13 Unscented Deodorants To Destroy BO

Unscented hair products? Check. Unscented sunscreens? Covered it. Unscented soaps? Done. Next: unscented deodorant!

I know that some of my past deodorants have mixed… weirdly with my sweat, and the smell is almost worse than if I’d gone without the stick. That’s why I’m now obsessed with unscented deodorant and go out of my way to find it when possible. Something that stops the ew without creating an even grosser smell? Yes please.

Thankfully, multiple brands are dedicated to serving the population that smells. These 13 unscented deodorants will keep you odor- and irritation-free.

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Sweet Pitti™ Deodorant Cream

drunk elephant sweet pitti deodorant cream

We wrote about a variety of dupes for Drunk Elephant skincare products, but we have to include their Sweet Pitti deodorant. Designed to make armpits happy for those with sensitive skin, there’s no aluminum or baking soda… or essential oils. Instead, it sops up sweat and stops odor with ingredients like the AHA mandelic acid to combat odor, arrowroot powder for absorption, and mongongo oil for moisture.

BUY NOW – $16

Natural Extra-Strength Deodorant

toups and co unscented natural deodorant

If you really stink (it happens to the best of us, come on), you’ll need an extra strength deodorant. Toups’ deodorant comes in a variety of scents to mask odor, but they offer an unscented option, too. Made with baking soda to soak up sweat during a workout or first date, it is not the key ingredient, unlike in many other deodorants. Nope, this one’s key odor-fighting ingredients are 100% grass-fed tallow and magnesium hydroxide.

BUY NOW – $14

Unscented | Cream Deodorant Stick

lume unscented stick deodorant

Lume has blown up in the deodorant world, with tons of rave reviewers deeming it a must-have deodorant in your entire-body arsenal. If you’re worried about white spots left over from application, Lume’s deodorant is the one you want. Unscented, aluminum-free, baking-soda-free, and paraben-free, the deodorant stick is water-based and will keep you odor-free for up to 72 hours – everywhere.

BUY NOW – $14.99

Sensitive Deodorant

native deodorant

Sensitive skin, rejoice! Native’s deodorant is made specifically for those with easily-irritated armpits. While many deodorants include talc to help absorb, Native says “no” to this, as well as aluminum, baking soda, and phthalates. What will you find? First and foremost, the ultra-moisturizing coconut oil, plus shea butter to totally nourish those pits. Other ingredients, like jojoba esters and castor oil, keep them soft.

BUY NOW – $13

Organic Deodorant

truvani organic deodorant

I’ve read up and used a bunch of unscented deodorants, but Truvani takes “clean” to the next level, making their deodorants USDA organic. There are exactly nine ingredients creating this bad-ingredient-free formula: beeswax, baking soda, rosemary extract, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, sunflower oil, organic MCT oil, and shea butter. The result is a stick completely good for your pits.

BUY NOW – $19.99

Plastic Free Deodorant

plastic free unscented vegan deodorant

All-paper packaging makes this deodorant biodegradable. On top of this, its ingredients are fine for the earth, so you’re not washing toxic ingredients away into the ocean. One thing that makes this unscented deodorant unique: the ingredients don’t clog pores in the slightest. Instead, natural arrowroot and cornstarch work together to keep you dry, and there’s no water in the formula. Shea butter and coconut oil keep things soft. 

BUY NOW – $10.95

Unscented Deodorant Cream

ecoroots deodorant cream

Eco Roots sells an unscented deodorant cream… in a jar, not a plastic stick. It’s a different take on your swipe-and-go application, but it’s green AND keeps you from smelling, so we’ll take it. Like other clean deodorants, it comes with deodorizing arrowroot powder, nourishing unrefined shea butter, and coddling coconut oil. Just because it’s a cream doesn’t mean it slides around – just like any other stick, it’ll stay put to stop odor all day.

BUY NOW – $14

Natural Deodorant

each & every aluminum free natural deodorant

The cruelty-free, vegan, aluminum-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, baking-soda-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free (okay, deep breath in) deodorant will take care of the smelliest AND most sensitive pits. The deodorant is plant-based, beginning with sugar cane that soaks up the CO2 you exude when sweating. Coconut oil is the key ingredient, as well as tapioca starch and earth wax for cleanliness and consistency.

BUY NOW – $15

unscented deodorant

hume unscented deodorant

Not to be confused with Lume, Hume also fully believes in leaving out the aluminum, opting for a variety of desert botanicals (prickly pear seed oil, aloe, and cactus flower extract, to name a few), probiotics, and mineral-filled ingredients (like kaolin) to take care of those overactive glands. As they put it: “100% Performance, 0% Toxins.” An unscented deodorant that’s all about nourishing ingredients is a fav of ours.

BUY NOW – $14

Crystal Spray Unscented Deodorant

public goods crystal deodorant spray

We love a good spray deodorant, but not many out there are unscented. (Why is this? Not sure, but we don’t like it.) How are there no smells in this? Because the formula has only two ingredients! Water is… water, obviously. The other ingredient: potassium alum, giving this deodorant its name. Basically, crystal salt is a natural mineral salt, and it helps to fight odor without filling the air with fragrance.

BUY NOW – $4.25

Duradry Body Spray

duradry body spray deodorant neutralizer

Another spray! We couldn’t include just one, after all. Duradry’s spray is technically for the whole body (it’s called a body deodorant – like, you can even use it on your feet), helping to neutralize odor anywhere you’re beginning to get BO. Spray it wherever you need protection, and you’ll be odor-free for up to 24 hours. It’s aluminum-free, and the spray leaves no stickiness or oily residue behind.

BUY NOW – $9


the earthling co plastic free unscented deodorant

Just like Attitude Living, The Earthling Co. is plastic-free, instead using compostable and recyclable packaging. In replacement of icky aluminum, the brand chooses to kill body odor with Epsom salt, pairing it with Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate, a 100% plant-derived antimicrobial to give you a scent-free sweat. Add in the soothing effects of aloe, coconut oil, and shea butter, and you have a clean, eco-friendly, and nourishing deodorant.

BUY NOW – $16

Unscented Natural Deodorant

bend soaps unscented deodorant

Bend Soap’s unscented deodorant works with your body pH to combat smells exactly how you need it. Made with 100% natural ingredients, you’ll experience the standard benefits of arrowroot powder, coconut and palm oils, shea butter, and baking soda. On top of that, experience beeswax and soothing cocoa butter, plus chamomile extract to protect from free radicals and calendula extract to help reduce any inflammation and heal wounds (say, from shaving).

BUY NOW – $6.95

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Which unscented deodorant is your favorite? Any we missed? Share in the comments!

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