These 10 Travel-Size Makeup Products Make Packing Easy

It’s tempting to put up with moving your makeup around, squeezing it into every little crevice of your suitcase and makeup bag while traveling. But I’m here to tell you: invest in creating a travel size makeup kit now. Yes, even if you have an all-in-one makeup kit — invest in mini makeup products!

Trust me, I get it — you love your MAC makeup, and they don’t have your fav in a travel size. It’s scary to give up your favs. Who has time to research and try out new makeup, then put together a kit when getting ready to travel?

Me. I do. You’re welcome.

If you’re about to get cramped for a trip, these travel size makeup products will make your life easy and, yes, work just as well as your favs.

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30

milk makeup SUNSHINE SKIN TINT spf 30 foundation

If you need a base, choose one that’s easy to control and has SPF in it – kill two birds with one stone, you know? Milk’s Sunshine Skin Tint has SPF 30, but 0 zinc, so you won’t dry out despite the dry air. Instead, it’s filled with hydrating grapeseed, avocado, mandarin, jojoba, and olive oils, as well as squalane to boost your natural moisture.

BUY NOW – $42

Secret Camouflage Correct and Brighten Concealer Duo Stick

laura mercier Secret Camouflage Correct and Brighten Concealer Duo Stick

Laura Mercier comes in clutch, having created a concealer to make last-minute coverups easy. On the Camouflage Correct side, cover up zits, dark spots, and other blemishes; on the Brighten side, take care of dark under eye circles (use an under eye primer first!). Plant-derived squalane hydrates; Laura also included blurring powders and pearls and plant extracts to help blur and brighten.

BUY NOW – $32


Uoma double take contour stick with bronzer and highlighter

This double product will make others do a… double take. Yeah, I went there. The contouring Sculpt melts into your skin, allowing for easy, natural application – but it still creates a jawline that could kill. Spin it and follow up with Strobe to give you a glow that radiates, and you have a perfectly-contoured face with one small product.

BUY NOW – $40

Cheekslime Blush + Lip Tint with Plant Collagen

Freck Beauty
Cheekslime Blush + Lip Tint with Plant Collagen

Don’t pack a lip color and blush – who has room for that on a tiny airplane or train ride? Instead, use a cheek-lip tint! We recommend Cheekslime from LGBTQ+-owned Freck, which has elasticity-encouraging plant collagen, brightening carrot root and ginger root extracts, and hydrating glycerin infused in the formula. There are four pigments, so every skin tone has an option that stands out (or remains subtle yet flattering — it’s buildable!).

BUY NOW – $22

Supernatural Stick Highlighter

well people supernatural multi use highlighter

UOMA’s Double Take is great, but if you have room for one more product, bring a small highlighter along to apply anywhere, anytime. W3LL PEOPLE’s highlighter also nourishes your skin using jojoba oil, green tea, and olive oil for a dewy glow. Use one swipe for subtlety, or build up to disco-ball-status – ideal when you only have one product to take you from meeting rooms to rooftops.

BUY NOW – $22

Eyebrow & Eyeliner Compact

You can use a double-sided pencil, but why not go the extra mile for a compact that gives you options? (Plus, compacts are great for Tetris.) Use the angled brush for a quick shaping, then sponge and brush on pigments to give you your desired color using the three shades. It also comes with a spoolie to brush it out, so you have voluminous, natural brows in one small container, rather than three colors and a separate spoolie you can’t seem to locate.

BUY NOW – $70


When I can’t put anything else on, mascara is my go-to. It opens my eyes, gives me a little drama, and indicates that I put some effort into an early morning. Mascara 101 is just as good as Better Than Sex, and it comes in a mini container that fits in the corner of your makeup bag or clutch – perfect for both plane and presentation touch-ups.

BUY NOW – $16

dark rum perfume oil.

Malin and goetz dark rum natural perfume oil roll on travel size

You know how sitting for hours can give you a weird smell? Yeah, it’s kind of gross to be sharing air with hundreds of strangers, all of whom smell different. This perfume oil rolls on flawlessly, giving hints of rum mixed with leather and creamy milk. Carry it everywhere, and pull it out during that straight-to-the-presentation Uber ride.

BUY NOW – $32


haus labs casa gaga tanti baci mini lipstick collection of five

Different events call for different shades of lipstick, but bringing multiple large containers for only a tiny bit of pigment is irrational. HAUS gives you five mini lipsticks ranging from taupe to scarlet, and they barely take up space in your makeup bag (if you don’t use the one that’s included!). If you realllllly don’t have room, you can still pick your top two that will transition you from dressed-down suit to dressed-up cocktail gown.

BUY NOW – $52.08

Clear Toiletry Bag

Rough Enough Clear Toiletry Bag Makeup

There is nothing more frustrating than having to pull out 20 items from a makeup bag to find that one damn product. Stop seeing red and choose a cosmetic bag that’s clear (which are currently super trendy), giving you the ability to see exactly where your mascara is hiding. Your seat neighbor will appreciate you not using the entire table during your search.

BUY NOW – $28.12

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What mini makeup products do you have in your personal travel kit? Tips for making it easier to pack? Share your secrets with us in the comments!

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15 Gifts Your Makeup-Loving Mom Will Thank You For

No matter how your mom identifies, if they love makeup, it’s a no-brainer to gift them something that makes them feel beautiful this Mother’s Day! While every mom has their own preference when it comes to colors and finishes, we’ve put together a list of 15 makeup gifts that will fit most wish lists. Get ready to pull out the credit card – you won’t be able to resist surprising them with these quality products.

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation

4-in-1 foundation from pur

PUR’s 4-in-1 foundation takes care of every skin woe they may have. Waltheria extract is infused to help even out skin tone, while shea butter totally nourishes and vitamin E hydrates and protects. The magic ingredient: PUR’s proprietary Ceretin complex, which consists of retinol, lactic acid, shea butter, and ceramides to rejuvenate skin without irritation, plus fight signs of aging. (Not that they’re aging, of course.)

BUY NOW – $25.08

Built to Lash Lengthening Vegan Mascara

Built to Lash Lengthening Vegan Mascara

If mom prefers to be casual with their mascara, but still wants to rock elongated lashes without touch-ups, nothing beats Built to Lash. At a ridiculously affordable price below $10, they’ll love the buildable mascara that brings oomph to their lashes without looking like spider legs. The secret: a formula that includes gentle, plant-based ingredients, like bayberry fruit and vegan rose waxes for hold without crunch. Apply one coat for a low-key glam look, or 2+ coats to bring the drama to their next work party.

BUY NOW – $9.80

Crayon Eyeliner

dior crayon eyeliner pencil

I’ve always been a pencil gal, and Dior’s Crayon Eyeliner in Trinidad Black (aka jet black) goes on smooth and stays on for a long time. Depending on your mom’s preference, there’s brown, black, and navy to choose from, and at the end is a sponge to help smudge lines into a smokey look (or hide any mistakes). Ingredients include softening jojoba seed oil and vitamin E for reparation, hydration, and strengthening.

BUY NOW – $30

Unisex Nail Polish

now nail polish in cosmic confetti

Your mom is the life of the party always, are they not? Exactly. So, celebrate their fun personality with nail polish that matches it! NOW Nail Polish was founded by a past feature of ours, NOH8 Campaign co-founder Jeff Parshley (whom we also featured alongside Johnny Kritsberg), and unlike other “gender-neutral” nail polish brands mainly geared toward men, the brand is truly unisex. Who doesn’t love rocking confetti on their fingers, hm?

BUY NOW – $12

MAC Lipstick

mac matte lipstick in russian red

MAC is the classic, with tons of color choices in a variety of finishes. My personal favorites are the purple Heroine and classic Russian Red, but you really can’t go wrong with any shade. It’s a full-coverage lipstick, so if mom is more into sheers, you’ll want to stay away from this lipstick (which is what blew MAC up in the first place). But if they’re fierce and fans of a bold pucker, they’ll love the soft, cushion-y feel of this formula.

BUY NOW – $21

5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow Palette

dior five shadow palette

A classy mom needs a classy shadow, so treat them to one that has “Couture” in the name. Dior’s 5 Couleurs palette comes in multiple collections, from dark neutrals to blues to pinks, so mom can have the eyeshadow look she desires. Each shadow is infused with soothing aloe and smoothing and softening pine oil, so not only will their lids be super pigmented, but they’ll feel comfy, too.

BUY NOW – $52.70

Hydro Grip Hydrating Makeup Primer

hydro grip makeup primer from milk

Primer is important to keep makeup on all day, and if your mom is busy like mine, then you know they need one. Milk’s primer is a gel filled with good ingredients that create the perfect foundation for their look: niacinamide and aloe to give a healthy dose of hydration and lock in moisture, hyaluronic acid and hemp-derived cannabis seed extract to smooth any rough spots, and blue agave extract to ~grip~ onto that makeup and Titanic it (“I’ll never let go,” remember? No, I’m not funny, I know).

BUY NOW – $18+

Continuous Correction™ CC Cream SPF 50+

dermablend cc cream with spf

Before we jump into this CC cream, let’s go over what it is: a powerhouse, basically. CC creams do it all, helping to protect from sun damage, act as a foundation and concealer, and moisturize all at once. DermaBlend’s CC cream is full-coverage, acting like a true foundation, but it still treats your skin with a blend of antioxidants from ingredients like caffeine and the terpenoids in the Baikal skullcap root extract (used most commonly in Chinese and Korean medicine).

BUY NOW – $39

Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel

benefit gimme brow+ volumizing eyebrow gel

Bushy eyebrows are in, though we all know that overplucking was a big thing pre 2010’s and some eyebrows just… haven’t recovered. Enter: Benefit Cosmetics, whose Gimme Brow gel will volumize and add pigment to eyebrows. The ~benefit~: there are 10 shades to choose from, including an auburn, so you can find one that doesn’t create overdrawn brows. The tapered brush is what gives this gel its edge – it’s (almost) impossible for them to mess up.

BUY NOW – $24

Supernatural Stick Multi-Use Blush

w3ll people blush lip tint

Let them breeze through their routine by gifting them W3LL PEOPLE’s multi-use blush, a total steal at $22 for a 2-in-1. It’s super convenient, coming in its stick format, so they can throw it in their pockets or bags and then apply anywhere. They’ll also love the soothing, plant-based ingredients, notably: jojoba oil to lock in moisture, sunflower seed oil to hydrate, and green tea to protect from free radicals. 

BUY NOW – $22

Tinted Lip Balm

honest beauty lip balm tint

If they aren’t the lipstick type, which, fair, they’re probably still a lip balm person. If (read: since) that’s the case, they’ll appreciate Honest’s smooth and softening tinted lip balm, which comes in seven shade options (including a clear option). The two star ingredients: Açai extract, which is bursting with protective antioxidants, and avocado oil, which moisturizes to the nth degree. They’ll have the softest lips and a bitten-lip-esque tint.

BUY NOW – $8.99

Clay Play Face Shaping Palette II

all in one face palette with clay from tarte

For the mom who’s constantly on-the-go, carrying around a bunch of products just isn’t an option. That’s why they’ll be grateful for tarte’s all-in-one face palette — one of our personal favorites! tarte’s palette includes 12 powders, which you can use as highlighter, bronzer, blush, and eyeshadow. Whether they want to shimmer or stay matte, there are options here. The ingredients are also great: Amazonian clay absorbs excess oil, mineral pigments soothe and soften, and vanilla extract fights aging.

BUY NOW – $45

Elite Mirror Oval 7

artis Elite Mirror Oval 7 beauty gift for mom

I know that, for my tardive dyskinesia, I need something to hold onto that curves. That’s why I’m so grateful to Artis for this creation… and if your mom struggles with the same thing, they’ll also appreciate the accessible gift that is this makeup brush. It’s been lauded for its ability to apply all face products with ease, thanks to a solid grip and soft bristles that grip onto both powders and liquids. Get ready for a flawless finish when applying that DermaBlend CC cream.

BUY NOW – $75


ck one gender neutral fragrance

Chances are, your mom already has a signature scent. But who says you can’t wear more than one perfume, hm? Tell your mom to try out Calvin Klein’s CK One, a unisex perfume that doesn’t lean toward masculine or feminine – perfect for neutrality, or for when they want to share with a partner who doesn’t like gendered fragrances. It’s affordable, with 1.6 oz. costing $58 – not bad at all for a scent meant for everyone.

BUY NOW – $58+

Best Mom Ever Makeup Bag

best mom ever makeup bag

Awww, we all know mom will love this reminder. Every makeup lover needs a makeup bag to carry around their products in (when they have space to, of course… but we all know they’ll make space). Instead of following the trends, give them a makeup bag that reminds them that they’re your mom, sure, but the best mom, too. The flowers are a gorgeous finish to the canvas bag, which measures 26” x 14” – a perfect size for the necessities.

BUY NOW – $10.99

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Which makeup gifts will you be getting for your mom for Mother’s Day? Tell us below!

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Three Must-Have Makeup Products For A Beach Day

If you follow any beauty videos on social media, I’m sure you’ve read comments like “that’s why you take them swimming on the first date!” Although this not-so-funny type of response is usually shot down by the beauty gurus and their beautiful armies, it inspired me to sit down and write this article. How about that for silver linings? 

Living on a sailboat allows me to live almost as one with water. One minute, I’m bone dry; the next, I’m 10 feet under the water chasing after a fish to film for our YouTube Channel. Although I personally try my best to keep my face clear of makeup for those instances, I have found a few tried and true products for all you salty babes looking to enjoy the beach and look fab this summer.


Tinted Sunscreen Foundation

beauty by earth tinted sunscreen for face spf 20

Sunscreen is important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. What I really like about Beauty by Earth’s moisturizer is that it doesn’t feel greasy, going on like a regular foundation for a non-cakey finish. A little goes a long way, and one tube has lasted me well over 6 months now! My only gripe with this company is that their shade range is pathetic — it is literally 3 tones. HOWEVER, for those dark skinned babes, I have found an alternative that is comparable for your consideration: check out this Neutrogena tinted moisturizer, which has SPF 20!

Other Options

Waterproof Mascara

colossal mascara beach-proof makeup

Although my usual mascara is Elate Beauty’s black option (I know, it’s not 4+ stars, so don’t tell Tess), it doesn’t hold up well in the water — much like most mineral-based mascaras. If you have little lashes that could benefit from a little boost, Maybelline’s waterproof mascara is by far one of my favorite beach-proof makeup products. It doesn’t totally clump your lashes, and leaves them looking soft and defined all day – in and out of the water.

Other Options

Neutral Palette

houliy nude eyeshadow palette

Going for full glam at the beach? There’s no harm in looking fabulous! As a sailor,  I can appreciate something that serves more than one purpose. Although this makeup palette is marketed as eyeshadow, I’d be dragged to Davy Jones locker if I told you I hadn’t used it as a blush, highlighter, and contour for beach days.

Other Options

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So, swimming on the first date? F*CK YEAH. What makeup can you not live without during beach trips? Tell us in the comments!

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Hide A Hangover With These Super Useful Makeup Tips And Products

Welcome! You’ve made it past the holiday weekend. And with that, I’m sure you have a gnarly hangover – and work either today or tomorrow.

Sound like you? I’m here to help. The answer to hiding that headache: hangover makeup. Aka, ways to brighten up your face and make you look… well, alive.

Here are the tips and tricks you need to use makeup to hide your hangover. A preview: put down that foundation and full-coverage concealer.


We all know hangovers and dehydration mess with our usual skin tone, making it harder to match sheer coverage with our skin.

Utilize concealer colors that will battle your exact ailments. Use a green concealer to hide redness and lilacs to get rid of that yellow.

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A post shared by Alicia D. (@aliciayvettemakeupartist)

Now, using a full-coverage foundation sounds tempting, because you want to hide that dry, uneven skin and dark under eye circles. 

Don’t do it!

These full-coverage foundations will only amplify the fact that you’re dehydrated. It’s the complete opposite of what you want! Instead, go for a medium-coverage concealer in spots that are especially rough after applying the colored concealer. 

Next part of the hangover makeup: eyes.

Again, you want to cover your dark circles and puffiness, so you’re reaching for the smokey eye. Nope, wrong move, my love. Neutrals are where it’s at instead, similar to using concealer rather than foundation.

Try to put it on as if you’re looking to make your skin look natural, not like you have natural makeup on. The goal is to neutralize – you don’t want to make it obvious that this makeup is hiding a hangover. (It’ll still be a liiiiitle obvious you have a hangover, but not as bold as walking in makeup-free.)

For mascara, you can go with black, but we recommend brown. Don’t let it clump, and don’t let it look like falsies! You want some lift, but not enough that it looks like you’re still wearing remnants of the holidays’ look. If possible, use a curler lightly before you put on the mascara. And skip the bottom lashes – use a clear mascara instead if you really want something. 

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A post shared by 𝐃𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚 𝐈𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐞 | 𝐇𝐌𝐔𝐀 (@daniellamakeuphair)

You hear all about using white liner to open and brighten the eyes, because it mimics the whites of your eyes. This is true, but white makeup can wash out the dehydrated face and bring attention to the red. Instead, go with a flesh-colored eyeliner. It doesn’t bring attention to your eyes – it simply neutralizes. And again, hangover makeup is all about neutralizing.

Finally, add a little life to your face on top of the color-correcting.


A cheek-lip tint is usually a little more subtle than a blush AND a lip stain, but still effective in adding a glow. 

If you go with matte concealing products, add a little bit of faux hydration. Then, seal your hangover’s god-sent makeup look with a setting spray. 

QUILL’s Product Recs

Now that you know the deets on how to hide that hangover, we’re got the products you need. From NOTO Botanics’ lip-cheek stain to NYX’s setting spray to Milk’s Hydro Grip Primer, we’ve got every step covered.

And there you have it: makeup that will hide your mind-blowing hangover! Head to the office in total confidence that no one will tell you haven’t slept all weekend. And keep in mind: everyone else is doing the same. No one will call you out as long as you hide it well enough and get your work done. We all have to let loose every now and then, right?

And welcome to the day after!

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What are your hangover makeup tips? Any products you recommend? Share your secrets in the comments!

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Here’s How To Rock Monochromatic Makeup Looks

Monochromatic makeup looks can be hard to pull off, which is exactly why I’ve always been too intimidated to try it out. What happens if I look like a clown? Or my skin is just… ick in multiple shades of the same color? So, instead, I’ve done exactly what they say NOT to do: wear dramatic eyes with red lipstick. 

Sue me. Green is scary.

But as a beauty editor, it’s important to learn about the things that make you want to hide. So today, I’m explaining how to wear monochromatic makeup and not look absolutely ridiculous, no matter your color choice. And spoiler: it’s a LOT easier than you (cough, I) think!


How Monochromatic Makeup Became Popular

Monochromatic makeup became popular in 2021. Makeup artists have been doing monochromatic makeup looks for longer than 2021, sure, but when you have celebs like Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Priyanka Chopra doing something, trends tend to explode. And ‘twas the case in 2021, though with more bronze and gold looks than out-there, loud-and-proud color matching.

It’s super simplistic – you put one color on your face, and you have makeup sections across the board (aka your face) that complement one another. There’s no deciding whether your gold lip gloss goes with your blue eyeshadow when one color just works together. So, it can be a no-brainer when deciding on what to do or how to dress up.

How to Wear Monochromatic Makeup

Pulling off monochromatic makeup is super easy when it comes to neutrals – swipe on some bronzer, or some gold, or some beige/brown, and you have a tan complexion, which is in for spring of 2022. It’s also great when wearing crazy patterns, since you don’t want your face to battle with a statement outfit. Not only are you staying neutral, but you’re pulling off another trend at the same time – can you say in?

But if you’re feeling bold, it’s possible to go a little wild with your makeup. For example, try wearing a blue-tinted lip gloss with blue eyeshadow and blue eyeliner. Or, create a smokey eye using purple tones, then swipe on a lilac highlighter. Pink can be neutral, but why be that when you can go neon? And if you want to feel #Fierce, try matching your makeup to your outfit, like Rihanna.

One way to make pulling off monochromatic makeup easy: finding multi-use products. That way, you have one color that goes on everywhere, so there’s no mixing and matching colors and hoping that the orange tint in your bronzer doesn’t clash with the blue tint in your lipstick.

Monochromatic Makeup Products

Universal Gloss

MONOCHROMATIC MAKEUP product fluide universal gloss in marz

I own Fluide’s Universal Gloss, and I’m obsessed with it. I pop it on my cheeks, my lips, and my lids, and I have a rosy flush that gives me life – even on days I’ve woken up at 5 am to work. I have it in Roxy (thank you Laura!), but I also love the fiery color that is Marz, because who says you can’t wear deep red on your lids? Fight the rules, Fluide, it’s what you do best.

BUY NOW – $15

Supernatural Stick Bronzer

W3LL PEOPLE supernatural bronzer stick for dark monochromatic makeup

Give yourself a tan touch, a chocolate-y chisel, or a shimmering sable with W3LL People’s Supernatural Bronzer Stick. Coming in four shades, you can choose how deep you want your bronze to be, using it wherever you’d like. It’s packed with hydrating jojoba oil, vitamin-filled sunflower seed oil to retain moisture, and green tea to protect against free radicals.

BUY NOW – $22


SUSTAIN Face Palette cheekbone

Cheekbone made a palette specifically for your entire face, and you can pick from shades of brown to give your face depth. OR, you can choose one color and use it anywhere you’d like for a fully monochromatic face. Whether you’re feeling a deep bronze or a trace of beige, there are multiple palettes available to give you the monochromatic look you’re aiming for.

BUY NOW – $30.68


em cosmetics pangea bronzer and sculpt deep brown stick

I love Pangea for many reasons, but mostly because it makes the choices for the Bronze + Sculpt stick so inclusive. There isn’t just a light tan – there’s a deep, “decadent cacao with neutral to slightly cool undertones” so every skin tone has a chance to deepen, not just those with porcelain skin. It’s filled with squalane and vitamin E to hydrate and protect, with a creamy texture that glides right on.

BUY NOW – $30


noto botanics glow gold highlighter

Glow, baby, glow. While I of course love the gold in this – and it’s GOLD, not just a subtle glow of gold – my favorite part is the ingredients, which are there to totally nourish the skin anywhere you apply it. Say hello to fatty-acid- and antioxidant-filled olive oil, the antimicrobial coconut, hydrating jojoba and rosehip seed oils, healing vitamin E, and anti-inflammatory neem seed oil… among a bunch of other ingredients that will love up on your skin.

BUY NOW – $19

Metamorphic Highlighter (The Chimera)

RITUEL DE FILLE green highlighter for monochromatic makeup looks

Don’t be afraid of green! I know concealer is green to hide redness, but green should be celebrated for what it is, not just what it can hide. Rituel de Fille’s Metamorphic Highlighter is perfect for eyelids, thanks to the strong pigment; lips, because lime is a nice tint on top of neutral puckers; and cheeks, which will light up like never before with a fun color mixed with glitter.

BUY NOW – $32

Holographic Stick

milk holographic highlighter stick in neutral

milk holographic stick in lavender

I’m obsessed with anything holographic, so I had to include both of Milk’s tones. The first is more neutral – still holographic, but it goes on beige, so it’s not as out there unless you catch the light. The lavender, on the other hand? Wear it if you want everyone to know you’re wearing highlighter without light, because, yeah, everyone is going to notice.

BUY NOW – $21

Face Highlighter Palette Kit

foil highlighter for full face in nude pink for monochromatic makeup look

This highlighter looks like foil, but it’s simply super glittery, giving you a glow that can’t be beat. I wanted to include one that wasn’t a stick or cream, because I want to prove that you can still have a monochromatic look without a heavy hand. The nude pink comes through with a non-oily shine, and it’s buildable – something a few other options here are missing. Sheer or statement, it’s up to you.

BUY NOW – $14.89

Biodegradable Holographic Body Glitter Gel

unicorn snot biodegradable glitter gel

Unicorn Snot has made it, obvs. So you don’t want color, you just want glitter? A goddamn unicorn sneezed, and the result is meant for your entire face (and body). I personally love Unicorn Snot because it’s the most glitter-y of the bunch, and the gel will ensure that it stays on all day. Plus, the glitter is vegan, cruelty-free, and biodegradable, so you can feel totally ethical.

BUY NOW – $15.99

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Do you like monochromatic makeup looks, or are you more into mixing and matching colors? Tell us below!

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Leaping Bunny Certified: Here’s What It Means

I’m a fan of anything against animal testing, and I know this is crucial to many people when looking for cosmetics. But with so many different words – “clean,” “vegan,” “cruelty-free” – and not a clear definition, it’s understandable if you’re still a little lost. So, here are the deets on being Leaping Bunny Certified, why it matters, plus some of our favorite Leaping Bunny products from brands we love.

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


What Is the Leaping Bunny Certification?

The Leaping Bunny certification was created by eight animal-protection organizations who were sick of confusing “clean” labels. Founded in 1996, as the craze for “cruelty-free” cosmetics began, these groups formed the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CICC), which then created the Leaping Bunny standards.

What Does Leaping Bunny Certified Mean?

Leaping Bunny Certified brands are given a single logo that is internationally recognized for what it stands for:

  • The brand does not test or use third-party testing/labs to test their products on animals – not one. single. ingredient.
  • The brand does not use ingredients, formulas, or any products used by a company/lab that tests on animals after the company’s fixed cut-off date – aka, a date when the company is supposed to stop testing anything on animals, should they have been doing so previously.
  • The brand must implement a supplier system which proves they have had ZERO involvement in animal testing, directly and/or indirectly. There are two ways to do that if they make their products from scratch:
    • Obtain Declarations of Raw Material Compliance and Product Compliance once a year from all parties the company works with; this ensures that no portion of the formulation pipeline has any involvement in animal testing, and it helps to hold those skirting the rules accountable.
    • OR they can add in a stipulation to their Purchase Orders; if a portion of the pipeline tests on animals in any way, they may not work with the Leaping Bunny Certified company.
  • On top of this, companies that sell finished products – products already made and simply sold in the store – must receive a Declaration of Product Compliance confirming that there was no testing on any animals during any part of the creation and transmission process, and the third party manufacturers must have a Declaration of Raw Material Compliance on file from the supplier that they have complied.
  • Doesn’t matter if it’s not in the country: brands will not allow animal testing anywhere, and they must submit proof to the CICC that they included a contract addendum stating that the foreign country will not test on their products.
  • An Application for Approval to the CICC must be kept on file.
  • The company must plan on resubmitting the application each year, and may have to submit its Supplier Monitoring System for an independent audit (with the auditor chosen by the CICC or company based on the brand’s gross annual sales).

Can You Skip Being Leaping Bunny Certified?

There are loopholes in every country in which a cosmetics company may test their products on animals – say, if there’s a health problem that could potentially be triggered, therefore requiring animal testing – so being Leaping Bunny Certified means a brand is willing to go past what’s allowed to stop animal testing entirely.

So, yeah, there’s a lot that goes into being Leaping Bunny Certified. But brands who work hard to meet these standards – especially small brands – gain global recognition by animal groups and consumers for their diligence in stopping animal testing. There are currently more than 2,000 Leaping Bunny Certified cosmetics brands, which sounds like a lot…but look at the list, and most of your favorite brands are probably missing.

If you want to see which brands are Leaping Bunny Certified, you can check out the website and go through their shopping guide, which also indicates the cruelty standards of parents companies. These are our favorite products, all from brands that are Leaping Bunny Certified, if you need a place to get started.




Which brands do you love that are Leaping Bunny certified? Any you want to see make the commitment? Tell us below!

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Beauty Makeup

These 10 Gold Makeup Pieces Will Make You Glow

I love a good smokey eye. I was all about the black, grey, and stark white. It was my shit. Add in a dark contour and deep red lipstick, and I was good to go everywhere, every day. None of that bronze, brown, and gold makeup. It was all about being dark and mysterious.

Until I was told my makeup looked way too blue and dark and contrasted with my pale skin. Was I offended? Absolutely. But did I know it was time for a change? Yup.

So I switched to neutral, tinted gold makeup instead to make a point – my smokey eyes were fine.

But bronzes, deep browns, nudes, with flashes of glittery gold – those have became the staples in my makeup drawers. With my vampire-light skin, it flatters me better than the jet blacks and blue-greys I wore regularly.

And yes, the key to it all: that gold. That metallic, shimmery gold has changed the makeup-game like no other, bringing out my hazel eyes and subtly highlighting the few bronze spots I have from summers. I have never looked better.

If you’re looking for a change from your standard smokey eye and bright red blush – for example, at 2 pm on a Monday – gold makeup might be the way to go. These are my favorite pieces!

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!


gold eyeshadow palette makeup

Oh, honey! Yes, gold usually shimmers, which is why this palette has four glittery options. But it also comes with five matte shades to give you solid bases, a little subtlety, or simply some fun without worrying about flaking. The shades go on silky, then dry into a powder, but the high-pigmented color will stay put all day.

BUY NOW – $14

Universal Liner

fluide gold universal eyeliner

Why was there ever the term “guy-liner?” Why wasn’t it just… eyeliner? I digress. Fluide disagrees with gender stereotypes and calls this their Universal Liner, coming in eight sparkly colors. For a gold glint, we recommend scooping up Pyrite. The brush is fine, so you can apply the lines as precisely as you’d like. Geometric shapes are encouraged!

BUY NOW – $15


noto botanics highlighter stick

Cheeks? Check. Lips? Check. Collarbones? Check. Your entire face? 100000%. NOTO’s Gold Glow Stick is a highlighter meant to highlight… well, everywhere. The color doesn’t dry out your skin or clog pores, though, thanks to high-quality ingredients – think hydrating olive fruit oil, nourishing shea butter, and softening and healing vitamin E. And the mica? It’s fair-trade.

BUY NOW – $19

Lip Gloss

GLOSSIER gold lip gloss

I hate when you use a lip gloss and it’s goopy. Or, it dries out after 0.5 seconds, and suddenly you have a weird, crusty shine. Glossier said “no way” to this, and instead infused their four shades of lip gloss with the softening and protecting vitamin E, plus a healthy dose of jojoba oil to keep your lips hydrated the whole time without slime.

BUY NOW – $14

BlitzTrance™ Lipstick

pat mcgrath blitztrance lipstick in gold

Cue Bruno Mars 24K Gold… but really. The BlitzTrance Lipstick is bold and bright, giving you a glittery, high-pigmented pout. It has reflective pearls in it to give it its shimmer, while also having an assortment of waxes to help it glide on and condition. Finally, Brazil nut oil comes in to moisturize. A bold lipstick that doesn’t dry you out? Uh, yes please.

BUY NOW – $38


honest vibeliner pencil in gold

You want an eyeliner pencil that delivers without harsh ingredients? You can thank Honest for their Eyeliner Pencil in Divine gold. Instead of parabens and phthalates, the ingredients are good and nourishing. Examples: mango seed oil and jojoba oil hydrate and fight irritation, while meadowfoam seed oil stops aging and protects from free radicals.

BUY NOW – $12.99

Shadow Crayon

tretique shadow crayon in gold

We love eyeshadow sticks, and of course we included trestique’s. Their eyeshadow crayon does double duty, working to add a gold glimmer to your lids while also coming with a blending brush on the opposite end. Never worry about creasing or fading, feel good about being zero-waste, and layer with other eyeshadow crayons for a gorgeous look.

BUY NOW – $24

Fractal Glitter Brow

gold fractal glitter brow gel

Halsey was the Tumblr queen thanks to her use of glitter brows, so it’s only natural that she included glitter brow mascara in her Fractal Glitter collection. Swipe on the gold for a subtle shine that lasts all day and will never feel sticky or flake. You won’t find phthalates, gluten, parabens, or synthetic fragrances here, and the formula is also cruelty-free.

BUY NOW – $21

Biodegradable Glitter

fluide biodegradable glitter

We’re including Fluide again because they sell straight. up. glitter. But the best part? It’s biodegradable glitter! Instead of contributing microplastics to the world, you’ll wash off Microcrystalline cellulose, glycerin, water, and Polyurethane-33. Dab on some of Fluide’s lip gloss wherever you’d like the glitter, then wear for as long as you’d like.


BUY NOW – $12

Curlsmith Hair Makeup – Gold

curlsmith gold hair makeup

Don’t forget your hair – it deserves to be (treated like) gold, too! Curlsmith saw the beauty landscape filled with spray-on hair colors for straight hair and thought, “nah, we can do better…” So they did. Filled with mica pearls that show up on dark, curly hair, the gel formula holds curls in place without making them crunchy. Wash out with shampoo, and you’re back to brunette.

BUY NOW – $19.99

bow and arrow

Are you going to start wearing gold makeup? Which way are you going to wear it? Tell us in the comments!

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Beauty Hair

10 Hair Travel Kits To Take On Every Trip

If you don’t have a hair travel kit, first of all: who are you?

No matter what, I always bring my hair travel kit with me to take care of grease, scalp issues, frizz, and general hair woes that need fixing on the fly. Mini hairspray, dry shampoo, combs, anti-frizz wipes – all in my arsenal.

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But eventually, I needed smaller products, like mini flat irons and hair dryers. And while I could collect my own, I invested in a few pre-packed hair travel kits. And let me tell you: it was so. worth it. 

If you haven’t begun to put together your own hair travel kit, I highly recommend – as do many others! – these 10.

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!



If you’re going away for a few days and will need some different looks, then Foxy Bae’s Mini Travel Kit has the three hair-styling essentials that you’ll need. Their hair dryer has three different speeds, so you’re not relying on one slow option to get the job done; at the same time, the flat iron and curling wand use the brand’s Rose Gold Tourmaline which keeps hair healthy and lasting throughout the entire trip.

BUY NOW – $159.95


gemz shampoo and conditioner packets set of 50

GEMZ’s Bestsellers kit is packed with their bestsellers – like, 50 packs of shampoo and conditioner of various types. For example, you’ll find four Touchably Soft and seven Up All Night shampoos, and seven Light As Air and 10 Anti-Frizz conditioners. They’re single-use packets, so you’re not lugging around bottles and counting how many ounces you’ve poured into mini containers.

BUY NOW – $39.99


colorwow vacation hair care kit for frizzy hair

Color Wow takes a full hair routine and shrinks it down into a travel size kit, so you can have every step necessary in one small pouch. Start with their shampoo, move on to a detangling conditioner, smooth with a spray, give texture with the finishing spray, and lock in shine and softness with a blend of oil and serum. The products are totally clean, formulated without sulfates, essential oils, dyes, or citrus.

BUY NOW – $40.50

Quench & Shine Trial & Travel Essentials

colleen rothschild quench and shine trial and travel bundle

Whether you’re trying out this brand for the first time, or have fallen in love with them and need to bring them everywhere, this travel kit is exactly what you want. The entire kit loves up on your locks, from the moringa-oil- and shea-butter-filled shampoo, to its strengthening neem-oil- and hibiscus-oil- goodness, and finishing ultra-hydrating styling cream. Bonus: a scrunchie that secures and absorbs without stressing.

BUY NOW – $54

Ethique Hair Sampler

ethique hair sampler kit

Ethique’s sampler, with three shampoo and two conditioner bars, gives you the best treatment in one little $20 box. Try the Frizz Wrangler to smooth flyaways, the Heali Kiwi to treat the scalp with an assortment of oils, and Saint Clements to manage excess oil, then follow up with the two conditioner bars: The Guardian is perfect for dry, damaged, TLC-needing hair, while the Wonderbar softens oily hair without adding grease.

BUY NOW – $20

CHI Essentials Hair Travel Kit

chi essentials travel hair set

Why do so many travel kits forget a brush? While not hard to find, the lack of convenience can be a liiiiittle frustrating. CHI noted this and decided to change the game by including a mini brush in their kit, fully owning the word “essentials.” Aside from a mini brush, you’ll find a travel size hair dryer, a ¾” flat iron, and a spray to help protect your hair from heat and keep it in place – all in one thermal travel bag.

BUY NOW – $109.98

SEEN Travel Trio, Fragrance Free

seen fragrance free mini kit

I’ve included SEEN in many of my hair product articles, but especially those that mention fragrance-free options (like this shampoo and this conditioner). Naturally, I had to include the fact that these fragrance-free options come in mini sizes! But the kit isn’t just a duo of shampoo and conditioner – it’s a trio, with a fragrance-free leave-in creme included, too. Smell like nothing and look absolutely fab at the same time.

BUY NOW – $29

Complete Hair Mini Bundle

YOUNG king hair care complete hair mini bundle with seven products

Some kits just don’t work for hair types that are curly or (especially) coily. Young King is fighting back against this with their products, including this seven-piece travel kit to give your curls the care they deserve. At your fingertips, you’ll have shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, essential oils, pomade, curling cream, and mousse. 3A to 4C hair, rejoice: there’s something for you, now.

BUY NOW – $40

Curls of My Life Curly Hair Travel Kit

better not younger curly hair travel kit

If you have a quick trip and need to lift your curls for a short 24 hours, Better – Not Younger will give you the best “Curls Of [Your] Life” with four crucial products. The shampoo has ingredients like scalp-supporting vitamin B and softening and shining argan oil; the conditioner is fed with smoothing aloe vera and a nourishing kelp/rice/spirulina blend; the revival boost spray has honey to help hold shape; and the butter masque is a treat, with a plant-based butter blend and biotin.

BUY NOW – $29


Colorwow quick frizz fixes hair travel kit

Color Wow comes in at the very end as one final addition to the curl-savers travel kit list. I don’t have “curly” hair per say, but my waves can frizz out like no other. And when they frizz, my strands look lifeless. This travel kit battles frizz and coddles curls no matter where you go. The kit has shampoo and conditioner, both of which are sulfate-free, but the magic lies in the oil-serum blend for shine and a styling cream for dry hair to fight static.

BUY NOW – $30

bow and arrow

Do you have a travel hair kit you bring with you? What’s in it? Tell us below!


These Travel-Size Makeup Products Will Make Plane Rides Convenient
Bring A Travel Makeup Kit To Go – Try These 12
Beauty Makeup

Bring A Travel Makeup Kit To Go – Try These 12

For the longest time, I created my own travel makeup kit. I’d pull out travel size makeup (like these!), my large makeup bag, and then try to stuff random “mini” products that never seemed to match in size. It was exhausting.

After years of doing this and sucking it up, I finally decided to check out makeup travel kits that would do the job. And what did I find? So. Damn. Many.

Was it hard to give up my classics for a general travel makeup kit from one brand? Yeah, I won’t deny it. But I’m telling you: it’s a total game-changer. 

Not sure where to start? These 12 are high-quality, comfy, highly-rated, and worth the spend!


ready in 5 travel makeup kit

alleyoop beauty kit ready in 5 set

It’s called the “Ready in 5” kit because it’s so compact, giving you the perfect face in no time. But it’s also easy to fill up in five minutes, then run out the door with. The clear travel bag comes filled with multi-use goodies: their creamy eyeliner and eyeshadow stick, a multi-pack of compacts to finish your face, and their 4-in-1 makeup brush. Whether you’re running out the door or freshening up in an Uber, it’s all you need in one pouch.

BUY NOW – $85


florence by mills ava mini essentials travel makeup kit

Inspired by Mills’ little sister, Ava, this kit comes with six essentials. But it’s not just makeup – it includes skincare, too, so you have your full routine wherever you go. Start your regimen off with face wash, moisturizer, and a peel off mask (should you desire), giving you a glowing, fresh canvas. Follow it up with the brand’s mascara, blush, and lip gloss, all of which are in universal shades, giving everyone a flattering look.

BUY NOW – $32

Subtl Stack the Essentials

subtl build your own makeup stack

Powders, tints, creams. Highlighter, shine control, lip and cheek. Subtl allows you to mix and match your needs in the form of a stackable, aka compacts filled with the necessities. It makes traveling easy AF because you’re not managing bottles, containers, and compacts in one bag; instead, you have as many compacts as you need to stack in one product. Convenient? We’ll take it.

BUY NOW – $38+ (for curated set)


bee you organics makeup travel kit

Going green and clean while traveling has never been easier. Bee You offers a travel kit that comes with tins of foundation, face powder, and blush; also included is a glass jar of mascara plus a wand, as well as eyeliner. You’re able to choose your shades for each product (even the mascara and eyeliner!), rather than having to work with chosen colors, giving you tons of options for your most flawless face.

BUY NOW – $79.99

Ultimate Color Collection

ogee color collection makeup kit

Okay, so we all know how much I love stick foundations, bronzers… basically anything in a stick, I want it. So, I have to include Ogee’s travel kit, which comes with their sculpted face sticks (aka concealer, blush, and bronzer), plus three lip colors to blend for your unique pout. We especially love the good ingredients in these products, including the lip sticks’ jojoba oil and face sculpting sticks’ green coffee oil.

BUY NOW – $206

The Well Classic Eye Set

W3LL PEOPLE classic eye makeup travel kit

If you’re like me, the most important part of your routine is your eye makeup. I don’t look alive unless I have a line drawn across my lids, and mascara is a must. W3LL PEOPLE’s eye makeup travel kit comes with everything you need for the upper half of your face: a neutral eyeshadow palette of beige and brown, eyeliner, mascara, and a tinted brow gel. The products are plant-based, using ingredients like cocoa butter and castor seed oil.

BUY NOW – $58


Haus labs build your own best sellers makeup kit

HAUS allows you to fully customize your travel makeup kit, which we appreciate. Why? Because it means you’re not stuck with a beige contour kit and tinted lip gloss. Nope, go wild and choose a blue or dark green liquid eyeshadow, rather than a selection of browns, then choose from 22 shades for a lip color. Top it off with brown or black liquid eyeliner, and your basics are covered in the colors you actually want.

BUY NOW – $55

Mini Holy Grail Discovery Set

trestique mini holy grail discovery travel makeup kit

So, trestique is already easy to travel with, because each product is a 2-in-1 (or more). But they had to go and outdo themselves, didn’t they? Enter: minis of their fab products, which include a light blush, dark chocolate liner, and shimmery light eyeshadow stick. My one critique: the discovery set isn’t customizable, so they choose shades for you… and they’re all light, so it’s not really the “Holy Grail” for those with darker skin.

BUY NOW – $48

Small Wonders Travel Makeup Kit

ilia beauty small wonders

The wonders of the world in mini form! ILIA is beloved by many, so their creation of a mini kit that makes traveling with their makeup easy? Chef’s kiss. In the kit, you’ll find the four essentials for a fresh-faced look: two mascaras for lengthening, lifting, and volumizing; a nude lip oil to shine and hydrate; and an overnight treatment for your lips to soften and smooth in preparation for big mornings.

BUY NOW – $29


war paint for men daily essentials travel makeup kit

WAR PAINT created a simple essentials kit that’s part skincare, part makeup, which we adore. The kit comes with a latex-free sponge, perfect for applying every product from the routine. Begin with a primer, which will keep makeup on all day long; follow up with a tinted moisturizer for light coverage and a perfect base; then touch up rough spots with the concealer, a creamy formula meant to hide every imperfection.

BUY NOW – $72

morphe2 quad goals multi palette

Stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks – literally four stackable components make up this travel set, which comes in six different color combo options. Whether you want pinks and glitter for nights out, neutrals for a day-to-day look, or bronzes for a sun-kissed glow, one of the stacks will work for you. There’s one compact for lips, one compact for eyes, one compact for cheeks, and one compact to add overall sparkle to your face – it’s the color choice that’s yours.

BUY NOW – $10

The Overachievers Clean Travel Makeup Kit

milk makeup overachievers clean travel makeup kit

Not quite sure why it’s called the Overachievers kit, because it has everything you need, and no extras? Consider the fact that it’s clean, compact, and gets everything done. Their Hydro Primer is the big plus, helping to grip all of your makeup from AM to PM. Add in the lip-cheek tint in Perk, the Refreshing Spray to freshen up for 12 hours, and their KUSH mascara to lift those lashes, and you’re good to go.

BUY NOW – $32

bow and arrow

Are you looking for a new travel makeup kit? I promise these are worth it! Which one is your fav? Share in the comments.

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Blue Makeup Is Actually The Best – Just Check Out These Products

Blue makeup has been shunned.

Blue eyeshadow? Childish.

Blue lipstick? Wild.

Blue anything? Nah.

So, I’m here to say this: eff that, I loooove blue makeup.

It’s not because it flatters my hazel eyes, it’s not because I’m a Sagittarius who’s wild. It might be because blue is my favorite color, but that’s not the point. It’s because it’s fun. It’s because it’s unexpected. It’s a pop of color that everyone could benefit from, something to complement – or change for – their nudes and blacks.

Don’t know where to start? Trying to avoid that pastel blue that has been banned in adulthood? I’ve got you covered.



You can go with light eyeshadows, but try to avoid that light, matte, pastel blue eyeshadow you wore for dance performances. For light blue, make sure there’s shimmer to keep it more grown-up. Or, lean toward deep blue. If you’re wearing blue eyeshadow – arguably the most visible and striking part of your look – you want to make a bold statement.


We love using blue eyeliner in graphic designs, but we also love using it as a pop of color around the eyes. Work it into your water line as a subtle hint of color, or line your top lid for a bright, can’t-miss-it look. If subtlety is more your thing, you can work it into the inside of your eye, whether you wear other makeup or simply let the hint be enough.


It sounds odd, I know. But when the light hits highlighter, your face glows, right? A hint of blue adds a fun, exciting twist to the usual. If you really want to capture attention, consider a gel with hints of blue, or even go full-on holographic. No one can stop you from making your mark at the party, you know?

Lipstick & Lip Gloss

Go big or go home, right? If you’re really feeling like being bold, lipstick is the way to go. MAC has you covered, as does Byredo, with their vibrant blue lipsticks. Lip gloss is a more subtle way to go about blue, but it’ll still give your lips a tint that takes on the color (we love Fluide’s). Pucker up, because blue is now the It Shade.

bow and arrow

We are loving modern blue makeup. Do you rock the blues? What’s your favorite way to wear it? Tell us below!

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