11 Pastel Eyeshadow Palettes With Dream-Like Shades

I’m a pastel gal. I love light, muted colors – the ones that could scream, but whisper instead. It’s no surprise, then, that my makeup drawer is filled with pastel eyeshadow palettes.

I have hazel eyes, and while I love a deep green smokey eye, I also love putting on a mint and lavender combo and feeling like a delicate fairy. There’s something ethereal and dream-like about them, and I just can’t get enough. 

If you’re looking for a good eyeshadow palette filled with your favorite pastels, these will make you look like a muted, mysterious maven. (You know, aside from that whole pastel yellow and green thing.)


Profusion PASTEL

profusion cosmetics pastel eyeshadow palette

If you want a simple eyeshadow palette that mutes every color of the rainbow without dulling them down, this pastel palette is the one you’ve been dreaming of. Reviews say the highly-pigmented eyeshadow is easy to blend, so mix together any of the 10 shades for a unique, softened-rainbow look.

BUY NOW – $6

Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette

huda rose quartz eyeshadow palette

Huda’s Rose Quartz Eyeshadow palette has 18 shades, and their finishes are all over the place – can you say options? There are eight velvet mattes, three high-shine metallics, three soft-shine metallics, three shimmering shades (quartz-inspired, says Huda), and one “crushed stone” pearly glass hybrid. Shine like the gem you are.

BUY NOW – $67


melt cosmetics millennial pinx palette

I feel a little called out and a little seen by the name of this palette. Mainly: yep, that was our shade, and I’m shamelessly obsessed. You’ll find lots of pastel lights, as well as a few deeper shades to provide contrast – even a smokey eye, if need be. All but the rose-quartz “Mixed Emotions” eyeshadow are vegan, too.

BUY NOW – $58

Palette Beauté Des Yeux Floral Eyeshadow Palette

gucci flower inspired eyeshadow palette

Yes, it’s expensive, but what do you expect from a gorgeous, light eyeshadow palette from Gucci? For $149, you get 12 eyeshadows, and it’s impossible to argue with its high-pigmented high quality. Three metallic shades, two satin shades, and seven matte shades combine for a burst of non-neon brightness.

BUY NOW – $149

ULTA Pastel Skies Eye Shadow Palette

ULTA pastel skies eyeshadow palette

Ulta itself has created a mini pastel palette that will add a subtle hint of color to your lids. “Pastel Skies” is the right name – look up at twilight and you’ll see a combination of these colors dancing in the atmosphere. They’re also filled with avocado oil, helping to soothe puffiness and redness prior to application.

BUY NOW – $12

NOMAD X Tokyo Harajuku Palette

nomad x harajuku pastel eyeshadow palette

Mineral oil can be f*cking annoying, honestly, especially for sensitive eyes. NOMAD knew this, so they created an entire pastel eyeshadow palette without it – and it’s all cruelty-free and vegan. There are 10 high-pigmented pastels, plus five glittery toppers to add some fun. Camellia Japonica Oil helps to smooth at the same time.

BUY NOW – $39


LURELLA cosmetics pastel daydreamers eyeshadow palette

I’m not saying it’s the most appropriate name for a colorful pastel palette… but it’s kind of the perfect name to describe us Daydreamers. Five shimmers and five mattes come together beautifully: want a sleek spark? What about a muted Monet? Voila: Lurella gives you endless options. Names like Zen, Manifest, and Positive fit the vibe impeccably.

BUY NOW – $15

colourpop nine color eyeshadow collection

I love ColourPop, and it’s because of eyeshadow “palettes” like this one. Their Like Dynamite vault is a collection of their nine most vibrant-pastel shades, from white to teal to indigo. (And, yep, the white will show up, it’s that pigmented!) Four of the shades are classics, but ColourPop threw in five new shades to complete the collection.

BUY NOW – $45


KARA BEAUTY escape the ordinary pastel and neon eyeshadow palette

Come on, being normal is boring. Be the definition of unexpected with this eyeshadow palette, filled with pigmented pastels, pops, and pitch darks. But focusing on those lovely pastels! The mint “Memories Last” is a fun shade that blends with pastel “Take a Chance” lavender, while beige “Break Free” is a solid matte base for it all.

BUY NOW – $17.99

L.A. COLORS 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette

la colors pastel eyeshadow palette

Be a pastel princess through this 16-color palette. The eyeshadows range from a shimmery pearl white to a deeper, matte, satin indigo – with pastels including brown, yellow, and blue found in between, also in a mix of satin and shimmer finishes. Start with blending one or two, then level up to Queen of the Castle by combining multiple. 

BUY NOW – $5

Angelic Glow Highlighter and Eyeshadow Palette

RUDE cosmetics angelic glow eyeshadow and highlighter palette

Don’t be Rude, Angel! Or do, because this pastel eyeshadow palette is gorg, and I’m not here to judge you. Six super light, super shimmery shades come together, mixing the pastel pigments with flashy highlighter. The result: a glow around your eyes. Pull it together with a mascara that will lift lashes, and you’ve got the eyes you’ve always wanted.

BUY NOW – $15.67

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Do you like pastel eyeshadow palettes? Do you have a favorite? Share below!

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