MOXIE Nail Varnish: A Rave Review

Another day, another nail polish review – this time, of MOXIE Nail Varnish, whom we featured this month for our beauty industry profile!

mary ann "em" kilgore, founder of moxie nail varnishMoxie visionary EM Kilgore

Hugh initially reached out to me regarding a partnership. After a Zoom in which we discussed the profile and a review, he and his lovely wife and co-founder/visionary, EM, sent me nail polish to try out. 

So, without further ado, here is my review of MOXIE Nail Varnish’s polish!


MOXIE Nail Varnish: The Full Review

EM and Hugh gifted me multiple colors, which I shared with my team and mother. However, I kept MOXIE’s grey and red to myself to review; they’re extremely gorgeous AND have names I need to channel: WARRIOR! (grey) and TRUTH! (scarlet). 

moxie varnish nail polish bottles. on the left is warrior! (grey); on the right, truth! (red)

The bottles are cute, and the white blocks come off to reveal your standard circular tops.

One thing I noticed right off the bat: the tops have ridges, and if they’re screwed on tight, it can be a little painful to twist off the caps. If you have to use only two fingers to unscrew (me after painting two nails, oops), slipping is likely; make sure to undo all caps first!

However, the ridges do have a benefit: grip. I was able to hold onto the applicators – a little shorter than most due to a smaller polish bottle. I prefer this for control, as my tardive dyskinesia can create a mess the farther away the applicator is from where I’m applying the makeup (same goes for eyeliner, mascara, etc.). 

applicator brush of moxie varnish nail polishes

The greatest thing about this nail polish: its pigment. Holy. Shit. I painted one coat on, and I was done. MOXIE’s liquid doesn’t seem thicker or thinner than other polishes’, but more than one coat isn’t necessary. Just look: this photo was taken with only one coat. Insane!

nails painted with just one coat of moxie nail varnish polishl.

I blew on my nails for about 30 seconds, hoping it would hurry up the drying process. I expected them to be a little tacky, but to hold up… so imagine my surprise when they were completely dry after those 30 seconds of blowing cold air. The pigment didn’t fade when drying, either – it stayed just as bright!

A Christmas miracle, I swear.

Final Thoughts

tess wearing moxie nail varnish's grey and red nail polish

MOXIE Nail Varnish’s polish gets a 9/10-star review from me! I only downgraded due to the cap – my cold fingers definitely felt the ridges’ burn as I attempted to open a bottle with wet nail polish on (not my brightest moment, admittedly). 

EM, Hugh, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to review MOXIE’s nail polish! I’ll be ordering even more the second these run out – and most likely in neon orange. Can’t beat the brights here!

bow and arrow

I hope my review of MOXIE Nail Varnish’s nail polish has convinced you to try out the brand! What colors will you be rocking? Tell us in the comments.

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