11 Waterproof Concealers For Acne-Prone Swims

If you’re heading to the pool or ocean, it’s important to cover up with sunscreen. And for those who love swimming but are a little self-conscious, or simply like an even complexion, waterproof concealer is a must as well! 

Surprisingly, it’s kind of hard to find. Scour the internet, and the results will show water-resistant options, but the two are different: water-resistant isn’t entirely resistant to water (okay, cool, nice name then), whereas waterproof is… totally resistant to water (seriously, who named these?). So, for those who are doing cannonballs? Waterproof concealer is where it’s at.

If you’re struggling to find bomb concealers that won’t wash off, look no further: we’ve collected 11 waterproof options that will stay on no matter how laps you dominate at the swimming pool.


Boi-ing Bright On Concealer

boi-ing bright on concealer from benefit

I’m pulling an all nighter as I write this, so I can guarantee my under eyes will be pretty damn dark in 12 hours. Benefit’s Boi-ing Bright On Concealer helps combat the putrid imperfection in 12 shades, with different undertones to match 1. Your skin tone, and 2. Your dark circles’ less-than-appealing color. Non-caking and waterproof, your eye bags are no match for this.

BUY NOW – $24

hydrocealer™ concealer

tarte waterproof hydrocealer concealer

tarte’s Hydroflex tech helps this concealer move with your skin, rather than cracking and creasing, while its SEA Surge Complex technology keeps you hydrated. The result: a cover-up that lasts 12 hours without moving a smidge. The concealer is waterproof and sweat-proof, so whether you run a mile or go swimming, you can rest assured that your zits will stay on the DL.

BUY NOW – $25


vanish airbrush concealer from hourglass

You know how you sometimes wish you could just airbrush away your imperfections? Ugh, if only. But Hourglass’ concealer is pretty damn close to that simple key command, covering every little bump and pore. The applicator is unique, designed to apply juuust the right amount rather than oversaturating that baby pimple on your chin.

BUY NOW – $36

Infallible Full Wear, Full Coverage, Waterproof Concealer

l'oreal infallible waterproof concealer in 25 shades

What I love so much about L’Oreal is their inclusion of all skin tones, from the fairest of fair to darkest of dark – there are 25 shades of this waterproof concealer! It’s full-coverage, so dot on the formula knowing that a little goes a long way. Despite this, it’s not a thick or greasy formula, and it won’t cake, flake, or transfer. With an extra large applicator, cover it all in seconds.

BUY NOW – $6.39



Twenty-four hours. Waterproof. Transfer-proof. Creaseless. These are all winning words, and they’re all used to describe Makeup Forever’s Matte Velvet Skin Concealer. Going on like – you guessed it – smooth velvet, it’s perfect for all of your pressing needs: covering, contouring, and correcting. Twenty-four hours of perfect skin? Hell. Yes.

BUY NOW – $29

Emotionproof Concealer

tom ford emotionproof and waterproof concealer

I love the name of this, because let’s be real: we’ve all had our own Lauren-Conrad-mascara-tear moment. Emotions are hard, but your makeup staying on when you have a mini breakdown shouldn’t be. And this waterproof concealer stays on so well, it can actually cover tattoos, too! You’ll be glowing by the end of application.

BUY NOW – $60


waterproof concealer stick

We love sticks, and one of our upcoming articles actually includes this waterproof concealer option for hot days that practically require a swim. The formula is amazing: cruelty-free, talc-free, paraben-free, SLS-free, gluten-free, everything-bad-for-your-skin-free, and vegan. With kaolin clay, it also helps to control oil production, so your mere existence won’t cause this concealer to slide off.

BUY NOW – $17.50

Turn Up the Base Butter Silk Concealer

one size patrick starr turn up the base concealer

Well damn, Patrick Starr, you’ve done it again in the form of a waterproof concealer! This medium-to-full-coverage option “glides on skin like butter on toast” with a matte finish. But it’s the ingredients that wow: avocado and mango butters hydrate, caffeine de-puffs, and a special peptide blend encourages collagen production. All ingredients are meant to help out with texture oddities, so blend away knowing those rough patches are soon to be smoothed.

BUY NOW – $25

True Skin High Cover Concealer

catrice waterproof concealer

Catrice’s concealer is ideal for normal and dry skin types, providing a healthy dose of hydration while covering zits. This is all thanks to watermelon seed oil, which moisturizes and acts as an anti-inflammatory, and hyaluronic acid, which hydrates by locking in that moisture. There’s no oil in this waterproof concealer, so don’t worry about any breakouts – embrace clear skin from swimming through the salt water instead.

BUY NOW – $7

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop 24HR Full Coverage Matte Concealer

nyx can't stop won't stop waterproof concealer

“And we can’t stop… and we won’t stop…” Miley Cyrus sings the anthem of this waterproof concealer, which is full-coverage and boasts lasting an entire 24 hours. The vegan formula is made for all skin types and tones, coming in 24 (currently 23 available) shades that will match anyone’s beautiful coloring. Plus, by $10.50 more, and you get a free gift with purchase!

BUY NOW – $9.50

Buildable Blur™ HD Creaseless Waterproof Concealer

thrive causemetics waterproof creaseless concealer

Thrive Causemetics makes sure their makeup products don’t only work – they make sure they put in double-time by acting as skincare, too. Example: their Buildable Blur HD concealer includes vitamin E to repair and protect, snow mushroom extract to help with skin elasticity, betaine for moisture, and coconut emollients to lock in moisture.

BUY NOW – $28

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Which waterproof concealers are your favs? Tell us below!

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