12 Unscented Body Washes For A Gender-Neutral Cleanse

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for a 100% gender-neutral article. This week, we’re writing about unscented body wash!

Whether you have sensitive skin or just don’t feel like buying a stereotypical “male” or “female” scent, unscented body wash is where it’s at. These 12 options will give you soft, sudsy, super clean skin without smelling like flowers or the wilderness. Enjoy the relaxing whiffs of absolutely. Nothing.

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Ultra Sensitive Body Wash

odele unscented ultra sensitive body wash

Odele’s entire line is genderless – you won’t find “Pink Floral Princess” or “Wolf Fighter” as a name, and you won’t have a gender-inspired scent. That’s especially true for their unscented body wash, surprise! The National Eczema Association has deemed this body wash good for those with sensitive skin thanks to ingredients including restorative oats to hydrate and nourish, while also cleaning off dead skin cells.

BUY NOW – $8.99


saltair fragrance free body wash

Saltair makes many body washes, but we must spotlight their fragrance-free option. While some body washes can dry your skin out, Saltair’s body wash does quite the opposite thanks to its ultra-nourishing ingredients. Examples: coconut water and fermented oil complex to hydrate and protect, hydrating hyaluronic acid, smoothing niacinamide, and sodium PCA, providing humectant properties. Smell like nothing and feel clean and coddled.

BUY NOW – $12


piper wai fragrance free organic body wash

We all know it: they’re “fragrance free” products, until you look at the essential oil blend they’ve put in so it smells – keyword, smells – natural. Ugh. Piper Wai knows this, which is why this body wash is totally unscented. Filled with moringa oil to provide skin lovin’ in the form of fatty acids and antioxidants, you’ll feel fresh and hydrated. We also love that they recommend using a product that isn’t synthetic, like an eco-friendly bath sponge. A+, Piper Wai.

BUY NOW – $16


dr brite unscented body wash

Obviously you should be taking your vitamins, but it never hurts to rub your body clean with them, too. Dr. Brite’s unscented body wash was created by a doctor, with plant-powered ingredients safe for every skin type. Feel good with vitamins E, B5, and C protecting, repairing, and hydrating your skin with other ingredients like anti-inflammatory lavender flower water and nourishing jojoba seed oil.

BUY NOW – $29.99

2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash

baby unscented body wash and shampoo 2-in-1

You should have a positive attitude toward the body wash you’re using, so Attitude created a baby’s shampoo and body wash (yes, we love a good 2-in-1) that is ideal for all sensitive skin types. It’s hypoallergenic and soothing, with its star ingredient being blueberry leaf extract. For those needing the info: blueberry leaf extract is filled with vitamin A and omega-9, calms irritated skin, hydrates, and conditions skin. The result: baby-soft skin, no matter your age.

BUY NOW – $9.95

Unscented Acidified Body Wash

LUme unscented acified body wash

Don’t be scared by the word “acid” – it’s not going to feel like a rough, coarse acne pad. Instead, this unscented body wash uses mandelic acid to calm inflammation and acne, slough away dead skin cells, unclog pores, and clean you – says Lume – 3.5 times more than ordinary soap. This is also in part due to its low pH, which allows it to block rather than erase odor, so you smell good everywhere until your next wash.

BUY NOW – $19.99

Nourishing Unscented Body Wash


A balanced pH body wash is super important, especially when you’re using the body wash… everywhere. Thanks to this balance, the unscented body wash is gynecologist-approved, so you can feel comfy using one product, and one product only. Soothing aloe vera, oil-balancing jojoba oil, and ultra-moisturizing glycerin come together to nourish skin to the nth degree. Ya gotta love that vitamin E to help repair and protect from free radicals, too.

BUY NOW – $19

Unscented Body Wash


You’ll find eight ingredients in Native’s unscented body wash, all of which are necessary – none of that filler BS here. A quick glimpse: citric acid provides nutrients and helps balance out the body wash’s pH, and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate and Cocamidopropyl Betaine are cleansers coming from coconut oil. They use Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate for cleansing and lather, leaving out gross phthalates and sulfates. It’s your standard wash, minus the bad stuff.

BUY NOW – $9

Unscented – Solid cream body cleanser

ethique UNSCENTED body wash bar

Ethique is known for their shampoo and conditioner bars, but they also offer an unscented body wash bar. Coconut butter is softening and nourishes the skin, keeping it hydrated while kaolin clay washes away impurities. Added glycerin and candelilla also come into play, hydrating and conditioning skin for a comfy wash. You won’t find soap, meaning this lil bar won’t dry you out, and it’s pH-balanced.

BUY NOW – $13

Unscented Body Wash

Lather unscented body wash

Lather created this unscented body wash so you can create your own essential oil blend. And who doesn’t love a dose of aromatherapy that smells exactly how you want it? But Lather also knows sensitive skin is a thing, hence the lack of scent. They packed it with conditioning olive oil, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory green tea, and brightening chamomile to give you a gentle wash that smells like… well, nada.

BUY NOW – $13

Extra Gentle Shampoo & Body Wash

hello bello fragrance free 2-in-1 baby shampoo and body wash

This pediatrician-approved shampoo-body-wash combo can be used on the most sensitive of skin – like, it’s newborn-approved. And if it’s good for bbs, why can’t it be good for you? Sure, you can smell like vanilla apricot or birthday cake, but we’re a fan of their fragrance-free option. Filled with a blend of calming aloe vera; soothing calendula, avocado, and cucumber extracts; and nourishing jojoba and sunflower seed oils, it’s a cleansing kiss to the skin.

BUY NOW – $6.98


the seaweed company unscented body wash

Seaweed Bath Co.’s magic ingredient – bladderwrack seaweed – is sustainably-harvested and organic, filled with more than 65 vitamins and minerals to treat your skin. At the same time, wash away ew with antimicrobial neem oil, and nourish and soften with Hawaiian kukui oil, coconut oil and aloe vera. And don’t forget the spirulina (blue-green algae) which is bursting with antioxidants. All of this, and still unscented? Yep.

BUY NOW – $12.99

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Do you use an unscented body wash? Tell us which one in the comments!

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