3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Sustainable Work Clothes

Thinking of climate change and other environmental issues endangering our world may feel entirely overwhelming; many assume that major billion-dollar projects are the only way out. But we’re here to tell you that every little step you take toward being kinder to the planet counts!


Believe it or not, what you do and how you live your life daily can also significantly impact the future. Like learning how to make eco-friendly purchases on Amazoncreate eco-friendly home cleaners, or switch to a natural shampoo bar for everyday use, something as simple as transitioning your wardrobe to high-quality and sustainable pieces can make a big difference and inspire others — like friends, family, and social media connections — to do the same.

If you’re looking for an intro to sustainable work clothes, check out these practical tips on incorporating ethical and timeless pieces into your office looks. Let’s dive right in!


Take The 30-Wear Challenge

When shopping for work clothes, ask yourself, “Can I wear this at least 30 times?”

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The 30-Wear Challenge was conceived by Eco-Age co-founder Livia Firth and journalist Lucy Seigle. It’s an enlightening perspective that encourages consumers to rethink their buying behaviors and hopefully step away from fast fashion brands. 

The possibility of wearing something a minimum of 30 times will prompt you to consider whether it’s going to survive the ever-changing trends and if it’s well made from high-quality materials that can withstand the usual wear and tear. 

If you’re going to try the 30-Wear Challenge, here are some tips before you start splurging:

  • Invest in versatile pieces to mix and match with other items in your closet. 
  • When buying clothes, opt for something you’ll love and never get tired of wearing on repeat.
  • Opt for neutral-colored pieces that you can wear all year round, no matter the season.
  • Choose quality over quantity. Aside from being kinder to the environment, wearing chic and top-quality workwear from sustainable fashion brands also make a positive impression on your colleagues and clients. 

Learn About Sustainable Clothing Materials

Knowledge is power. Keep yourself informed on what makes work clothes sustainable. They should be made of natural and biodegradable fabrics, aka not these common fabrics:

  • Cotton – Conventional cotton is the world’s pesticide-intensive crop that takes up so much agricultural land and water to make — limited resources that could have been used to produce food for human consumption.
  • Nylon and polyester – Both are fabrics made from synthetic non-biodegradable fibers that use harmful petrochemicals and processes that involve excessive energy consumption and carbon emissions.

These fabrics are all made with synthetic fibers, and are therefore unsustainable, too:

Instead of the above, look for eco-friendly fabrics from producers that have sustainable manufacturing standards and ethical labor practices. Some of our favorites are:

  • Organic and recycled cotton
  • Hemp
  • Linen
  • Bamboo
  • Lyocell
  • Modal
  • Scoby leather
  • Apple leather

What To Look For In Truly Sustainable Brands

Currently, the world is overly saturated with fast fashion brands that do more harm than good to our planet. While many claim to be sustainable companies, sometimes you’ll find out that they’re only “greenwashing” — aka, making themselves appealing to their young, “woke” millennial consumers. 

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Brands that are truly eco-conscious should meet six critical criteria, which touch upon every aspect of their business — from sourcing, production, and marketing to sales and delivery. They should:

  • Have products made of natural and eco-friendly materials.
  • Have plastic-free products and packaging.
  • Not use natural dyeing methods — or they do not dye at all.
  • Follow green practices in every step of their business to conserve natural resources and minimize their carbon footprint production.
  • Adhere to and advocate fair trade and labor practices.
  • Engage in carbon neutrality and support environmental projects, like ocean cleaning or reforestation, to offset their ecological footprint.

Some sustainable brands we love include:

  • Eileen Fisher  
  • ADAY
  • Quince
  • Sézane
  • Thought
  • Boden
  • Tradlands
  • Vetta
  • ABLE
  • People Tree
  • Patagonia

Sustainable Workwear We Love

If you don’t know where to start with pieces to invest in, we have you covered. We love sustainable brands like Quince, Boden, and Patagonia, but all of the workwear below comes from brands that are eco-conscious!


We hope these tips on sustainable dressing help inform your work clothes! Do you have any tips for eco-conscious shopping? Share below!

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Beauty Hair Reviews

I Used 5 Different Hair Bar Brands – Here Are My Honest Thoughts

There is no real surprise why many sailors sport a short haircut – the wind is not a gentle hair stylist and can leave your locks in knots with a salty-spray finish thanks to the sea. Although I admire those who rock short hair styles, I am rather fond of my long auburn hair and have taken great steps to find the best products for me and the sea, since I quite literally live right on top of it – no really, check it out!

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All things considered, my partner Chris and I try to find products that are eco-friendly (packaging and product) and work well for our skin and hair, but with so many incredible shampoo and conditioner bars on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the best fit for you. But don’t worry! We tested the top hair bars so you don’t have to. If you are looking to make the swap to plastic-free, look no further – these shampoo and conditioner hair bar reviews will inspire you.



hibar still photo with different bars for shampoo and conditioner bar reviewsThe first hair bar review I wanted to write about was HiBAR, because we featured co-founder Nora Schaper!

First impressions are everything, which is why great packaging means a lot to me. HiBar’s eco-conscious packaging makes me feel good from the start about my purchase – and their sample packs go a long way, giving you 3 shampoo bars and 3 conditioner bars to mix and match.

Their products are inclusive with formulas that work on hair types from pin-straight thin to thick and textured! I purchased their samples to try all 3 products and mixed and matched to find the right fit for me.

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The shampoo worked wonderfully, but unfortunately, the conditioner just didn’t really work for my hair. However, it did work well after my normal hair-wash routine as a leave-in conditioner that I brushed into my damp locks. I wash my hair about every 3 days and these samples last for months – I can only imagine that the full sized bars last longer, which means less plastic!

The Earthling Co.

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The second review I must write is for The Earthling Co.’s hair bars, which come with a wide range of scents and in plastic-free packaging — heck yah!

I fell in love with The Earthling Co.’s conditioner bar. It was the perfect formula for my hair type, leaving my strands soft and tangle-free. Their shampoo bar is also great; maybe a little too great, considering Chris “accidentally” broke the bar in half and claimed one of the pieces as his own.

Although their website states that this shampoo is curly-hair-friendly and can be used on color-treated/bleached hair, I feel like they could be more inclusive and create a bar for different hair types, similar to what HiBar has done. If you are looking to swap out more of your plastic products for items that are earth-friendly, The Earthling Co. is a fantastic place to start.

Super Zero Bars

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I had set my hopes high for this brand, but ultimately, my heart was crushed when I just couldn’t get their formula to perform with my hair type. This could just be an application error, because when I did more research, I saw that Super Zero’s website has a test to match you with the perfect bars… which I did not do beforehand.

Their packaging was definitely more plastic-y in comparison to the other brands which just seemed like greenwashing to me, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that their recycling practices are top-notch!


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If you give me a product that is “cute” at first glance, you have already won over my marketing centric heart *heart emoji here* Ethique has a number of plastic-free products, from cosmetics to hair care, which is why having a sample pack is super helpful when trying to figure out what works best for you! The sample pack gives you four little heart-shaped bars of shampoo and conditioner that look like milk chocolates at first glance. (As delicious as they look, I promise they are for external use only.)

The two sample combos worked pretty well on my hair, and I would say that the smell was fresh and clean while there was no buildup left over. The conditioner was a bit hard to work into my strands, but I took the same approach as with HiBar’s and made use of it as a leave-in conditioner, which seemed to help soften my strands. I would say this brand is definitely worth trying, especially if you get the sample pack which (if you wash your hair twice a week like me) should last you a few months.

Love Planet & Beauty 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner Bar

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This product is great if you are on the go with limited space or just don’t really bother with deep conditioning. As you can probably tell from my other reviews, conditioning is a big must for me, or else my hair will end up as a rat’s nest, giving me fits of rage. Even though this product didn’t suit my needs, my darling husband Chris loved the simplicity of the bar, and since it did have some conditioning elements, it made his hair soft and buildup-free. Wife’s review of this hair bar? It’s a pass. Husband’s review of this hair bar? It’s a yes, please.

TIP: The conditioners that didn’t work for me didn’t go to waste… I use them as leave-in conditioners as well as shaving cream that leaves my skin soft and protected from my safety razor.

marissa with long hair looking at camera for shampoo and conditioner bar reviews

Here’s the thing: no matter which brand you choose, you are taking a step in the right direction by saying NO to plastics and YES to healthy, happy hair – without adding to your carbon footprint. Switching to a hair bar is only one step you can take in your plastic-free journey, though, so be sure to check out our other articles for more inspiration and reviews! One small change can bring a world of difference.

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I hope my hair bar reviews helped convince you to try switching to plastic-free! Have you tried shampoo and conditioner bars? Any brands we should try next? Comment below!

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HiBar’s Eco-Friendly Shampoo And Conditioner Bars Are Saving The Planet

Shampoo and conditioner bars are changing the haircare world. They’re eco-friendly, work well, and there are so many options. And for this brand spotlight, we’re choosing to higlight HiBar and their shampoo and conditioner bars specifically.

We found HiBar when we reached out to our Resident Mermaid, Marissa, who is all about being sustainable and keeping toxic ingredients out of the environment. She recommended the brand, one we’d mentioned in previous articles.

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After reading up on the brand and their mission, as well as their sustainability and eco-friendly practices, they were undoubtedly necessary to spotlight. So, without further ado: the innovative, earth-saving shampoo and conditioner bar brand, HiBar!


As we all know, shampoo and conditioner bottles are kinda sorta destroying the planet. Single-use plastic is filling up landfills and the ocean – did you know that 552 million shampoo bottles could be ending up in landfills every year? Or that the number of shampoo bottles could fill 1,164 football fields? Our need for clean hair is understandable; our use of plastic is embarrassing.

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Which is where HiBar comes in.

The brand was started by four friends who were sick of single-use plastic – especially those in the bathroom. So, they founded a company dedicated to fighting those bottles by creating shampoo and conditioner bars that work… and have plastic-free packaging.

None of that huge-bottle-BS you throw away after two weeks because you double-wash. One shampoo bar lasts as long as one 16-oz. bottle of liquid shampoo in a huge plastic container. The thing is, there’s no plastic involved in your purchase of a HiBar shampoo or conditioner bar.

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HiBar’s shipping packages are also 100% plastic-free, with every bit of the package on your doorstep being compostable, easily recyclable, or both. There isn’t even a piece of plastic tape.

What will you find in these bars? No soap or silicones, no parabens or phthalates. The ingredients are good for your hair and good for the environment (it’s entirely biodegradable thanks to the natural ingredients).

The bars are gluten-free and, with the exception of honey used in their Maintain bars and Soothe bars, completely vegan. On top of this, they’re cruelty-free with a Leaping Bunny certification.

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HiBar is a company with a mission, something QUILL admires. We included them in our article regarding best-smelling shampoos, but we just had to spotlight them as well. Here are the sets they offer, which we recommend scooping up for your dream hair.


hibar maintain shampoo and conditioner bar set

Use the Maintain set every day (or however often you wash your hair) – they’ll get rid of that oil without drying your hair out entirely. Honeyquat and shea butter add shine and soften, giving you hair that lasts until your next wash.

BUY NOW – $26.50


hibar moisturize shampoo and conditioner bar set

Dry hair is no match for this shampoo-conditioner set. Moisturizing is also fantastic for thick hair, because you won’t miss a single strand. Coconut oil and rice protein are the driving, nourishing forces, and they smell like citrus – a nice, fresh, pick-me-up scent.

BUY NOW – $26.50


hibar volumize shampoo and conditioner bar set

Looking for a little oomph to flat hair? Preparing for a big event and want a base for your blowout? Go with the Volumize set. African dates and B5 fight frizz, so even if you go big, it won’t look like lightning hit you. It’s also perfect for waves and curls that need a little lift.

BUY NOW – $26.50


hibar soothe conditioner and shampoo bar set

Soothe has a lower pH (about a 3) than the others, making it perfect for scalps that need a little TLC. Get rid of itching and flakes with white willow bark and kukui nut oil to soothe irritated scalps and stop the shedding.

BUY NOW – $26.50

Fragrance-Free Moisturize

hibar fragrance free moisturize shampoo and conditioner bar set

We mentioned them in our fragrance-free conditioner article because there’s no scent. None. You will not smell like a single thing. This is thanks to coconut oil and rice protein to nourish, and 0 essential oils or natural fragrances. It’s currently sold out, but sign up for the waitlist and keep checking the site — they’re ridiculously quick at restocking. 

BUY NOW – $26.50

bow and arrow

Have you heard of HiBar’s shampoo and conditioner bars? Do you use them? Do they work? Share with us below!


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