8 Red Hair Dyes To Give You Strawberry Strands

It’s amazing what a little red hair dye can do for me, but, damn, it does it well.

I’ve become BFFs with red hair dye, thanks to years of coloring my hair. Sometimes screaming scarlet, somikuietimes a refined ruby, but always, always, vibrant red.tess with red hair, staring at camera

When I switched from red to blonde, I thought, “I’m never going back.” And I didn’t… until about a week ago, when I went through it and decided to reach for the scissors and red hair dye. (Come on, a little change never hurt anyone as much as it healed them, right? …Just me?)

Now, I feel more like myself – a little pop-punk rocker with a big personality and loud voice. It feels good. It feels right. It’s amazing what a little red hair dye can do for me, but, damn, it does it well.

If you’re tired of your blonde and brown, I highly recommend jumping on the red train. After years and years of trying different brands, these are the ones I’ve found work the best!


Feria Medium Auburn

feria intense auburn hair dye

Even though I had blonde highlights and a blonde ombre, this red didn’t over-penetrate. In fact, it turned into the nice, natural-looking auburn I was envisioning. I’ve always used Feria, because it breaks through brown, and I won’t stop using it anytime soon. It also smells heavenly, and it barely washes out in the shower – if at all. There’s a reason they say to only go red if you want it, because shit is HARD to get out.

BUY NOW – $26.21

Splat – Luscious Raspberry


Do. Not. Get. This. On. Your. Skin. Not because it’ll burn your epidermis off, but because it will not come off. Splat is known for its highly-pigmented, long-lasting hair dye, and this gorgeous red is no exception. However, it stains VERY easily, so don’t sleep with it wet if you’d like to have a nice pillow in the morning. And DEFINITELY don’t let it sit on top of a shirt after toweling off, because your nice yellow shirt? It’s red now. Sorry.

BUY NOW – $13.49

Anti Aging Permanent Liquid Hair Color with Vitamin E

agebeautiful medium red hair dye

Hair experiencing signs of aging, like dryness and straw-like strands? AGEbeautiful’s permanent medium red hair dye is filled with vitamin E, doing wonders to lifeless locks. In fact, it’s practically a 5-in-1! When you apply this dye, you’ll have salon-like results, like covering up grays – duh. On top of that, it’ll bring back volume, manageability, color, moisture, and shine. That damage doesn’t stand a chance against AGEbeautiful’s magic.

BUY NOW – $3.89

Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye, VERMILLION RED

punky vermillion red hair dye semi permanent and conditioning

It’s hard to believe that Punky is so under-the-radar, because their colors are gorgeous. I’m particularly fond of Vermillion Red – the deep color, infused with vegan keratin, is absolutely gorgeous, and it shows up on brunettes too! For those who hate applying every week, Punky’s dye lasts for approximately 35 washes, conditions while dyeing, and is vegan, cruelty-, and paraben-free.

BUY NOW – $8

ARCTIC FOX Semi-Permanent Hair Color  – POISON

ARCTIC fox poison red hair dye

Red hair is like poison in many ways – you keep going back to it, even though you know it will fade into a gross color and eventually make you dye your hair black (this is not personal, nope). But! Not the case here! POISON from Arctic Fox sticks around for a super long time, and the brand promises it will only fade into a lighter version of the color, rather than an awful salmon pink. You won’t find any animal-cruelty here, either.

BUY NOW – $18.49

Madison Reed Medium Cayenne Red – Savona Scarlet

WOMAN with afro with hair dyed using madison reed's savona scarlet red hair dye

Oooo baby, you’ve never looked hotter – just look at the name! Madison Reed’s Savona Scarlet, aka Medium Cayenne Red, will give you the red-hot flash you’ve been looking for. It’s cruelty- and ammonia-free, while also stuffed with yummy ingredients like argan oil to protect and and add shine, Panax ginseng root extract to promote growth, and hydrolyzed keratin to help smooth strands and tame frizz. 

BUY NOW – $25

7RR Intense Red Permanent Hair Dye

ion red hair color semi permanent

I used this when dip dyeing my ends, and it stuck around for quite awhile, unlike other reds that inevitably fade to salmon or orange. Plenty of tech goes into keeping the color there – ionic micro-pigmentation allows for color to seep and seal –  but there are also many ingredients that go into keeping your hair from drying out. Examples: argan oil to tame frizz, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and moisturizing Pequi oil. It’s also vegan and never tested on animals.

BUY NOW – $12.49


MANIC PANIC rock n roll red hair dye

It would be a sin to not include the iconic Manic Panic here. The OG love from emo kids and scene queens is still going strong (hello, it me), carrying dozens of colors to give you the hair you want. Feel good about yourself, too: it’s PETA-accredited and free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, and other ingredients that can be irritating to the scalp (because hair dye already is). There are many red shades, but I’m especially fond of Rock ‘N’ Roll Red.

BUY NOW – $9.82

bow and arrow

Which red hair dye is your favorite? Do you like more natural or bolder reds? Tell us in the comments!

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