Bisexual Fashion Is Legit So Damn Cool

It’s true – navigating your sexuality is hard. I was in middle school when I first realized that I was bisexual, and coming to terms with that identity was a hard thing to express. Why? I just didn’t know how. So, the first thing I did was take a look at other bisexual people’s outfits and incorporate their fashion aesthetic into my own wardrobe. (Bisexual stereotypes where?)

As a person in general, I like to wear my heart on my sleeve for the most part. After realizing that I resonated with the LGBTQ+ community, I wanted to feel comfortable with that, too. I like changing up my look to reflect my core characteristics, so learning into the bisexual aesthetic was not only comfortable, but affirming.

If you’re like me, and you’re simply looking to “look the part” to feel more comfortable, I’ve racked up types of clothing based on bisexual stereotypes. Of course, I’m not tossing around the term ‘stereotype’ negatively; sometimes, it helps others identify themselves more closely if you put a positive spin on it. It did for me!

Stereotypes always evolve and change over the years. Our list concerning the “bisexual aesthetic” is centered more from 2021 and onward. Without further ado, let’s get into: bisexual fashion.

Clothing: The Bisexual Basics

Bisexual individuals know how to revamp basically any kind of outfit; that’s because they’ve mastered the outfit basics. You should opt to own some high quality, simple pieces that can easily be layered with other pieces of clothing or accessories.

The key here is the shape of your clothing. While the style of your basics are elementary, or almost plain, they can still make interesting yet effortless silhouettes. As of right now, bisexual fashion tends to lean towards outfits with big, boxy fits on the bottom half of the fit. This means: huge cargo pants, maxi skirts, or even fluffing up your silhouette with those thick leg warmers you see everywhere on TikTok.

While this style holds true for mainly streetwear and grunge-type of clothing, it still applies to another popular subcategory of bisexual fashion – academia. Huge coats, and earthy colors are just the additional steps to add. If you want to appear more professional, have an arsenal of blazers and pleated or cuffed dress pants.

With a good range of basics in your closet, you have all the ability to go crazy with the statement pieces. The best part about this is; you don’t have to stick to one aesthetic! My style changes all the time. After carefully curating the basics in my closet, I now have the mental freedom to just buy whatever I like when I have the budget for it. It’s more fun dressing up and down your basics this way. 

Just remember to LAYER. I cannot stress that enough. You can layer just about anything — throw a bunch of clothing on top of more clothing, and there you have it. A bisexual closet. 


Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. I cannot stress enough that having a mix of statement and basic pieces are essential to advancing any kind of bisexual outfit. If there’s anyone who can do it well, it’s bisexual folk who care about their looks. 

Consider owning a lot of silver in your jewelry box for your layering staples. Stereotypically, bi clothing also includes a lot of statement pieces such as unique earrings, big rings, or large pendant necklaces. My favorite tip: shop with the same fashion sense as your favorite fictional character. The world of media has done so much for my gay ass closet. Yes, anime. Yes, fictional literature.

Belts have also been coming back lately in terms of trendiness. A big, vintage statement belt can change the entire vibe of a simple going-out fit. Try keeping it within the browns, blacks, and brass! 

Mini backpacks and totes. Sometimes, you either have nothing to carry, or everything to carry. I like to keep a small stash of different backpacks or totes in my closet just to throw my belongings in, in style. More casual pieces tend to be the type that bisexual people go for, so I recommend any totes with cute graphics. I’d also vouch for small backpacks that pack a lot of color, or ones with strange shapes.  


This one’s simple enough. Any basic sneaker will do the trick – bonus points if they’re platformed. Converse is usually a bisexual fan favorite, especially the solid-color Chuck 70s. Bisexual stereotypes also includes a lot of Doc Martens. Yes, the leather is absolutely necessary. Classy is what you want to go for.

Going for color is absolutely an option, but muted tones pair best with most outfits. E.g., swapping out an intense, sky blue for a shade that’s more periwinkle or cool steel. 

If you’re wanting something more daring, keep this in mind: the angrier the shoe looks, the more bisexual energy you give off. Now that I’m in college and working to save some big-girl money, I’ve started a Demonia collection. I advise that you find some angry-looking shoes, too. If anything, those are a dead giveaway that you’re bisexual, if that’s the kind of aesthetic you’re going for.

Makeup & Hair

If there’s anything that QUILL does best, it’s giving you the latest deets in the beauty industry. The biggest trend right now is marinated makeup, and the best thing about it is that you can either harshen or soften your look depending on your bisexual aesthetic.

In my personal opinion, one of the easiest giveaways in bisexual fashion is actually the type of haircut you have. I’ve seen a lot of bi influencers sporting a wolf cut or some rendition of a shaggy cut. I’ve got one right now, actually.

Something more simple and less-maintenance would be a long bob. Medium to short hair is usually the go-to. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a choppy two-block haircut if you’re someone who wants to keep their locks very short. And don’t forget: use tons of different hair clips and hair ties, too.

Remember: not being able to resonate with this stereotypical bisexual closet is completely okay, and by no means diminishes any part of your identity! It simply means you like other kinds of clothes. If that’s the case, I hope this article helped you realize that you have your own, unique style. Now friends, we’re all on to better, elevated closets! 

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When it comes to your bisexual fashion looks and favorite outfits, what do you love to wear? Tell us in the comments!

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