for the next three, but we want to give you options before they sell out. Head on over to Nordstrom Rack now for the sale – er, after reading the article for our fav MAC recs, of course.


MAC Lipstick

mac lipstick on sale at nordstrom rack - del rio

I literally own eight MAC lipsticks in varying colors. And yes, I’m using literally correctly, it is actually eight. MAC’s lipstick is iconic in the beauty industry – there’s a reason it’s called “MAC Lipstick” without any fancy descriptors — and it comes in a plethora of colors, from nudes to reds to berries; however, not all colors are on sale (really, Nordstrom Rack?), so keep that in mind when picking. Ingredients-wise, the second one listed is the ultra-moisturizing castor oil — exactly why it never dries out your pout.

BUY NOW – $14.25

MAC Lipglass Lip Gloss

MAC lipglass lip gloss on sale at nordstrom rack

We’re listing quite a few lip products, but it’s because 1. A bunch of shades are on sale, and 2. They’re just soooo good. The Lipglass Lip Gloss comes in subtle shades, giving lips a mirror-like shine without the double whammy of neon color (unless you choose neon pink Impassioned, in which case, hell yeah). Jojoba oil softens and conditions, while apricot kernel oil fights dryness and coconut oil moisturizes. Carnauba wax helps give a smooth glide.

BUY NOW – $11.97

MAC Technakohl Liner Eyeliner

mac technakohl eyeliner pencil in brown on sale at nordstrom rack

If we’re getting Technakohl like the name suggests, the ingredients in this eyeliner make it ultra comfy to wear: candelilla wax gives it its flawless application, while jojoba oil softens and sodium hyaluronate keeps every inch the eyeliner touches hydrated. And technakohly, its creamy formula gives it a no-flake, no-smudge finish, so you can apply it once in the morning and be done for the day. Brown is on sale, so grab it now!

BUY NOW – $11.97

MAC Liquidlast Liner

mac liquidlash metallic and sparkling liquid liner

If liquid liner is more your thing than pencil or gel, add METAL to it! MAC’s Liquidlast Liner will make your lash line shine bright like a diamond, and it boasts 24-hour staying power. No fading, no smudging, no melting – it’s ON, bb.  Highly-pigmented and highly-metallic, your eyes will be the star of the show here. A few of the colors also have glitter, so if you want to commit to Sparkle Motion (Donnie Darko reference, I swear), Naked Bond and Misty Me are for you.

BUY NOW – $13.97

MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid Eyeshadow

MAC dazzleshadow liquid eyeshadow on sale at nordstrom rack

We love liquid eyeshadows, and MAC’s is no exception! Dazzleshadow does just as the name suggests – dazzles those who see you wearing it. Purple and bronze come in shimmery finishes, while gorgeous silver comes in a satin finish (with sparkle, though, can’t forget the sparkle!). The liquid formula sets quickly and isn’t goopy, instead drying into a second skin, says MAC. It lasts up to eight hours, and it won’t crease.

BUY NOW – $13.97

MAC 34 Lash False Lashes

mac 34 false lashes

I normally wouldn’t run to MAC for lashes, but these falsies are just too good to pass up. Long and wispy with a winged outer edge, drum up the drama surrounding your eyes with the MAC 34 Lashes. Just line with lash glue (which isn’t included, sigh), trim to the proper size, tweeze on to the now-tacky glue formula, and boom – you’ve got doe eyes. Take care of the lashes properly, and they can be reshaped to give them an extra long, versatile life. 

BUY NOW – $10.97

MAC Ruby’s Crew Love Me Liquid Lipstick

mac ruby crew liquid lipstick in red

I used to hate liquid lipstick, until Fluide’s Superneutrals collection changed my mind. Now, I’m obsessed, and MAC’s Ruby’s Crew Love Me Liquid Lipstick is next on my list. As you’ll see in the picture, the model is biting her lip, and you don’t see it on her teeth – uh, wow. Then there are the luxe ingredients: argan oil and shea butter to nourish, apricot kernel seed oil to banish dry lips, and a light and moisturizing Litchi Chinensis Fruit Extract. 

BUY NOW – $18.75

MAC Hyper Real Glow Palette

mac hyper real glow highlighter palette at nordstrom rack

If you’re indecisive about what kind of glow you’re looking for, or you like different glows each day, this palette has your back. With two palettes bringing three shades each, you can shine however you’d like, be it a light beige glimmer or a deep peach shimmer. They’re reflective, but not obnoxious; obvious, but not ostentatious. Basically, be ready to be the center of attention, because people will DEF notice you… and not be annoyed by it. 

BUY NOW – $24.97

MAC Shot Of Color Lip Oil

mac lip oil shot of love in red

My lips are severely chapped regularly – it happens when I’m stressed or nervous. Aka… me, 100% of the time, yep. So a lip oil? With color? A dream. MAC’s lip oil comes in nine shades, ranging from red to pink-peach, so your pucker will look plump and rosy. The reflective look and hydration are a result of stellar ingredients, such as nourishing hydrogenated (meaning the melting point is increased) castor oil, which also creates a barrier to lock in moisture.

BUY NOW – $13.97

MAC Eyeshadow

mac eyeshadow in storm watch

MAC’s eyeshadow is one of my favs, because it’s SO pigmented – I swipe one layer on, and it’s as if I’ve taken my brush and used an entire palette’s worth of product. At Nordstrom Rack, you have (too) many color options; my personal favorites are the olive Mo Money Mo Problems and navy Storm Watch. Apply it wet or dry and blend away; pair with MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix+ to keep it bright all day long.

BUY NOW – $14.25

Sheertone Shimmer Powder Blush

SHEERTONE blush from mac

Looking for a blush inspired by “I just met eyes with the most handsome stranger in the bar,” or “oh god, the most handsome stranger in the bar just watched me trip and eat shit?” MAC has you covered. Coming in three tones to match the mood, this blendable formula sits on your cheeks and gives you the flush you only get in the most exciting and embarrassing moments – no exciting or embarrassing moments required.

BUY NOW – $11.97

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Which MAC products are you grabbing from the Nordstrom Rack’s sale? Tell us in the comments!

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