4 Vaginal Beauty Trends That Are… Different

Vaginal beauty trends have been whirling around for years. I mean, it can’t just be me who remembers vajazzling. Or what about that weird moment in time where the world was super into vaginal wing lifts? Vajacials are still popular, and don’t even get me started on vabbing.

These four trends are… a little odd. (Or, like with vabbing, just straight up gross.) After all, aren’t all vulvas beautiful? Shouldn’t we be advocating for body positivity – including vagina positivity? Why are we so obsessed with making our vulvas look pretty?

And yes, we all have the right to do what we want with our vaginas. I’m not arguing that! But still, injecting blood into your pelvis? That’s wild to me (and needles near my vulva? No thanks). Which is why I present to you: the most out-there vaginal beauty trends thus far.


Ah, the latest vaginal beauty trend. If you haven’t heard, I’m sorry to inform you of this new “fragrance.” Started on TikTok, you basically take your vaginal discharge and wipe it on your pulse points, wearing it like it’s the hottest perfume on the market to attract men in particular.

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Now, not only is this ick, it’s also – surprise – unsanitary. There’s no proof that your vaginal fluid is a pheromone that will attract the male species to fall in love with you (what it was originally promoted as doing). And, let’s be honest – if you told them that your scent was your ~scent~, they’d probably 1. Gag, or 2. Immediately pigeonhole you as a sexual deviant, rather than a human being.

So, yeah, vabbing? Skip this one. No one wants to know you’re wearing your vaginal juices as a beauty trend; just buy that $20 fragrance promoting pheromones off Amazon instead.


Vajacials are the treatment for your vulva that didn’t need to exist, but somehow was created and has stuck around to this day. So, what is a vajacial? It has nothing to do with your vagina,  first of all – it’s all outer. Basically, this 30-60-minute treatment is meant to rejuvenate your vulva. 

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The process starts off with vulva steam, helping to clear out any debris and oil and loosen ingrown hairs. Next, an extraction process is a deep dive into ingrowns, blackheads, and clogged pores that are giving you red spots, bumps, black spots, and discomfort.

Exfoliation is a crucial part of a vajacial, just like any other facial. The exfoliant will help clear out anything left in the pores that couldn’t be extracted, and it also cleans the area of any bacteria that’s lingering from the extraction. Lastly, a soothing mask is placed on the pubic area to calm irritation. And voila – your vulva is rejuvenated!

Occasionally, the cleaner will have enzymes, or a brightener will be used. Do your research if you want to try a vajacial out – different estheticians use different products.

Vaginal Wing Lifts

Okay, yeah, sometimes childbirth, hormones, age, and life in general cause your vagina to look a little dull or saggy. While this shouldn’t be a problem, because again, all vulvas are beautiful!!!! some vagina-havers feel uncomfortable with the changes in their pubic region. Enter: vaginal wing lifts.

This vaginal beauty trend involves using hydraulic filler and your own blood to “lift your wings,” aka lift your labia. The PRP (platelet-rich plasma) of your blood, mixed with the filler, is injected into your labia to plump up, tighten, and repair any sagging by promoting the production of collagen in your vaginal tissues. It’s the PRP that helps heal; the filler just gives the “vaginal wing lift.”

This vaginal beauty trend sounds appealing, and it’s worth a try if you truly feel that your labia could use that lift. There are few negative side effects, though infection is always possible. But honestly? Save yourself that $1,500 and stop staring at your vagina in the mirror, because I guarantee no one is calling it saggy like you are.


Of course I’m bringing up vajazzling – would this article be an article on vaginal beauty trends if I didn’t? (No. The answer is no.) 

This beauty trend is the only beauty trend that has no greater purpose than to make your pubic area look outstanding. Vajacials cleanse, while vaginal wing lifts help tighten, and vabbing can maybe possibly make men attracted to you. But vajazzling? Stick some rhinestones onto your crotch and know that you have the blingiest pubic area out there. That’s all there is to it.

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And if you’re wondering where it got its start, let me direct you to the lovable Jennifer Love Hewitt, who in 2010 on a talk show, encouraged her fellow vagina havers to “vajazzle their vajayjays.” Iconic.

Here’s The Thing, Though

Just like how some people prefer to shave their vaginas, some people like to add rhinestones to their pubic area, or give their vaginas a little lift. And why should we stop them? Unless it’s dangerous, it’s not like their vaginal TLC will affect us when we walk by them; hell, we won’t even know unless they’re walking around underwear-less.

So while vabbing has no point (and truly is gross), and vaginal wing lifts are $1,500, do what makes you feel beautiful. After all, these vaginal beauty trends are here for a reason, and vajazzling never hurt anyone.

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