Depression Doesn’t Mean Matted Hair – Try These 3 Styles

I remember reading a story about a girl who had depression that was so bad, her hair was matted to the nth degree. She was hopeless, telling the salon to chop it all off because there was no way to save it.

They saved her hair instead. Did it take 13 hours? Yes it did. But the result was beautiful. Matted hair was no match against salon workers who were ready to fight the results of a teenager’s deep depression.

Matted hair is common when you’re depressed, because when you’re suffering from depression… well, why would you want to do anything? Hygiene becomes the least of any depressed person’s concerns. Who cares if it’s been weeks since they brushed my teeth? (My response to dark episodes.) Who cares if the shower hasn’t been touched in days? 

And that leads to the question: when you don’t even want to get out of bed, what’s the point in brushing your hair to perfection – especially when you’re just going to lie back on your pillow and mess it up again?

If this sounds like you – first, I feel it. Second of all, there are many haircuts and hairstyles to wear when you’re feeling depressed. These are my favs that I rock on the rougher days.



Braids are a great depression style that stop matted hair in its tracks. They stay in place, legit look cute when there are flyaways, and generally hide the fact that you haven’t washed your scalp in… awhile. We recommend french braids, milkmaid braids, or (if you wouldn’t be appropriating, because that’s never okay!) boxer braids.

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Top Bun

Everyone loves a messy bun, and when your whole life is a lil messy, why not pair the two? It’s a match made in depression heaven. Messy buns are easy to style – you can make them as loose or as tight as you want, and little strands falling out look chic, not like sh*t. If you have shorter hair, you can pull your hair into a low bun instead. (Any bun looks cute, tbh.)

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If you don’t want to grow your hair out to wear these styles, your short hair is unmanageable, or you simply want to start fresh, consider a buzzcut! This does not mean you’re giving up on taking care of your hair – it simply means you know what you can handle, and matted hair from depression ain’t it.

Plus, buzzcuts show you’re willing to try new things, and that’s impressive when you’re experiencing a depressive episode. High five yourself for this!

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Long story short, you don’t have to settle for matted hair when going through depression. With a variety of hairstyles available to try out, you can avoid massive detangling and painful brushing. You’ve got this – we believe in you 100%.

Have you ever struggled with matted hair while you were depressed? How did you deal? Tell us below.

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