Traveling? Here’s How To Pack Your Makeup and Skincare

The world is opening up, which means it’s time to travel with makeup and skincare products again!

The world is opening up, which means it’s time to travel with makeup and skincare products again! If it’s been awhile for you (same), you may have forgotten some of the rules. Or, you remember and are starting to panic. Have no fear! QUILL is here to remind you of exactly… well, HOW to pack your makeup and skincare for travel, plus tips and tricks should you really want that dry shampoo minus the aerosol.


3-1-1 Rule


Here’s the situation: you can travel with as many products that have containers which fit in a 1-quart bag, and each container must have 3.4 oz. of liquid or less. On top of this, you can only have one 1-quart bag in your carry-on.

Nope, only one loophole here (we’ll get to that) – you can’t have a bottle that can carry 9.8 oz., but is only full to the 3.4 oz. line. If the container is larger than 3.4 oz., it goes in a checked bag. And yes, this applies even if it can fit in that 1-quart bag, too!

Our Recommendations

Sure, you can buy travel-size products. But you can also fill any loose bottles you have with your makeup and skincare. For example, fill an empty pill bottle with your nighttime serum – you probably don’t need 3.4 oz. for a two-day trip, after all. Same goes for products like mouth-wash and nail polish remover – those pill bottles will save you!

If you don’t have pill bottles, there are plenty of small bottles you can buy online. Whether you’re looking for glass or plastic (doesn’t matter which, 3.4 oz. is 3.4 oz here), you’ll find them in every shape to fit even the oddest products.

If you’re traveling with someone else, find products you can share. Have different needs? Tetris your beauty products – it’s especially useful when one of you brings three 3.4-oz. three hair products, while the other brings two 1-oz. containers. My grandmother was the queen of this, and we call it Aurore-Vaeth-ing in my family when we’re fitting everything into as few bags as possible. Two one-quart bags? No problem.

Alternatives to Your Travel Bottles

Let’s say you’re going on a super long trip without access to dry shampoo (noooo), and one 3.4-oz. bottle of dry shampoo just isn’t enough. This is where alternative items can be total saviors. 

For example, Etsy is filled with dry shampoos in glass bottles… that aren’t aerosols. You simply sprinkle it on, let it absorb, tousle, and you’ve got refreshed roots. What about toothpaste? Try a sustainable brand, like Bite, which has chewable toothpaste that will last longer than a 3.4-oz. tube of toothpaste.

And finally, if you’re on a one-week business trip – look into whether or not your destination will have a store nearby that sells your favorite product, and skip the packing. If it doesn’t, check a small bag, which you can fill with all of your favorite makeup products and toiletries. It’ll lessen your stress and give you more room. This is especially great when you have a long trip and need hair products, liquid makeup, skincare, and more to last you awhile, and you don’t feel like shelling out every three days.

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There are plenty of options when it comes to traveling with makeup, all of which are convenient and affordable. How do you pack your makeup and skincare when you travel? Tell us in the comments!

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