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These 10 Fragrance-Free Lip Balms Will Save Everyone’s Lips This Winter

It’s getting cooler, and my lips are getting chapped. Not cute to think about? Yeah, it’s not cute to feel them, either. So, lip balm is my savior.

With so many chapsticks on the market, you’d think that it’d be easy to find a lip balm or five that work to cure my dry lips – especially one that’s fragrance-free, because I don’t want to smell like cherry chapstick 100% of the time.

However, it seems like most lip balms and chapsticks smell like cherries, flowers, candy… basically, they’re bold fragrances that you can smell from a foot away. And I know for those who don’t like or feel comfortable wearing “feminine” scents, they choose to go without lip balm – not ideal.

So, if you’re searching for the best chapsticks that will keep your lips smooth and don’t smell like a teenage lip gloss store, these lip balms are fragrance-free.


THIS LIP BALM is everything unfriendly-free, and you won’t smell when you put it on.

public goods lip balm

BUY NOW – $1.95

Lips need protecting in the winter, too! THIS FRAGRANCE-FREE LIP BALM has SPF 50 to keep chapped lips protected.

paulas choice fragrance free chapstick

BUY NOW – $10

Added zinc oxide to THIS UNSCENTED LIP BALM acts as a protectant from UVA and UVB rays, thanks to its mineral base.

unscented lip balm

BUY NOW – $6.50

It’s the extra virgin olive oil in BADGER’S LIP BALM that truly softens and nourishes a chapped pout.

unscented classic lip balm

BUY NOW – $3.49

WITH ONLY A GLOSSY FINISH, you can look utterly kissable without having to smell like a rose – just thank the hydrating hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and jojoba oil.

clear quartz unscented chapstick

BUY NOW – $22

It’s called “NATURAL HEALING” because the organic calendula lip care treatment can heal even the most chapped, cracked lips into soft cushions.

fragrance free lip balm

BUY NOW – $4.35

THIS FRAGRANCE-FREE LIP BALM uses candelilla wax instead of beeswax to keep the formula totally vegan.

SUPERFLY fragrance free lip balm

BUY NOW – $4.22

(MALIN+GOETZ) is all about gender-neutral body care, so support an incredible brand by wearing their UNISEX LIP MOISTURIZER.

unscented lip moisturizer

BUY NOW – $14

Sometimes, even fragrance-free lip balms have a taste. Not the case here. Plus, IT’S FILLED WITH BUTTERS INCLUDING shea, mango, and cocoa.

tasteless fragrance free lip balm

BUY NOW – $4

For days you do want a scent, THIS LIP BALM is perfect as a base for your chosen smell. Or wear it naturally. Or wear it on top of lipstick. Honestly, the options are endless.

unscented lip balm base

BUY NOW – $9.95 (14 oz.)

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Which is your favorite fragrance-free lip balm? Tell us in the comments!

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