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22 Fragrances That Are Neither Masculine Nor Feminine – Just Pleasant

We’re here to share products that won’t alienate anyone or cause gender dysphoria when searching for a fragrance.

Androgynous perfumes are important at QUILL. So often, scents are “for men” and “for women,” despite working for ANY gender. Why must vanilla and florals be for women, or leather and cedarwood be for men? Why must they be for men or for women when gender identities are expansive, and unisex perfumes are… well, ALL perfumes?

We ask these questions a lot, and we hope to someday find answers. For now, however, we are here to share products that won’t alienate anyone or cause gender dysphoria when searching for an eyeshadow palette – or, in this case, a gender neutral fragrance.

So, with that mission at top of mind, here are QUILL’s 19 favorite androgynous perfumes, because smelling bad? It’s just not an option.

20% of all affiliate sales are donated to The National LGBTQ+ Task Force. Thank you for your support!



ck one gender neutral fragrance

Many know of the iconic brand for its gendered products, but they have an entire unisex section that leaves gender out of the picture. Included: their CK One fragrance, which doesn’t lean toward masculine or feminine at all. Instead, smell top notes of sweet pineapple and earthy bergamot, middle notes of spicy nutmeg and fresh flowers, and base notes of musk and amber. Gender who?

BUY NOW – $54+

L’Éclat Eau de Parfum Spray

rituals l'eclat unisex perfume

We love a perfume that works as a base to layer with, and this unisex option is exactly that. At its core, the perfume is far from bland – but notes of smooth sandalwood and citrus-floral neroli create a space perfect for a topper. Perhaps a sweet wild rose, inviting a scent of romance? Or maybe leather, evoking images of a booth in the back of an empty bar? Or, even, a combo of the two: a secret date night? With the base notes, you can bring any image to life.

BUY NOW – $42.08 (1.6 oz.)


non gender specific flooid gender neutral fragrance

We love everything Fluide, and now, we love everything Flooid, too! Non Gender Specific (can’t get enough of that name, tbh) has one product we can’t get enough of: this unisex perfume, because they’ve done damn well at making it smell… well, gender neutral. Top notes are zesty, with yellow citrus, orange, and grapefruit; middle notes are warm, with amber and patchouli; and base notes literally earth the perfume, courtesy of sweet cedarwood, pine bark, and mossy undertones.

BUY NOW – $125 (3.4 oz.)

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

jo malone ocean inspired wood sage sea salt unisex perfume

I’m blessed to live by the ocean – I’m reminded of this every time a friend complains that they just want to drive along the coast. That’s why I’ve decided to gift all of my friends Jo Malone’s Sea Salt Cologne, thanks to notes that practically taste like salt air. Of course, the heart note is sea salt – it’s inspired by the ocean, after all! – with a musky, nutty top note of ambrette seed and an earthy base note of sage.

BUY NOW – $63.75+


ambery cherry dossier gender neutral perfume

Don’t want to shell out an excessive amount of $$ on a scent you don’t know if you’ll like? Yeah, same. If you’ve been wondering what Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry smells like, consider trying Dossier’s Ambery Cherry instead, with strong notes of cherry and almond hitting you at first spray. The initial burst settles in with notes of spices cinnamon and clove and flowers rose and jasmine. Cap it off with vanilla and Peru balm, and you have the perfect dupe.

BUY NOW – $49 (1.7 oz.)

Santal 33 Eau de Parfum

le labo santal 33

Le Labo is a classic company, offering androgynous perfumes that stray from any hint of gender. My personal preference is Santal 33, as I consider it one of the brand’s most gender neutral scents. Violet accord marries cardamom at top, while iris and ambrox dance in the middle. At the base, cedarwood, leather, and sandalwood ground the scent. The result: a fragrance that belongs in the men’s, women’s, and enbies’ aisles.

BUY NOW – $198+


suganami from snif androgynous fragrance

Snif allows you to order their unisex fragrances from the comfort of your home, free of spritzing sales people – choose three fragrances, try them out, then send back the ones you don’t want… and only pay for what you keep. Recently, Snif has released limited-edition Suganami, a scent that “knows no gender.” The exquisite, sleek, metallic Suganami bottle houses the experience of walking barefoot through a mossy green forest, deeply inhaling the spicy earthiness of your surroundings.

BUY NOW – $65 if kept (1 oz.)

Ginger Essence™ Sensuous Skin Scent

origins ginger essence gender neutral fragrance

As indicated by the title, ginger is the dominating heart note here. The fiery, spicy note is complemented by zesty bergamot, lemon, and lime, bringing life and a sense of cool to this formula. The gender neutral perfume is perfectly balanced – not too intense nor too tranquil. It doesn’t lean toward one gender, either, so anyone can feel comfortable wearing the perfume – after all, who doesn’t love ginger met with refreshing contrast?

BUY NOW – $58.65 (3.4 oz.)


dossier woody tobacco gender neutral fragrance

Dossier again, because their scents are just so good! Another reason you may want a Dossier perfume: you need a backup for travel, and you don’t want to leave your expensive Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club at a hotel across the country. Blond wood and tobacco leaves may seem masculine, but add in the sweetness of lemon and pink pepper, plus neutral dry fruits and rum, and you have a scent that isn’t gendered – just evocative of a holiday night at the local jazz club. 

BUY NOW – $39 (1.7 oz.)

Cannabis Eau de Parfum

malin and goetz cannabis perfume

Cannabis has a strong scent, and it’s pretty polarizing (as is the topic of cannabis, but that’s a different conversation, anywayyyyy). But (MALIN+GOETZ) describe the scent as a “lazy afternoon” that reminds you of “fading innocence” and “endless possibilities,” and that’s accurate. Spicy herbs twist with a smokiness that hangs in the air – what does that sound like? Add in subtle white floral notes for a hint of sweetness and freshness to break up the hotboxing of your body.

BUY NOW – $95 (1.7 oz.)


oakcha sorcery unisex perfume

Oakcha is also very gender-neutral in their branding, which QUILL appreciates. Sorcery is a popular choice, and the androgynous perfume is universally beloved – just check out 4.7 stars from almost 300 reviews. Inspired by dark nights spent practicing spells in the moonlight, embrace the spirit of magic when you wear notes of tropical flowers, vanilla, Indian rose, musky Ambergris, and almonds. 

BUY NOW – $39.95 (1 oz.)

Un Jardin sur le Nil

un jardin di nil gender neutral fragrance

Un Jardin sur le Nil’s inspiration is a walk down the Aswan Nile, taking in the bright and awakening scents that guide you along the river. Green mango and lotus give the unisex perfume a kick, while calamus is an almost dusty note – like walking through an Egyptian desert? Sycamore wood is at the base, with a blend of incense tying together the perfume with a bow. It’s exotic and euphoric in a bottle for all.

BUY NOW – $140 (3.3 oz.)

Madewell Beau Fragrance

beau madewell gender neutral fragrance

The unisex Beau can be shared with a beau, or you can keep it to yourself as a statement of self love. It’s a global scent, with notes including palo santo wood, coconut, white flowers, and cedar. It describes itself as “Amber Woods,” and while that sounds accurate, I’d argue that the scent of coconut is more of an ode to the sea. Regardless, you’ll feel cultured when you wear this fragrance, and the world will think so, too.

BUY NOW – $65 (1.7 oz.)

Eau Parfumée Au Thé Vert Eau de Cologne

bvlgari au vert unisex perfume

BVLGARI’s Eau Parfumeé collection is specifically meant for all genders – it’s not implied, but stated. This unisex perfume is a callback to the original Au Vert from 1992, aka the first tea fragrance. Bright and earthy meet warm and sensual; Italian bergamot citrus intertwines at the heart with a green tea accord, then meets with beeswax and tonka bean. Recalling the region of Uji in Japan – specifically, its “Precious Dew” green tea – you’ll feel classy as hell in this iconic fragrance.

BUY NOW – $97.75 (2.5 oz.)


HERETIC bergamusk unisex perfume

Yes, this is THE Heretic, who creates a perfume that smells like Gwyneth Paltrow’s orgasm. As tempting as it was to include it, Bergamusk is also naturally alluring, just like you, with its musky qualities being derived from the aphrodisiac ambrettolide. Earthy bergamot is paired with lavender, thyme, lime, and verbena on top, while middle notes are contrasting jasmine and cedar. Base notes round out the intoxicating scent with the sensual ambretollide musk. Send yourself to summer in southern Calabria, because you deserve it.

BUY NOW – $165 (1.7 oz.)

Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum

tom ford soleil blanc unisex perfume

Tom Ford, we mentioned a dupe for your Cherry perfume, but we have to include your unisex OG Soleil Blanc (translation: “White Sunlight”). It’s the perfect androgynous perfume for spring, with fresh ylang ylang and coconut blooming from sultry, spicy cardamom and a floral amber. It’s luxurious, it’s sensual, it’s that bright morning sun waking you up in a stranger’s hotel bed. Do you leave a note? Yes… but you leave the signature blank. 

BUY NOW – $175 (1 oz.)

Cape Heartache

imaginary authors cape heartache unisex fragrance

Each Imaginary Authors scent is accompanied by the synopsis of its “story” and written instructions on when to best wear the unisex fragrance. For the bold adventurer, take a journey through dense mountain fog and firs to Cape Heartache. Douglas firs and pine resin mingle with notes of vanilla and mountain fog, evoking the memory of Christmastime in one sniff.

BUY NOW – $95 (1.7 oz.)


dedcool androgynous fragrance 1 "taunt"

“Taunt” those around you with your intoxicating existence, in part due to Dedcool’s unisex perfume. (We said in part – you as a person are just as intoxicating, don’t worry.) We love the perfume’s packaging, first and foremost: a clear bottle with a simple barcode and emphasis on being “unisex.” The smell is flirtatious, with fresh notes of dew and bergamot meeting base notes of sweet vanilla and full amber. Sitting right in the middle: a floral blend, lightening the entire fragrance up. 

BUY NOW – $90 (1.7 oz.)

Ind. For Her For Him Unisex Perfume

skin by urban outfitters androgynous fragrance

Lovin’ you for your progressive nature, Urban Outfitters – where the other millennial fashion brands and their androgynous perfumes at? Scents change like a revolving door; currently, the three offered are “Skin,” “Fresh,” and “Sandalwood.” Sandalwood smells of its name, while Fresh smells like bergamot, orange flower, and vetiver. And then there’s Skin, which is exactly how you’d like to smell post-wash, with hints of jasmine and cedar mingling with the scent of natural musk.

BUY NOW – $18 (1.35 oz.)


ROOK perfumes undergrowth

Undergrowth sounds weird upon first listen: what did she just say? But get your mind out of the gutter (just me?) and imagine yourself pushing your fingers through the dirt as you plant your favorite flowers – that’s Undergrowth. As you spray, you’ll enjoy soil, garden mint, and grass: the upper ground you’re about to dig into. In the middle, smells like orris remind you of what you’re planting. Finally, as you hit the bottom, you’ll become familiar with Undergrowth’s base notes: petrichor and Patchouli Indonesia, plus vetiver and white musk. 

BUY NOW – $120 (1.7 0z.)


vahy isle of blanc androgynous fragrance

Obvs we included Tom Ford’s version of Blanc, but we couldn’t resist including Vahy’s Isle of Blanc, too! Vahy’s androgynous fragrance smells less like citrus, acidic and oceanic compared to the spice of Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc. While we describe Ford’s as the blank note you leave a stranger the morning after, Isle of Blanc is more going out to brunch the morning after, perhaps somewhere overlooking the coast on a bright, sunny day – no need for a note at all.

BUY NOW – $162.90 (1.7 oz.)



STORIES tells tales with their gender neutral fragrances, and this one describes a stroll through a ghost town. Imagine walking barefoot in a garden, hit by sweet Bulgarian Rose blended with spicy ginger, cardamom, and green tea. Next in the blend, catch whiffs of honey tobacco and cedarwood, warm and cozy, followed by notes of opoponax, tonka bean and patchouli – the old liquor store on the corner, or maybe a mix of a passerby’s cologne and cigarettes? Cap the fragrance off with base notes of white amber and musk, like a warm evening, and you have an entire story bottled up.

BUY NOW – $76 (1 oz.)

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Which gender neutral fragrances are your favorites? Tell us in the comments!

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