I Was Bold And Wore Fluide’s Be Bold Nail Polish Trio

When I was updating my gender-neutral nail polish article, Laura from Fluide was sweet enough to send me a BUNCH of nail polish. Individual bottles, sets, anything I could write a review for. And though it took me some time, I’ve finally settled on it: a Be Bold Polish Trio review.

box of fluide's be bold trio for tess' review

I will absolutely be flashing more colors after this experiment, but considering I only have one shaky hand, I had the thought: why not try the Be Bold Polish Trio, since I can do it with my dominant hand? It wouldn’t look perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it would be pretty, and I could show Fluide my gratitude.

So I bucked up, I pulled out my phone, and the pictures began. Do my nails look clean and sharp? No. But are they gorgeous? Hell yeah. Here’s my review of the Be Bold Polish Trio, courtesy of Fluide!


What’s up, it’s Tess (that one Editor-in-Chief who has shaky hands) using nail polish!

tess without any nail polish on her nailsBefore I begin, I’d like to state that Fluide’s nail polish is 7-free. This means that they don’t include the questionable ingredients that come in most of your standard nail polishes: formaldehyde, Toulene, DBP, Xylene, Camphor, Phthalates, and TPHP. The formula is also vegan, cruelty-free, and completely devoid of parabens. Your nails will be singing, no matter how many coats you put on.

First: COLORS.

Ohmygod, that red, that fuchsia. It’s so bold – I get now why it is literally the Be Bold Polish Trio! I’m bummed I missed Valentine’s Day with the romantic colors, but at the same time, why can’t every day be dedicated to romance, hmmm?

fluide three colors in the be bold polish trio

I decided to start off with the orange-red shade, “Citrine.” And how could I not? I’m a red girl (I had fire-truck-red hair for five years), so I was immediately drawn to the screamin’ scarlet. I decided Pink Quartz would alternate, and that the glittery Chromium would be a topper for some glitter action (we all know how much I love glitter, after all!).

The brush is short, as is the cap.

For someone with tardive dyskinesia, it’s a little difficult to grasp the brush properly and paint… but I also can barely hold a pencil, so I can’t complain about that too much. Sure, it would be nice for a biiiit of a longer handle, but for the majority of the population, this is no issue.

fluide review be bold polish trio brush

The formula smells strongly of your standard nail polish – no false fragrance here poorly trying to cover up the chemicals. The solution is watery, but the polish doesn’t drip off the brush or smear across my nails; it’s thick enough to latch on, but watery enough to glide easily across my nails.

Red goes on. BRIGHT. Fuschia goes on. BRIGHT. Impressive.

With just one coat, my nails are flaming. I count how long it takes for the colors to dry, and it takes about one minute without any blowing or heat. It took less time than if I had gone to the salon and waited for the paint to dry underneath the fan.

fuschia and red from be bold polish trio

I then topped it off with the glitter bomb, as I lovingly call Chromium. Painting it on, I only needed a few strokes to get a glimmer. I imagine that, should you add a second or third coat, it’s practically blinding (okay, dramatic, I know) and can be a statement on its own, like Fluide’s site shows. But for now, I wanted it to accent the colors.

One minute later, and I had gorgeous nails!

final look of be bold trio nail polish review
review for fluide's be bold trio

Now, do they look flawless? No. Thank you tardive dyskinesia, once again, for ruining this moment. But the colors and glitter are so good, they alllllmost hide my inadequacy. The one coat also hides my gross nails that I def should have cleaned before this, but unfortunately did not. But hey, science, right?

I once said I would never wear anything other than UN/DN LAQR, and I am now a liar. Fluide’s nail polish is super solid, like MGK’s. While UN/DN does have the thicker, longer brush, I do love the color options and the glittering topper/polish from Fluide. (I’ve yet to try UN/DN’s, will update, but it’s sold as solely a topper.) 

chromium from fluide's be bold polish trio

Overall, 9/10!

One star docked for the brush, but again, I’m picky and shaky. The color is great, the shimmer is spectacular, and the formula is clean, which I REALLY appreciate.

Looking forward to trying more colors, and a huge shout out to Laura and Fluide for the lovely Be Bold Polish Trio. Can’t wait to update you on the next batch!

tess with her be bold polish trio nails from fluide

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