I’m Vibing With Maison Margiela’s Autumn Vibes Fragrance

Finding the perfect perfume is a lifelong journey that I don’t think will ever end. I’ve spent way too many hours browsing the aisles at Nordstrom in search of the perfect bottle that will satisfy me, and I think, at this point, I’m sick of the smell of coffee beans to reset my nostrils (but not really). 

It could be the part of me that tends to over-plan, or just absolute, raw excitement, but I’m already in search of a prime Fall perfume. We’re going to ignore that I’m currently experiencing the blistering heat of Southern California weather… but I digress. If I don’t find a perfume that smells exactly like autumn, I’ll die. 


Luckily for me, our prime Editor-in-Chief, Tess, answered my dying wishes and sent over Maison Margiela’s REPLICA Autumn Vibes for me to review! Upon opening the bottle, I took a whiff, and yeah, all of it is in the title already. Autumn? Check. Vibes? You bet.


The Deets About Maison Margiela’s Autumn Vibes

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Maison Margiela’s website describes the scent to be reminiscent of taking a stroll in the forest during the Fall season. The top notes include: pink peppercorn, cardamom, and coriander. The middle notes have carrot seed essence, nutmeg, and olibanum. Finally, as the scent wears down to its core, the base notes leave you with cedarwood, moss accord, fir balsam, and labdanum. Quite the complicated scent! 

I was a little shocked to see the current reviews; they were overwhelmingly average, and many said it just smelled of a boring kind of earthy dirt. Naturally, I was skeptical, so I put it to the test. 


And I mean a true test. I decided to wear Autumn Vibes out to a concert last week in this humid, summer air. Before heading off, I heeded the website’s directions and applied the perfume as I was told; applying it after my shower, directly on my pulse points, and to not rub my wrists together. Mind you, I also had several errands to run, so I had this perfume on for a total of 9 hours. 

Autumn Vibes: How It Went

I’ll cut to the chase –- it did not disappoint!


I can see what other reviewers meant by the scent smelling like dirt, but to me, it’s giving sexy dirt. I feel like anyone could wear this and achieve that mysterious air to them that wouldn’t have overpowering sillage. It’s not too strong, yet not too light. Also, as it wore down through the night, I found it to be smelling quite sweet, almost creamy in a way. Like me, my boyfriend was a huge fan. 

But that’s not all. Autumn Vibes’ true talent, I must say, is its staying power.

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Earlier, I mentioned I had it on for 9 hours, and every time I checked in on my wrists to smell them, it would be slightly different each time in the most pleasant way. Although different, it was still nearly just as strong as it was in the beginning, which is honestly a huge accomplishment for me.

I’ll lay it straight; I’m a very sweaty person, so the fact that this scent stayed on me after dancing, jumping, and screaming my lungs out at this concert… I’m honestly super impressed. It even stayed with me when I woke up the next morning!

My Final Thoughts


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The verdict: buy this perfume! I know Maison Margiela has a ton of popular scents in their REPLICA line, but if you’re like me and have a dire need to be different from everybody else, go for this. Take this underdog of a perfume, and you won’t regret it! 

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I hope my review of Maison Margiela’s REPLICA Autumn Vibes was helpful! Have you tried Autumn Vibes, or do you prefer another fall perfume? Tell us in the comments!

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