Can Crystal Hair Erasers Do What They Claim?

My irreshine Crystal Hair Eraser arrived in a beat-up Amazon box – the imperfect start to a hopefully-positive review.

Ew, I thought. Has this been used before?


As if the inside would bite me, I peeled open the poorly-sealed (yet still-sealed, for the record) box. Inside was an even smaller, even more beaten-up box, reading “Crystal Hair Removal.”

On the front is a drawing of one hairy leg labeled “before,” and one smooth leg labeled “after.” 

The rest of the box was… well, beaten up. Not torn, but… “Loved,” we’ll say. Accepting my fate, I opened the little bag, which came inside the box, which came inside the other box, which is very not-sustainable if you think about it, and pulled out the little crystal-infused hair hacker to begin.


Take One Of Crystal Hair Removal

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Well, I kind of began. Because I’m me, I decided to do an experiment. 

The box says to soak in hot water first, so your skin and hair are softer to work with. I am a rebel, however, and said “nah.” I lifted my very hairy, very not-smoothed-over hair, and began rubbing in circles as directed.

To say I was disappointed by this “Magic” Crystal Hair Eraser is an understatement.

Then I grew up and put a little elbow grease in, because of course something without needles is going to take awhile to cut through my thick leg hairs… especially when the aforementioned cutting is done via “Nanocrystal Technology,” aka tech that clumps and breaks hair at the surface.

It worked a liiiiitle better, but not by much. So, I gave up and got in the shower, letting the hot water soften my legs and leg hair. It was tempting to just shave – I was already in the shower, wet, with my favorite razor and shaving cream right next to me.

But no, I practiced self control, exited the shower, dried off, and tried again.

Magic Crystal Hair Eraser: Take Two

I needed elbow grease yet again, but this time, my hair was shedding! After about two minutes of solid circles up and down one part of my leg, I was hairless. Plus, the Nanocrystal tech exfoliates away dead skin cells, so my leg also looked alive – but not irritated. The blood flow was there, yes, but the scratch marks were not.a

To do my lower legs, it took about 20 minutes. So, yeah, longer than if I’d shaved. But irreshine’s Crystal Hair Eraser promises to keep hair from growing back as quickly. We’ll see if this is true (I’m skeptical, because science), but if there IS somehow a win there, I’ll take those 20 minutes over repeated 10 minutes and occasional cuts.

In Summary: This Hair Eraser Might Be Magic

Many brands are selling Crystal Hair Erasers, and I simply chose mine because it had good reviews on Amazon. I’d be interested to see if the same Nanocrystal tech works the same on every other, and if not, why?

At the end of my session, I rinsed my Crystal Eraser back into its beat up box and stored it in my medicine cabinet. I know I’ll be getting more use – maybe five years, if it’s/I’m lucky – out of it in the semi-near future. After all, you can only use it every 2-3 weeks… so here’s hoping it actually lasts.

BUY NOW – $16.99

Did this review of irreshine’s Magic Crystal Hair Eraser help convince you to invest? Or are you skeptical like I was? Tell us in the comments!

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