These 3 Makeup Looks Will Make You Queen Of Holiday Parties

Winter is here, which means it’s time to switch up makeup looks! While you can absolutely still wear neon orange (Sag season, baby), our favorite makeup looks are ~chill.~ See: rhinestones, lace, golds, and glitter. Basically: get glam!

There are the makeup looks we’ll be wearing all winter long, plus the products you’ll need to bring the looks to life. Now pull out the falsies – ’tis the season, after all.


Oh-So-Blue, Who?

White And Bright (Eyed)

Snow is falling (not in San Francisco, but somewhere), ice is everywhere… why not dress up your face to match the winter wonderland? Dark eyebrows and false lashes frame smokey eyes with hints of white – or full-blown white. After all, who doesn’t love the boldness of white mascara? And make sure you keep your rhinestones!

Vampires Drink Red Wine

The holidays always bring out the champagne and wine — so why not have your eye makeup match the flowing drinks? Add a little glitter to the insides of your eyes, press on the false eyelashes, douse yourself in highlighter, and go bold with your lipstick. It’s pretty much a winter rule.

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We’re ready for holiday parties! What is your favorite winter makeup look? Tell us below!

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