11 Oil-Free Mascaras That Won’t Bother Your Eyes

When writing this article, I learned something: finding oil-free mascara is hard.

Seriously. Google “oil free mascara,” and five billion mascaras pop up… and the vast majority are not oil-free. Nice one, Google. 

But I’m dedicated to QUILL, dammit, so I did the digging. What I found: it’s the smaller brands that offer the best mascaras. But don’t worry, I didn’t sacrifice quality – each one has 4+ stars! 

These 11 oil-free mascaras are perfect for your sensitive eyes, thin lashes, and end-of-day removal. None of that oily shit – just some agua and wax for the best lashes you’ve ever had.

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Totally Tubular Mascara

half caked totally tubular oil free mascara

As a beach-town resident, nothing makes me happier than knowing I’m calling something Totally Tubular (dude). The four applicators give you options: The Heights is cone-shaped for lengthening, The Realest is bushy and cone-shaped for natural volume, The Ultimate is curve-shaped to curl and lengthen, while The Dream will give you your dream lashes with its cone-wire shape.

BUY NOW – $12

Lush Lash Water-Resistant Mascara

Lush lash water resistant oil free mascara from mommy makeup

Just because you don’t have softening oils doesn’t mean you have to give up on having fluttering, lightweight lashes. Panthenol stops itching and hydrates, aloe locks in color as a natural primer, and natural plant extracts nourish. Combine with the wing-tipped brush to separate and define, and you’ll be doe-eyed in no time.

BUY NOW – $21


saie mascara 101

Hello, gorgeous, bright-eyed beauty! We love Saie because they explain what each ingredient does, so you know there isn’t any unhealthy BS filler in there. Sustainably-sourced beeswax is the first ingredient, helping to make lashes malleable without hardening. Throw in carnauba wax to add flexibility and shea butter to soften and shine, and you’ve got the ultimate wink.

BUY NOW – $24


aveda oil free mosscara

It’s called “Mosscara” because it isn’t just any other mascara, what with waxes and extracts. (It has those too, but you don’t see it called “waxscara.”) Iceland moss is a cleaning, smoothing, and soothing ingredient that will coddle your lashes from the moment you apply it to the moment you go to rinse it off. 

BUY NOW – $21

Better Than Falsies Mascara

forchics better than falsies mascara

We labeled Better Than Falsies better than Better Than Sex (how many times can we say “better than?”). And on top of lifting and volumizing, the mascara’s formula is also oil-free. An hourglass wand reaches every lash, coating each equally without clumping. Peptides and plant botanicals hydrate and rejuvenate, encouraging growth.

BUY NOW – $23

Limitless Lash Mascara

ilia oil free mascara

Ninety-nine percent of After Midnight’s ingredients are natural, including its organic beeswax and carnauba wax. You’ll also be swiping on ingredients like organic shea butter to hydrate and nourish, as well as keratin to give your lashes a lil growth and enhancement encouragement. ILIA also uses their patented wand, created after rejecting 100 wands; use the shorter bristles for curling and volumizing, then lift, lengthen, and separate with the long side.

BUY NOW – $28

Fully Charged Mascara Powered by Magnetic Technology

pur cosmetics oil free mascara with magnetic tech

PUR uses a magnetic technology to help thicken, volumize, and separate, and while I can’t guarantee it works that well, its other ingredients are fab. Biotin and peptides condition and help with fallout, while carnauba wax keeps length, volume, and curl. Panthenol finishes the job by nourishing as a whole.

BUY NOW – $22

Lash Slick

glossier oil free lash slick mascara

We all know there’s nothing worse than coming home at the end of the night, taking off our foundation, and then yanking at our lashes to get mascara off. No more! This mascara is water-resistant, not waterproof. Translation: no smudging, flaking, anything-ing for the day. Want to get it off? All you need is warm water. Let your lashes live a long life, please.

BUY NOW – $18


nyx on the rise volume liftscare oil free mascara

Scared to take the plunge and get a lash lift? (Or not ready to spend all that $$? Because that’s fair, too.) NYX’s On the Rise Volume Liftscara will basically do the same thing, but for $11 and as long as a tube lasts. The brush is part hourglass, part round, so you’ll hit every lash with the oil-free formula and lift and lengthen with ease.

BUY NOW – $11

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What oil-free mascara do you prefer wearing? Tell us below!

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