12 Le Labo Santal 33 Dupes To Splurge On

In the perfume world, Santal 33 is kind of considered a godsend. It’s described as Western and rugged, but people have transcended the ambience of the scent beyond its original description. Now, people relate it to dinners they can’t really afford but eat anyway, and staying out when they should be home. And because of that almost-unaffordable attitude, Le Labo’s Santal 33 is in need of a dupe or 12 — at least, to QUILL, that is.

So, you want the look (or rather, smell), but don’t want to blend in, right? That’s the kind of scent that Le Labo goes for, so you can bet that we’ll give you dupes that’ll make you as irresistible as they come – Santal 33 not included. Read on for the best of the best.


Queens & Monsters

QUEENS & monsters by henry rose

This first Le Labo Santal 33 dupe already hits the mark with its description: rich. Immediately,  the notes in this perfume are pretty similar to Santal’s. The top notes have violet (like Santal), while the middle notes have freesia and jasmine, which are similar to the floral middle notes in the original as well. The base notes for Queens & Monsters include vanilla and sandalwood as well, so as it wears throughout the day, you’ll notice that it has a musky sweetness to it. 

BUY NOW – $120

Cowboy Kush

Cowboy kush boy smells

Cowboy Kush serves as a good dupe to Le Labo for a reason: like the latter, this fragrance is western as hell. The suede in the top notes give it rusticness, while the middle notes amplify this ambience with tobacco and cannabis leaf. Talk about musky, ‘cuz the base notes also have oud and patchouli. While this isn’t identical to Santal 33, we still dub it a dupe because of how loudly unique and western it is. Like Le Labo’s fragrance, this one is absolutely a head-turner. 

BUY NOW – $98

Madewell Canyon Fragrance

“Desert floral” is how Madewell’s fragrance, Canyon, is described, which equates to the feeling Santal 33 exudes. Notes of musk and amber delight those looking for a unisex fragrance that evokes a night in the desert by a small fire, much like Santal 33. However, rather than a light hint of violet, jasmine owns the floral note in Madewell’s Canyon. It’s the perfect scent for any traveler who loves to discover earth’s beauty on their own.

BUY NOW – $49.99

Ombré Leather Travel Spray

ombre leather travel spray perfume

Everyone knows that Tom Ford carries the perfumes to end all others. With a top-dog choice like this travel spray, you could say that it goes beyond so much more than being a Le Labo dupe. In fact, this one will make you leagues away from the rest with just a whiff of Ombre Leather. It has an alluring blend of jasmine sambac, amber, moss, leather (of course), patchouli, and vetiver. Together, these notes create the desert landscape that Le Labo was originally going for with Santal 33. Reviewers say that this fragrance is sensual at its peak, and long lasting, so expect to dance the night away with this one.

BUY NOW – $50

Leather Perfume Oil

MALIN+GOETZ leather perfume oil

This perfume oil is a great Santal 33 dupe because it simply smells like western history. Its style is warm and spicy, but also vintage because of its leather and sandalwood in the base notes, and lotus flower with clove and pepper in the top. (MALIN+GOETZ) describes this scent as raw and refined, with its floral notes bringing an unexpected pleasantness to the nose. Looks like the other cowboys on this list have some competition.

BUY NOW – $32

‘REPLICA’ By the Fireplace

maison margiela replica by the fireplace

Don’t be fooled — this spicy vanilla fragrance is a good stand-in for Santal 33. While their scent types are completely different, I’ve got to emphasize how irresistible this scent is. It’s like being curled up next to a campfire — similar to the lone cowboys out in the desert, considering the life they’ve chosen to live. This perfume is so warm and will get compliments thrown at you left and right. Beware!

BUY NOW – $76

Oud & Bergamot

JO MALONE OUD & bergamot cologne

Like Santal 33, this scent radiates “cool.” The key notes for this Jo Malone perfume include bergamot, cedarwood, and oud; together, they create the fragrance’s smoky personality. If you want to be the mysterious love interest in your story, this is the one for you. It’s got a hint of orange in its base notes, so it will have people coming back for more by hypnotizing them with its alluring character.

BUY NOW – $145

Mojave Ghost

byredo's mojave ghost

Good news: this next dupe might not even have to be a dupe at all. This perfume is that bitch. Curated based on the ghost flower that’s native to the deserts, Mojave Ghost is a perfect creation of ambrette, nesberry, violet, magnolia, and chantilly musk. Like Santal 33, this perfume is wild. Rowdy. Untamed. If you want to indulge in your main character fantasies, this perfume is it. 

BUY NOW – $200

03 “Blonde”

DEDCOOL blonde 03

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: people who wear DedCool are automatically way cooler than anyone else. 03 carries an earthy and woody scent type that’s perfect for being a Le Labo dupe, but still carries its own characteristics that stand out. It’s woody and spicy thanks to its black violet, saffron, and juniper berries. DedCool themselves say that this perfume is a show-stopper; one to wear if you want people to stop you on the street and ask what you’re wearing. 

BUY NOW – $90



This earthy perfume has a twist to it that didn’t exist in the other Santal 33 dupes on this list; it has frankincense to really bring out the intensity in this one. Rosie Jane says this fragrance is inspired by freedom and distinctiveness. It’s all about bravery while compiling both masculine woods and feminine musks. This scent is for anybody to wear, while still making you stand out from the crowd. 

BUY NOW – $70

Somebody Wood


This one’s in the title. Somebody Wood’s scent family is exactly what the name says it is. With sandalwood, amber, and musk, this perfume is described as a sensual embrace. It’s intense, yet still intimate due to its spiciness. As we’re venturing further into fall, this Le Labo dupe is perfect for cozying up in its warmth. Reviewers say that this scent embraces love itself, so if you’re all for being approachable, you’ll know what to wear.

BUY NOW – $96

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