11 Compression Bras For Maximum Support And Comfort

For those of you who have a little more action going on in the chest area, how’s the back pain? How’s it not being able to breathe sometimes? Now, I’m only speaking out of experience, but I’m sure that those who have a similar situation going on in that aspect know what I’m talking about. 


As lovely as they are, the burden of having them sucks. It makes me want to get rid of all the volume on my chest completely, but that could be because until recently, I haven’t really done that good of a job supporting them. 

I find that having support for your chest is absolutely necessary but so commonly overlooked. That’s why QUILL’s here to share the best compression bras with you – so you don’t have to deal with the pain anymore. 


(Same with me. Literally gonna buy one of these compression bras after writing this. I’m a 34DD and to say I’m exhausted is an understatement!!) 

Here are our recommendations for the best compression + minimizer sports bras!


Compression Top

a person wearing the compression top by tomboyx

The Compression Top from TomboyX is a perfect stand in for a sports bra, especially for one that makes you look flat. Not all of us want to ~sport~ a compression bra to the gym; some of us may want to wear one for the sake of gender euphoria. That’s exactly what TomboyX’s mission is all about. If you know QUILL, you know that any gender-inclusive brand is a go for us. This top has been fit-tested on all body types, and is durable and soft to fully support your chest. Yeah, this one definitely gets the green light from us. 

BUY NOW – $39


compression melange bra from tory burch

This compression bra from Tory Burch sits high on the comfortability rating. It claims to provide medium support, which is good for quick trips to the gym or even for everyday use. It has great coverage, so you could also just use this compression bra as a top itself! It’s simple and stylish, flashing that iconic logo on the back. 

BUY NOW – $69

Compression Racerback Sports Bra

HANES Compression Racerback Sports Bra

I’m a sucker for a good deal. Hanes never fails me for this reason; these compression bras are only $12 a piece, and come in a ton of different colors and patterns. These are great to buy in bulk if you’re looking for something supportive to wear at the gym. This compression bra in particular has medium support, and claims to be chafe-resistant, which is a huge plus! There are zero wires (thank God), and it also has cool comfort technology so that you won’t be sweating buckets.

BUY NOW – $11.49

Nike Dri-FIT ADV Alpha

NIKE Nike Dri-FIT ADV Alpha

To be completely transparent, this unpadded sports bra is probably the coolest I’ve ever seen. I’d be so proud to just wear this as a top itself, and with good reason! Despite it being totally stylish, this minimizer sports bra offers a high amount of support. The overlay strap eliminates bounce and spillage, and offers that extra oomph of support that other bras are missing. It’s also created with Nike’s trademark anti-sweat tech, so you can stay cool on the run. 

BUY NOW – $47.97



This Adidas sports bra does an amazing job with the compress aspect; the design is curated to be sleek, yet supportive, so you won’t be distracted doing your day-to-day activities. This bra is also made out of 60% recycled material, which is great if you’re also looking to make more environmentally conscious decisions in your personal purchases! Another plus is that the padding is removable, which is a personal favorite of mine. 

BUY NOW – $36

This compression bra is fantastic for folks with slightly bigger chests, because it was designed for them! Athleta says that this bra is great for people who are around sizes D to DD, and even has adjustable straps for those who want better control over the fit. This bra is best for people who have cardio ingrained into their routines; it’s made for running or HIIT exercises. Thanks to this compression bra, you don’t have to think twice about running. 

BUY NOW – $59



The Take Charge bra from Alo is stylish — and ready to support you. It offers light to medium support, so it’s perfect for wearing on a casual outing or for a rest day. It even comes in a matching set, so if you’re trying to look super coordinated, you can check out the matching shorts as well! It has thick straps for extra support, and the roominess of it doesn’t cramp everything together.

BUY NOW – $52

Project Rock Printed Crossback Sports Bra

UNDERARMOUR Project Rock Printed Crossback Sports Bra

If there’s anybody who knows anything about drive or power… you guessed it, it’s The Rock (please don’t cringe at me, I WILL cry). That’s why he designed the perfect compression sports bra for all your intense-activity needs. This bra is padded for extra coverage and even helps out with breathability, all in addition to having crossover straps to better hold yourself up. Not only that, the material is soft, and dries quickly!

BUY NOW – $19.97

The Perform Bra®

EVERLANE The Perform Bra®

Everlane is known to be one of the more sustainable fashion brands. That’s why I was beyond delighted to hear that they have their own line of compression sports bras! The Perform Bra model has double lining to provide you with ultimate comfort and, of course, support. The compression itself is lightweight, which makes it great for your everyday, go-to staple piece. Everlane’s supply chain has eliminated 90% of its virgin plastic, and their items consist of recycled material as well. 

BUY NOW – $38

GapFit Recycled Power Tank Sports Bra

GapFit Recycled Power Tank Sports Bra

This compression sports bra is simple, but effective. The material is breathable and offers medium support, so it’s good for all-around training of any kind. It’s moisture wicking to prevent sweat buildup, and it’s super stretchy — no chafing here! I’m a huge fan of the style as well; it has a square neckline and thin straps, so it’s perfect to layer with other pieces. 

BUY NOW – $15

Compression Sports Bra


I’ll be real – what got me with this one was the $10 price tag. This compression bra has some extra length to the torso, so you could wear it as a regular tank top. But at the same time, you’re still getting literal seamless support with its double layering and wire-free full coverage! Reviewers say it’s perfectly basic, and can even stand in as an alternative to chest binders. One reviewer in particular says that as a transmasc individual with rib problems, it feels like the top isn’t even there when wearing it. That’s a +1 for comfort!

BUY NOW – $9.99

Having a large chest, despite its appeal, can be a burden. But it doesn’t have to be the end! Thanks to the ever-evolving clothing technology and increasing inclusivity in brands, there are finally options for compression bras with varying support levels for just about anyone. 

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Are you a fan of any of these compression sports bras? Let us know in the comments below!

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