10 Lotions And Salves To Soothe Your Skin Post-Tattoo

I have 14 tattoos, and I’ve used every lotion, cream, gel, and salve out there.

Different tattoo artists have recommended different products. Generally, it comes down to: don’t use scented products, and use lotions and salves that let the tattoo breathe, so it can heal properly. 

So, after 14 tattoos, which products do I recommend? These are my favorites, recommended by all eight artists I’ve had!


The ultimate tattoo healer, Aquaphor allows the tattoo to breathe, protects it, and is the most scentless lotion you’ll find.


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No thick gel here, just a nice, cooling sensation to ease the itchiness. It’s also perfect for sensitive skin – extremely important when tattoos are so irritating.

tattoo gel

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Swelling and inflammation are some of the most common reactions to tattoos; Hustle’s butter takes care of all of this.

tattoo balm

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Green Goo moisturizes and nourishes during the healing process, while also locking in color – no more fading as your tattoo heals.

tattoo salve

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None of that fake shit. This balm has natural ingredients including beeswax, shea butter, and avocado.

tattoo lotion

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Its name is Inked, so you can rest assured that this moisturizing lotion is good for you. The preservative is natural, too, so zero irritants are involved.


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Yeah, yeah, it’s marketed as a man’s lotion (ugh), but it’s also great for tattoos. You can mix it with other aftercare products, too.

tattoo lotion

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Some tattoo lotion has an unpleasant, greasy feeling. Not the case with Lubriderm’s lotion, which is filled with B5 to moisturize.

tattoo lotion

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Don’t let the name fool you – it’s goo, but not goopy. Bonus: it locks in color for both new and old tattoos, so it’s double duty.

tattoo goo

BUY NOW – $7.99

Recover, moisturize, brighten, reduce infection risks, soothe inflammation… what can’t this tattoo lotion do? Not sure, but I’ll take it.

tattoo salve

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Which tattoo aftercare do you recommend? Any lotions or salves? Share your secrets in the comments!


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